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The People’s Mobilization To Stop The US War Machine, Save The Planet Begins

The People’s Mobilization To Stop The US War Machine, Save The Planet Begins New York City – The People’s Mobilization to Stop the US War Machine and Save the Planet begins today. The People’s Mobe connects the issues of militarism, climate crisis, racism, and decolonization. The events are being held during the UN General Assembly because […]

Allied Central Bankers Owned Nazi War Machine

  August 30, 2019 Source Article from Related Posts Food Brands Owned By Monsanto The Facts:The Facts:This article was written by Sayer Ji, Founder of where this article Angry protesters loot foreign-owned shops in Johannesburg Angry protesters loot foreign-owned shops during unrest in the Johannesburg suburb of Turffontein in Cargo ship busted […]

Is the Amazon Surveillance Machine Secretly Infiltrating Police Departments?

by Eta Onrish Big Tech has come under fire quite consistently for privacy concerns and has even faced big fines for violations (which they can afford). It seems that public attention on this matter has forced them to start going underground, with secret back-end deals with the government at local levels to expand their surveillance […]

#trump #NYT #FakeNews #Russiagate NYT’s propaganda machine: Iraq WMD, Russiagate & Trump’s ‘Racism’

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts Trump doesn’t want war with Iran, so Pompeo changes tone accordingly: Analyst US President Donald Trump does not want war with Iran and Secretary of State North Korea welcomes Trump’s firing of ‘nasty’ Bolton North Korea has welcomed the move by US President […]

One-hit wonder? Revolutionary CRISPR machine can edit hundreds of genes at once

Previously, in the best case scenario, the CRISPR-Cas technique could only modify a handful of genes simultaneously and usually it could only manage one at a time. However, new research opens up a world of possibilities for scientists to change cells on a much larger scale.   “Our method enables us, for the first time, to […]

We need this in America: Machine hands out free subway tickets to anyone willing to perform 30 squats

Google has declared war on the independent media and has begun blocking emails from NaturalNews from getting to our readers. We recommend as a free, uncensored email receiving service, or as a free, encrypted email send and receive service. That’s okay. Continue with my Gmail address… […]

Hackers Take on Darpa’s $10 Million Voting Machine

For the last two years, hackers have come to the Voting Village at the DefCon security conference in Las Vegas to tear down voting machines and analyze them for vulnerabilities. But this year’s Village features a fancy new target: a prototype secure voting machine created through a $10 million project at the Defense […]

Australia is a money laundering washing machine

Australia is a money laundering washing machine Related Posts Universities are Masonic Brain Washing Machines The mortarboard and black gown signify that, unwittingly, graduates have received a Masonic (satanic) indoctrination. I re-post this Sports-washing and the Toronto Raptors If you’re a basketball fan, and also a supporter of justice for Palestine, then you Why You Should Stop Washing […]

Quantum computer time machine: Russian physicists can move small particles a fraction of a second into the past

(Natural News) Russian researchers claim that they developed a “time machine” capable of sending subatomic particles in the opposite direction of time’s arrow. The quantum device is said to transport tiny bits of matter a fraction of a second into the past. Conducted by the Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology (MIPT), […]

NEO – Epstein and the American Lie Machine

by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor,  …with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow – First published … July 17, 2019 – Let’s begin with why Jeffrey Epstein is such big news. It was Epstein that introduced Melania to Donald, it is Epstein that is named in the infamous “Jane Doe” lawsuit as sexually assaulting a 12 year […]

Support MH17 Truth: Machine Gun-Like Holes Indicate Shelling from a Military Aircraft. No Evidence of a Surface-to-Air Missile Attack.

Su-25 aircraft Author’s note and update Today, July 17th 2019, our thoughts are with victims of the MH17 tragedy. Five years ago on July 17, 2014 The Malaysian Airlines MH17 tragedy has resurfaced following Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s controversial statement at a media conference with the Japanese Foreign Correspondents Club (FCCJ): “They [the West] are accusing […]

Voting Machine Makers Claim The Names Of The Entities That Own Them Are Trade Secrets

On June 14, 2019, the State Board of Elections requested that your companies disclose any owners or shareholders with a 5% or greater interest or share in each of the vendor’s company, any subsidiary company, of the vendor, and the vendor’s parent company. This seems like very basic information — information […]

US Military Is a Bigger Polluter than as Many as 140 Countries – Shrinking this War Machine Is a Must

The US military’s carbon bootprint is enormous. Like corporate supply chains, it relies upon an extensive global network of container ships, trucks and cargo planes to supply its operations with everything from bombs to humanitarian aid and hydrocarbon fuels. Our new study calculated the contribution of this vast infrastructure to climate change. Greenhouse gas emission accounting […]

Time machine? Netflix’s ‘The Last Czars’ shows Red Square in 1905 with Lenin’s mausoleum

The new six-episode production, which mixes commentary from historians and dramatized scenes, was released by the streaming network on Wednesday. It follows the life of the Russian royal family from the coronation of Nicholas II in 1894 all the way through the turbulent turn of the century with the rise and fall of Rasputin, Russia’s […]

People’s Mobilization To Stop The US War Machine

People’s Mobilization To Stop The US War Machine The US War Machine will rage on until we rise up to stop it. Join the People’s Mobilization to Stop the US War Machine. The US War Machine is raging at a fevered pitch. It lurches from continent to continent seeking new opportunities to feed the insatiable […]

DARPA: Funding Wearable Brain-Machine Interfaces

DARPA has awarded funding to six organizations to support the Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (N3) program, first announced in March 2018. Battelle Memorial Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Rice University, and Teledyne Scientific are leading multidisciplinary teams to develop high-resolution, bidirectional brain-machine interfaces for use […]

2009: NSA Building “HAL” A.I. System, Facebook Now Developing Brain-Machine Interface

May 9, 2019 By Daniel Taylor Think of 2001: A Space Odyssey and the most memorable character, HAL 9000, having a conversation with David. We are essentially building this system. We are building HAL.” – NSA researcher In a little-noticed bombshell report by James Bamford in 2009, it was revealed that the NSA’s massive database […]

Machine Learning: A Key to Earthquake Prediction?

Could Machine Learning Be the Key to Earthquake Prediction? by Matthew Berger Smithsonian Magazine Five years ago, Paul Johnson wouldn’t have thought predicting earthquakes would ever be possible. Now, he isn’t so certain. “I can’t say we will, but I’m much more hopeful we’re going to make a lot of progress within decades,” the Los […]


    Operation Talpiot is the back door data pipeline from your computer/cell phone to Israel. Everything you communicate electronically is stored and analyzed by Israel. This includes all computers, business and military, as well as the power grids in all countries. In addition, the Bolshevik Israelis-Russians are stealing American Technology. Please download and distribute this […]

The Future is Female (Death Merchants): MSM Celebrates Women in the War Machine

WASHINGTON — The mainstream media has made a noisy effort over the years to humanize America’s war machine. But now, outlets like MSNBC are doubling down on efforts in 2019, celebrating the feminization of America’s institutions of destruction and foreign sabotage. You may think you’ve seen it all: from the “humanitarian intervention” canard whitewashing bloody […]

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