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President Macron’s half-term report: Epic fail or a curate’s egg?

He’s the president the neoliberal globalists love, but who the man (and woman) in the street seem less keen on. Gilet Jaunes street protests have taken place in France every weekend for the past eleven months, but you’d never know about them if you only read/watched Establishment-friendly media. While images of pro-democracy Hong Kong protests […]

Iran’s Rouhani: Macron’s efforts can be fruitful only if US bans lifted

Press TV – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says efforts by his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron to de-escalate Washington-Tehran tensions and save a 2015 nuclear deal will bear fruit only if the sanctions imposed by the United States against Iran are lifted. Rouhani, who is in New York to attend the 74th session of the United […]

#Putin #Macron #China Putin sends a clear message to Macron and the EU 9/23/2019

Source Article from Related Posts Iran sends US list of names for its proposed prisoner swap TEHRAN (AP) — Iran’s foreign ministry said Monday it has sent the United States a Just like home: UAE sends Russian road patrol after Putin to make him feel welcome (VIDEOS) Follow RT onAfter his first visit to […]

‘Radical’ Greta Thunberg ‘antagonizes our societies’, Macron says after her UN speech

The environmental activist had a productive day at the UN on Monday, berating the delegates for “betraying young people” through their inaction in tackling the climate crisis. She also added a legal complaint to her itinerary, pressuring five countries, including France, to get back on track with the emissions goals they decided on in the […]

Macron worried attack on Saudi oil may hurt moves to ease US-Iran crisis: diplomats

Reuters – An attack on Saudi oil installations that halted half the kingdom’s output could harm French diplomacy meant to avert feared U.S.-Iranian conflict, diplomats said after President Emmanuel Macron’s top envoy held talks in Saudi Arabia. They said France was trying to pinpoint the origin of Saturday’s strike on the oil infrastructure of the […]

White House: US will not drop Iran sanctions, Trump tells Macron

Press TV – US President Donald Trump has informed French President Emmanuel Macron that the United States will not lift economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, according to the White House. The two presidents also agreed it was essential to “curb Iran’s actions threatening freedom of navigation and commerce in the Persian Gulf,” […]

Did Emmanuel Macron just humiliate Benjamin Netanyahu?

…by Jonas E. Alexis French President Emmanuel Macron must have known that Benjamin Netanyahu is having a hard time. But Macron seemed to add more pain to Netanyahu’s mental ulcer by offering Iran a $15 billion loan if they keep the nuclear deal.[1] According to Massoud Shadjareh, founder of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, this […]

Two-Thirds of French Citizens ‘Dissatisfied’ with Globalist President Macron, Poll Shows

Two-thirds of French citizens are “dissatisfied” with globalist President Emanuel Macron, according to a new poll. The poll, conducted by pollster Ifop, surveyed French voters across the country for the conservative weekly Le Journal du Dimanche (JDD). The poll shows that 66 percent of voters are “dissatisfied” with Macron’s actions as president, compared to just 34 percent […]

Deputy FM: Macron’s initiative illustration of Trump’s failure in anti-Iran campaign

FNA – Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Seyed Abbas Araqchi said that efforts made by French President Emmanuel Macron to save the nuclear deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, substantiate the failure of the maximum pressure campaign launched by US President Donald Trump against Tehran. “When Europeans, including France, […]

EU diplomats support Macron’s plan on Iran oil sales in exchange for several commitments – Reports

Sputnik – France, the UK and Germany have been working to save the 2015 Iran nuclear deal after the US abandoned it last year and Tehran subsequently announced that it would partially suspend some of its obligations related to uranium enrichment. EU diplomats are “getting behind” a proposal initiated by France to provide Tehran with […]

Netanyahu tells Macron ‘now precisely not the time to talk to Iran’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke Friday with French President Emmanuel Macron, urging him not to negotiate with Iran at the present time. According to a readout from his office, the Israeli premier said that, with Tehran increasing its regional aggression and threatening Israel and others, “now is “precisely not the time” to hold conciliatory talks […]

100 days of Zelensky: Ukraine president more a scurrying Macron than a thundering Trump so far

Honeymoon polls Headline figures show that the 41-year-old political novice, who promised to cut across existing political fault lines and unify the country, is still in the ascendant. After thrashing incumbent Petro Poroshenko in the second round of the presidential election in April, his newly-created party secured the first-ever single-faction majority in parliament in the […]

Macron plays Russian card as part of strategy to place France at center of international stage

In his annual address to French ambassadors from around the world in Paris on August 27, President Emmanuel Macron repeated the message he had delivered in front of Vladimir Putin at his summer residence the previous week: Europe would be committing a major strategic error if it continued to exclude Russia from its councils. It […]

Macron knows for Europeans the ‘problem’ country is not Russia but US (by George Galloway)

Or to paraphrase Sherlock Holmes, a story of the dog that didn’t bark, the shoes that didn’t drop. Most of the world’s biggest economies are not members of the G7, although Italy is albeit represented by a caretaker prime minister and now technically bankrupt (and in possession of enough French banking creditors to drown Macron […]

Macron doesn’t care about Amazon fires, what we are seeing is a G7 info war to sink Bolsonaro

The plight of the Brazilian rainforest hasn’t dominated the international headlines to the current extent since the late 1980s heyday of Sting earnestly pleading for donations while standing alongside impassive tribal chiefs. Leonardo Di Caprio, Madonna, and Cristiano Ronaldo have taken to social media to sound alarm about the burning “lungs of the world” that […]

Macron’s G7 proves the US-dominant talk shop is heading for the dinosaur graveyard

As the G7 leaders enjoyed dinner at a restored lighthouse overlooking the French seaside town of Biarritz, they were probably hoping to evoke an image of mastery and control over a world gone bonkers. The reality, however, was that of seven well-heeled passengers – Italy, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, the UK and the US – […]

Putin supports Macron’s plan to revive JCPOA: Lavrov

MNA – The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Wed. that President Putin has endorsed the French counterpart’s proposals on Iran nuclear deal. Russian President Vladimir Putin has met with his French counterpart to discuss a way out of the stalemate over the Iran nuclear deal and endorsed his initiatives, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov […]

Macron says US-Iran rapprochement ‘fragile’ but possible

PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron acknowledged on Tuesday that his efforts to bring Iran and the US together were “fragile,” but said he still sees a “possible path” to rapprochement after decades of conflict. After inviting the Iranian foreign minister as a surprise guest to the Group of Seven summit in France earlier this […]

Iran has already told Macron missiles not up for negotiations: Informed source

Press TV – Iran has rejected French President Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to include the Islamic Republic’s missile program into new negotiations, an informed source tells Press TV. The source, speaking on condition of anonymity on Monday, added that Iran has already responded to Macron’s proposal, stressing that the country’s missile program is not up for […]

‘We’re living the end of Western hegemony’: Macron urges to stop pushing Russia away from Europe

“We are living the end of Western hegemony,” Macron told diplomats on Tuesday, after hosting the G7 meeting in the city of Biarritz on France’s Atlantic coast over the weekend. He named the rise of Beijing and Moscow as signs of a shift on the world scene. Pushing Russia away from Europe is a profound […]

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