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BREAKING: CDC caught lying? Costa Mesa files court document to block federal relocation of 35-50 INFECTED coronavirus patients to ill-prepared facility near millions of Californians

(Natural News) Until two days ago, the CDC’s “official” numbers claimed 15 infections in the United States. With the return of other infected evacuees from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, that number jumped to 35. But now, we know the real number is much higher, possibly as high as 70 infected people […]

The Trump Story About Assange Is FAKE NEWS, They Are Lying About Trump’s Offer To Julian

February 20, 2020 By Timcast Julian Assange has always maintained that his source in the DNC e-mail leaks was not Russian. Nevertheless, this is part of the running narrative in the mainstream media. Tim Pool digs into the evidence. Support My Work –… Buy stuff from me Become a Member! –… […]

Innocent dog found dead and mouth shut with a sock, lying on a recliner by thugs

A bystander called animal control after he found a dead innocent dog gagged, and mouth shut with a sock, lying on a recliner in Tucson. The puppy has a microchip, do an investigation will start. The director of operations in Pima Animal Care Center, José Ocaño confirmed that they will work with the police to […]

What to Make of the Bureau of Lying Statistics’ Contradicting Jobs Reports

By David Haggith Employment has been the one stickler in my recession prediction for 2019, and finding a trustworthy measurement from the government’s statistics is like finding a virgin in a brothel. Depending on which official figures you look at, employment has refused to fall and new jobs are strong … or they stink. We […]

The Cave, Lying Sadists, and Rabid Dogs of War

February 10, 2020 Miri Wood “The Cave” is what the people of East Ghouta call the underground prison cells and headquarters of the Syrian opposition of ‘Moderate Terrorists’ Faylaq Rahman. The Cave was a massive underground headquarters The Cave ( الكهف )was an underground prison discovered by the Syrian Arab Army after the liberation of East Ghouta from […]

Interview: Author of US BioWeapons Act Believes The WHO & China Are Lying About The Coronavirus

February 8, 2020 By Spiro Skouras In this interview, Spiro’s guest is Francis Boyle, who is a professor of international law at the University of Illinois, College of Law. Professor Boyle is the man who drafted the U.S. domestic implementing legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention, known as the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, […]

Harvard Chemistry Chair & Two Chinese Nationals Arrested For Lying About China Ties, Smuggling “Biological Material”

January 28, 2020 By Tyler Durden Will this Harvard Chemistry Department Head be remembered as the Aldrich Ames of the modern-day ‘Cold War’? In a shocking revelation made Tuesday afternoon – a revelation that will almost certainly rattle the US-China relationship at an already fragile time – a federal court unsealed indictments against Harvard professor […]

“Lying pieces of sh-t!” man interrupts live MSNBC broadcast

An attendee of today’s pro-gun rally in Richmond, Virginia had a few choice words for MSNBC when he crashed their live broadcast to tell them they’re “lying pieces of sh-t.” An MSNBC reporter was doing a piece to camera about how President Trump was tweeting about the event when an […]

Innocent Man Jailed for 6 Months Until This Video Proved the Cop is a Lying Criminal

By Jack Burns New York, NY — One NYPD police officer was fired, faces up to one year in jail, and another cop was investigated for lying about a traffic stop with a motorist. Officer Michael Bergman lied on his police report and to a grand jury, saying victim Pedro Barbosa attempted to run him […]

“City of Manchester” Gives Cop Blocker $15,000 After Illegal Arrest by Lying Cop at DUI Checkpoint

If you are the site owner (or you manage this site), please whitelist your IP or if you think this block is an error please open a support ticket and make sure to include the block details (displayed in the box below), so we can assist you in troubleshooting the issue. Block details: Source Article […]

CNN, ABC News ignore the Epstein cover-up… lying fake news media hides everything from its own viewers in order to protect the Clintons

(Natural News) We don’t do “conspiracy theory” stories around here unless, of course, they involve actual conspiracies — that is, two or more people or entities getting together to influence, hide, or affect an event. Like the “Spygate” conspiracy, for example. This was a very obvious attempt by several Deep State members […]

Rep. Matt Gaetz Files Ethics Complaint Against Adam Schiff for ‘Lying to Public’ About Russia Collusion

Brave Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz has filed an ethics complaint against corrupt House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff. The pro-Trump congressman cited “rules broken” and “false statements” in Schiff’s role in the unconstitutional basement impeachment hearings. Gaetz also accused leaker Schiff of: -Distorting @POTUS’s call with President Zelensky -Lying to the public about “Russian collusion” […]

‘You Are Lying’: Why I Confronted Trump’s Destructive Architect Of Sanctions Against Iran

‘You Are Lying’: Why I Confronted Trump’s Destructive Architect Of Sanctions Against Iran Above Photo: Codepink Last week I exposed the architect of the U.S.’s deadly ‘maximum pressure’ sanctions policy, Sigal Mandelker, in front of the United Against a Nuclear Iran conference in New York City. The maximum pressure sanctions policy is responsible for the […]

A Million-Mile Electric Car Battery? Musk Wasn’t Lying

When earlier this year Tesla’s Elon Musk said the company could soon have batteries lasting for over one million miles, many probably took it as yet another grand promise with less substance than realism requires. Now it seems Musk may have not been exaggerating. Last month, Wired reported on a paper by researchers from Dalhousie […]

The Lying Eyes Of Adam Schiff

Brother Nathanael October 2, 2019 @ 7:54 pm Text–Text–Text The Lying Eyes Of Adam Schiff If outright lies bars a man from public office then Adam Schiff truly has to go. He lied about Russiagate and now he’s on a lying track of a ‘trumped up’ phone call. Known for his freaky bug-out eyes, Schiff […]

Caught: Trump Lying in Attempts to Derail Whistleblower Filing, Adjudged Correct and Proper

Trump’s fake tweets, Graham’s lies debunked by Inspector General who confirms Trump’s guilt Source Article from Hits: 13

Lying fake news media edits out 500 words from Trump-Ukraine phone transcript to make president look guilty of impeachable offense

(Natural News) We already knew that Democrats were playing the role of political low-lifes in fabricating yet another “scandal” involving President Trump, this time over a phone call he made to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy over the summer. But now we find that, once again, the garbage mainstream media, which serves as […]

Memory loss or lying? Joe Biden’s constant gaffes should worry Democrats

Biden relayed a moving story of military heroism and his own role in honoring a US Navy captain to a rapt audience last week. The problem was, as the Washington Post reported, “almost every detail in the story appears to be incorrect.” In fact, Biden combined elements of three different events into “one story of […]

Flat out, the establishment media is LYING when they claim mass shootings are ALL carried out by young white males

(Natural News) If you’ve managed to stomach coverage by the mass media of the El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, shootings last weekend, one common theme you have likely heard is that nearly all mass shootings in the United States this year — more than 200 of them — have been committed by […]

Like Iraq War time, US administration is lying, American senator suggests

A top American senator is comparing the Trump administration’s escalation of tensions with Iran to the period that led to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Democratic Senator Tim Kaine said Wednesday that there were “significant parallels” between the Bush administration’s lies then compared to Trump’s today. He was referring to former President […]

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