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The World Is Losing An Area Of Forest Equivalent To The UK Every Year

Mandy Froelich, Truth Theory Waking Times According to a new study published by Climate Focus, an area of forest, roughly the size of the UK, is being lost every year. The primary culprits are climate change and deforestation. So far, the rate of loss has reached 26m hectares, or 64m acres a year. Perhaps most […]

Greta’s growing up and now liberal eco-warriors and the media face losing their teenage talisman

Anyone with a teenager at home knows how unreasonable and unexpected their moments of rage can be, firing off emotional missiles at the closest targets oblivious to the consequences and instantly forgetful of the motives for their attack. And so we have Greta Thunberg. Backed by liberals, eco-warriors, and the plainly exploitative, the Swedish teenager […]

The US Is Not ‘Losing’ Its Democracy, It’s Already Long Gone

The US Is Not ‘Losing’ Its Democracy, It’s Already Long Gone The notion that citizens of the United States don’t actually live in a democracy has been picking up steam for decades, with scars from economic, social and political decay inflicting themselves ever more deeply into our psyches as the years move on. You would think […]

Princeton Study: The U.S. Is Not ‘Losing’ Its Democracy, It’s Already Long Gone

The Facts: Moloch is a Canaanite god in the Old Testament that’s associated with human sacrifice, specifically the sacrifice of human children is now on display at the entrance to the Colosseum in Rome as part of a secular historical exhibition. Reflect On: With all of the attention Jeffrey Epstein is getting, should there not […]

Losing majority with hysterical dignity? Trudeau’s ‘victory speech’ turns into scandal, as he jumps on stage interrupting rival

The Liberals managed to retain in power in a narrow election win getting 157 seats of 338, according to Elections Canada. The end of Trudeaumania: Canadians are over PM’s image obsession, lack of substance & broken promises Even though the result put Trudeau’s party far short of the 170 seats needed for a majority government, […]

Political Fatigue? How to Stay Engaged with Politics Without Losing Your Soul

October 7th, 2019 By Nikki Harper Contributing Writer for Wake Up World We live in highly uncertain geopolitical times. Across the western world, the political onslaught can feel relentless. From the never-ending psychodrama of Brexit here in the UK to the near daily scandals and tumult in the White House, many of us look at […]

FCC Keeps Losing Court Cases, but 5G is Still Being Installed In U.S. Communities — Probably Even Yours

September 30, 2019 By B.N. Frank The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is supposed protect the public by regulating the Telecom Industry. It is NOT a health or environmental agency even though its decisions affect public health and the environment.  Unfortunately, employees have a long history of not protecting the public and the “Race for 5G” […]

UTJ plans to appeal final vote count after losing seat by a reported 68 votes

The ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism party announced Wednesday that it plans to contest the official election results after a final vote count saw it lose a seat to the Likud party. In the final tally from last week’s elections, UTJ dropped from eight seats to seven, while Likud rose from 31 to 32 seats. The […]

Netanyahu Risks Triggering an Unwinnable War to Avoid Losing Election

Every Israeli prime minister – not least Benjamin Netanyahu – understands that a military entanglement with Hezbollah, Lebanon’s armed Shia movement on Israel’s northern border, is a dangerous wager, especially during an election campaign. It was Shimon Peres who lost to Netanyahu in 1996, weeks after the former prime minister had incensed Israel’s Palestinian minority […]

When Losing Is Winning In Germany For AfD

Authored by Tom Luongo, Germany held the first two of three important state elections over the weekend. And the results were striking. Leading up to the elections polls had the current opposition party in the Bundestag, Alternative for Germany (AfD), neck and neck with the ruling parties in both Saxony and Brandenburg. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s […]

Each morning brings the fear of losing everything

It can be hard to imagine how an early morning walk can end in arrest, or worse. In the Jordan Valley, that’s the reality for Palestinian shepherds fighting to keep control of their land. By A. Daniel Roth A Palestinian shepherd herds her sheep, behind her is parked an IDF armored personnel carrier, Jordan Valley, […]

Existing Home Sales Rise Year-Over-Year, Break 16-Month Losing-Streak

Existing home sales were expected to rebound 2.5% in July after sliding 1.7% in June (while new- and pending-home sales bounced), and hit the number spot on (despite a small upward revision in June to -1.3% MoM. Sales of previously owned U.S. homes increased in July to a five-month high.   And, after 16 straight […]

Latest wealth figures: Greed is winning & humanity is losing

Unfortunately, there are some people who didn’t get the memo on greed. Take the Waltons, for example, the family behind the Walmart retail empire. According to the financial and money website, Bloomberg, they get richer by $4 million every hour – yes, you read that right, not every week or month, every hour – while […]

Is the Federal Reserve Losing Control of the Gold Price?

by Paul Craig Roberts After years of being kept in the doldrums by orchestrated short selling described on this website by Roberts and Kranzler, gold has lately moved up sharply reaching $1,510 this morning. The gold price has continued to rise despite the continuing practice of dumping large volumes of naked contracts in the futures […]

Is Trump Losing The Trade War?

Authored by Mac Slavo via, As the trade deficit continues to widen and President Donald Trump ramps up his rhetoric on China, one thing is for certain: the data points show that the United States is the loser in this trade war. There is no coming out on top when the tariffs, which are paid […]

Meal Timing & Not Fasting Could Be A Key Reason You’re Not Losing Fat

The Facts: More and more evidence is emerging that highlights the tremendous benefits of adopting a plant-based diet. This lifestyle can have a drastic impact on our environment, animal welfare and our health. Reflect On: What small changes could you make in your diet today to protect yourself from easily preventable diseases? Why is it […]

Cory Booker: Dems Losing Because ‘Russians’ Suppress African American Voters

Presidential hopeful Cory Booker claims Democrats are losing elections because “Russians” are suppressing “African American voters.” During Wednesday night’s Democratic debate, the New Jersey senator stated that the alleged suppression of votes from black Americans was a major reason why President Trump won Michigan in the 2016 election. “We lost the state of Michigan because […]

Pending Home Sales Jump In June, Break 17-Month Losing Streak

After mixed home sales data (new higher and existing lower), pending home sales were expected to increase by 0.5% MoM but beat handily, rising 2.8% MoM. As Bloomberg notes, contract signings to purchase previously owned U.S. homes rose in June by the most in three months, indicating demand may pick up with the help of […]

Western Media Losing Enthusiasm For Failing Coup In Venezuela

Western Media Losing Enthusiasm For Failing Coup In Venezuela Above Photo: CBC depiction (6/29/19) of Juan Guaidó. When previously unknown Venezuelan opposition politician Juan Guaidó stood up in an East Caracas plaza and declared himself “interim president” of the South American country, Western corporate media were ebullient. In those heady early days, corporate journalists could scarcely conceal […]

Venezuela’s opposition leader Guaido losing popular support

Jesus Silva Press TV, Caracas The popularity of Venezuelan opposition figure, Juan Guaido, appears to be dropping. A number of factors have been cited for the decline of the man who once appeared on the stage with plenty of promise. Some say Guaido’s dependence on the United States government has undermined his support back […]

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