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Khazarian Mafia Seeks to Surrender as Second American Revolution Underway

Benjamin Fulford 1/11/21 The events of the past week, and the coming weeks, will go down in history as one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, revolutions in history. We are not talking just about the fall of the United States of America Corporation. We are talking about the end to a system of […]

Biden Avoids Real Questions & Appointee of the ZIONIST Mafia Crime Syndicate Running America

ALEX EDELMAN/AFP via Getty Images Democrat Joe Biden’s White House transition team has reportedly disabled the chat function on their Zoom virtual press conferences after invited journalists began complaining about the group’s lack of transparency. As The Daily Wire reported last week, reporters were becoming “frustrated” with the Biden team — and Joe Biden himself — […]

America Run by the ZIONIST Mafia Period. David Icke Explains the Coup & ZIONISTS Benefit. Comment: The six sided star is ZIONISM. ZIONISM benefits from this coup and has been leaching money off the american people for generations. ZIONISM is manipulating all Presidents/Congress behind the scenes. ZIONISM is the CULT or Cabal. ZIONISTS control the media lies/narrative with their ZIONIST CIA calling the media shots. ZIONISTS control Hollywood. All […]

America’s Reichstag? Political Manipulation By the ZIONIST Mafia & ZIONIST Media

“The Storming of the Capitol”: America’s Reichstag Fire?The four big lies underpinning this story show it was likely a staged event. Kit Knightly The media are already spinning a narrative around the events in Washington DC. One that bears no resemblance to reality, does not hold up to any kind of scrutiny and will have […]

COVID Is a False Diagnosis Pushed by the Medical Mafia

Sars vaccine genetically modifies the victims.  Vaccines are dangerous.  They always have been.  Why would you allow the billionaires who run Big Pharma (genocidal maniacs) to advise you about health? 666: Coronavirus and the Mark of the Beast ( Dr. Robert Young totally exposes the scam: [embedded content] Praise Yahweh and pass the ammunition. For […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Godfather of the LGBTQ Mafia

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

West faces Moment of Truth as Khazarian Mafia Surrenders to the Chinese

West faces Moment of Truth as Khazarian Mafia Surrenders to the Chinese Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis / Benjamin Fulford The Western world is facing its greatest crisis, possibly ever, as its ruling elite has surrendered to China. Either the West removes this elite from power and creates a united front or Westerners will become […]

Presstitute Lie Factories Owned By the Zionist MAFIA

December 6, 2020 | Categories: Guest Contributions | Tags: | Print This Article Remember: The Presstitute Lie Factories Told Us No Evidence of Electoral Fraud But US Supreme Court Disagrees Justice Alito Moves up Supreme Court Deadline in Key Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Case 00 Hits: 10

Another War Crime Against IRAN by Our ZIO Mafia; I Apologize to IRAN That My Leaders Are Criminals-I Don’t Support Biden & Other Zionist Puppets Nor Kamala ZioWhoreHarris-U.S. Military: Do Not Go to War With Iran! Comment: Pictured are our previous ZioWhoreCriminals. The Dankof Report #2 for ACH ACH (1397) Mark Dankof – The Dankof Report #2 – (Pronounced ‘Kĕy-‘kay’s ‘Icé-‘Housé)by achitchcock In Today’s Show Originally Broadcast On December 1 2020, Andy Presents “The Dankof Report” With His Co-Host Mark Dankof For A Show Entitled, “(Pronounced ‘Kĕy-‘kay’s ‘Icé-‘Housé).” On Today’s Show […]

Rudy took down the Mob. Now he’s taking down the much more dangerous Democrat mafia! (Video)

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Leading Argentine rabbis deny businessman’s claim they run kosher meat ‘mafia’

BUENOS AIRES (JTA) — After Jewish institutions came out in support of a businessman who is vowing to take on what he calls a “mafia” that sets the price of kosher meat, leading Argentine rabbis criticized the accusations that they are involved in artificially raising the cost of kosher food. The group of rabbis, including […]

Crime Syndicate Masquerading as U.S. Gov’t [Zionist Mafia] Sanctions Iran (Pictured: Starving Infant Thanks to U.S. Crime Syndicate Due to “Sanctions”)

By infostormer -October 9, 20200 The FBI has announced that they have seized 92 web domains alleged to be controlled by Iran. They justified the seizures by claiming they were promoting “fake news.” RT: Washington has announced a new sanctions package against Iran, hitting the country’s financial sector and targeting 18 major banks. Tehran has branded the […]

Chase Bank Joins Mafia In Being Charged With RICO Violations

9.24.20 – JPMorgan to pay almost $1 billion fine Gold last traded at $1,865 an ounce. Silver at $23.05 an ounce. NEWS SUMMARY: Precious metal prices rebounded Thursday despite a firmer dollar. U.S. stocks gyrated as traders weighed the latest batch of economic data and tech tried to recover from its recent losses. JPMorgan to pay […]

Corona-mafia? Organised crime setting sights on EU Recovery Fund, experts warn

Europol’s Executive Director Catherine De Bolle warned on Tuesday that mafia organisations in Europe may attempt to get their hands on the coronavirus EU Recovery Fund – urging member countries to monitor where such money goes to. In Italy – which is receiving the largest share of the fund, €209 billion – experts are urging […]

Khazarian Mafia circling the wagons around the US election and their Manchurian Candidate

Benjamin Benjamin Fulford September 14th 2020 The Khazarian Mafia is pulling out all the stops to destroy the Constitutional Republic of the United States as violence and arson cause further descent into chaos, NSA, MI6, and Pentagon sources agree.  The scenario unfolding is an election that is an obvious farce even to the most […]

Rand Paul Attacked by Mafia (Zionist Soros) Financed Mobs After He Presents the Ban on No Knock Raids: Justice For Breonna Taylor Act

Ron Wieczorek AugsgnutusihSprgtg nc2eSSon9ar esaot 11r:3erh1d PdrMSs  Sen. Rand Paul and Wife Attacked by Jacobin Mobs outside the White House Aug. 29 (EIRNS) — Sen. Rand Paul and his wife Kelley Paul each wrote letters documenting the attack they were subjected to by a wild mob as they left the White House after the Republican National Convention. Others were […]

Rothschild Khazarian [Zionist] Mafia Demolition of Food Supplies

by Admin · Published September 1, 2020 · Updated September 1, 2020 [embedded content] Comment: Rothschild ZIONISTS fund terrorists, Control CIA assassin creation, work with Rockefellers creating Sex Slaves & MKUltra assassins, have everything to do with burning down California, etc. etc. etc. own smart meters and utility co’s linked with California fires and know […]

Living in the Land of the Free Under the Synagogue of Satan aka Jewish Satanic Mafia; Stamp Out Poverty-Fire the Politicians Supporting This Shut-Down!

By infostormer -August 16, 20200 Hunger is increasing throughout America. WSJ: The number of Americans who say they can’t afford enough food for themselves or their children is growing, according to Census data, and it is likely to get larger now that some government benefits have expired. As of late last month, about 12.1% of adults lived […]

The Incredibly Evil Rothschild Zionist Mafia


‘Mafia Shakedown’: BLM Demands Cut of Local Business Profits for ‘Protection’

Black Lives Matter protesters are issuing “Mafia-style shakedown” demands to local businesses in Louisville, KY, according to a restaurant owner who says they ordered him to employ a certain number of non-white staff and distribute a percentage of business profits to organizations run by non-whites — or else face the consequences. According to the BLM […]

Giving the Screwy Gender Change Mafia a Bit of Sanity & Humor

Maybe they should watch some “Monty Python?” From their “Life of Brian” movie from over 40 years ago. Back then, when men wore dressed up like a woman, they were known as Transvestites and one usually had to go to NYC or San Francisco or NOLA to watch that freak show. Not anymore, they’re all […]


Caffeine and aspirin have a great variety of protective effects for the body. GOOD FACT: An Australian study of Reye syndrome cases found that six times as many of them had been using acetaminophen as had used aspirin (1987). BAD FACT 1950s and 1960s: Little was said about the possibility of stomach ulceration from aspirin. […]


ANTI-AMERICAN AND ANTI-FREE EXPRESSION AND ANTI-HUMANITY! Facebook account dumping is a CLEAR FORM OF ELECTION FIXING! 2018 CE: FACEBOOK & ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MAFIA ELECTION FIXING SCAM BY PURGING 800+ PAGES AND ACCOUNTS and MANY WERE BIG NAMES Facebook removed 800 alternative media pages so they could not provide insights for the 2018 midterm election. Also, […]


[embedded content]… Freemasons? Roy Cohn was protected and facilitated by the Dulles brothers throughout his career. Cohn was a central figure in the “lavender Mafia”. Trump had an ‘intimate’ friendship with Roy Cohn. Roy Cohn was Trump’s lawyer, advisor and mentor. Deep State –  “According to the former head of the vice squad for one of America’s […]

Chaos Increasing in U.S. and Worldwide as Khazarian Mafia Desperately Struggles to Survive

Benjamin Fulford, June 29th, 2020 This week we would like to inform readers that our newsletter is under unprecedented attack and that your support is needed now more than ever.  One of our main intelligence sources in South Asia is being held indefinitely in prison under life-threatening conditions based on planted evidence and trumped-up charges. […]

County Sheriffs Versus Antifa and BLM (Black Lies Mafia)

World War 3 has begun.  The first salvo was the orchestrated rioting and terrorism over the George Floyd homicide.  Our first video is of a Florida County Sheriff defending his community against rioters. [embedded content] As the Kosher press sympathizes with the terrorists, Black man calls out the hypocrisy of the Left and the Black […]

The Jewish Mafia is the “Mafia”


The Jewish Mafia is the “Mafia” The MAFIA are not Italian, Russian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese etc. By Staś Back on Aug 4th 2016 the headlines read “Feds indict 46 in mob sweep, including reputed Philly boss.”  Glad the FBI is bringing down the bad guys to be sure.  However, the group of about 39 men […]

‘Mafia didn’t die, it adapted’: Journalist in hiding talks to RT (EXCLUSIVE)

Borrometi, editor of the anti-mafia site La Spia, says he has been living a nightmare for the past few years. In April 2014 Borrometi was attacked by a group of men. ‘Cosa Nostra still here’: Mafia don assassinated while biking in Sicily “First, I received warnings, then letters containing bullets and then anonymous phone calls,” […]

WATCH – The Jewish Mafia (in French with English Subtitles)

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Vatican Mafia infiltrates Canadian government with the aid of top government officials

Posted by Paul W Kincaid Corruption, Special Report, World news Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 The Pope is the only person on Earth who claims to be god andfather of the Catholic Church. The word Pope literally means “father”. Dec 9, 2014: The Vatican Mafia has infiltrated the Canadian government […]

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