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Satanic Black Magic Rules the World

  October 20, 2019 They are inter-related, and they are bound together by bloodlines and Satanism – with pedophilia, rape, murder, war and genocide to follow. Fiona warns that every organization in Australia has been infiltrated, including hospitals, psychiatry, politics, child advocacy groups – everything. The Satanists have even created a False Memory Foundation, a […]

Can Rivlin magic up a solution to the coalition conundrum?

It has been 35 years since an Israeli president has faced the kind of political crisis President Reuven Rivlin is facing in the wake of the September 17 elections, which saw the Likud and Blue and White parties almost evenly matched and, with them, the right and center-left blocs all but tied. The last time […]

Treadmill of Magic Seeds and Broken Promises: Dismantling the Myth of Bt Cotton Success in India

Political posturing aligned with commercial interests means that truth is becoming a casualty in the debate about genetically modified (GM) crops in India. The industry narrative surrounding Bt cotton is that it has been a great success. The current Modi-led administration is parroting this claim and argues its success must be replicated by adopting a […]

In Canada, You Can Now Buy Magic Mushrooms From a Dispensary

Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project Waking Times For years, the Free Thought Project has been reporting on the beneficial effects of psylocibin mushrooms ranging from treating PTSD to addiction and depression. In the land of the free, however, in all places except for Oakland and Denver, cops will kidnap and cage you for having […]

Mushrooms really are magic, especially when it comes to brain health

(Natural News) In many countries, people use mushrooms for medicinal or culinary purposes. A new study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease suggests that eating mushrooms regularly can help prevent cognitive decline. The health benefits of mushrooms Mushrooms are used in various cuisines, and they are considered as nutrient-rich ingredients. Mushrooms contain large amounts […]

‘Microdosers’ of LSD and Magic Mushrooms are Wiser and More Creative

Thomas Anderson,  The Conversation Waking Times We just ran the first ever pre-registered scientific study on the microdosing of psychedelics and found some very promising results. We compared people who microdose — that is, who take a psychedelic substance such as LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) or “magic” mushrooms (psilocybin) in very small quantities — with those who […]

Scientists Find Way to Make Old Human Cells Young Again: ‘It Was Like Magic’

Scientists have discovered how to make old human cells young again through rejuvenation. It’s an exciting discovery that could change the way humans age. Researchers at the University of Exeter and University of Brighton found they could rejuvenate senescent cells, cells that had stopped their natural growth cycle, causing them to start to divide again. […]

World’s Elite Use Black Magic Rituals To Conjure Up Entities For More Power

“The underlying, primary psychic reality is so inconceivably complex that it can be grasped only at the farthest reach of intuition, and then but very dimly. That is why it needs symbols.”– Carl Jung What is ceremonial magic? The works of multiple scholars, from Plato to Manly P. Hall and further down the line, suggest it is […]

Magic Mushrooms Could Replace Antidepressants Within 5 Years

Mandy Froelich, TMU Waking Times According to researchers from the world’s first psychedelic research center, Centre for Psychedelic Research at London’s Imperial College, psilocybin—or “magic mushrooms”—could replace prescribed antidepressants within five years. The assertion follows similar research from John Hopkins University, which suggests victims of emotional trauma may experience more long-term relief when using natural […]

AOC Wants To Make It Easier To Study Medical Properties Of ‘Magic Mushrooms’

Not long after the city of Denver decriminalized so-called “magic mushrooms,” the push to explore the medicinal uses of one of the west’s most popular psychedelics has transformed into a full-blown movement. And who better to lead it than a certain Congresswoman from New York City? According to Fox News, AOC filed legislation on Friday […]

Oakland Just Decriminalized Magic Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, Peyote, and Iboga

Elias Marat, TMU Waking Times In a vast stride forward for the nationwide movement to legalize psilocybin—or “magic” mushrooms—the Oakland City Council has voted unanimously to decriminalize natural psychedelics—including mushrooms—making the major California Bay Area city the second city in the United States to do so. The resolution orders law enforcement to immediately halt the investigation and […]

Denver Becomes the First U.S. City to Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms

In a close 50.56% in-favor vote of Ordinance 301, the people of Denver have decriminalized “magic” mushrooms also known as psilocybin mushrooms often used for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Psilocybin is a hallucinogenic chemical that exists in certain types of mushrooms. While a person still cannot legally sell them (it is still a felony) or […]

Denver Decriminalizes ‘Magic Mushrooms’: No Big Deal Or An Important Step In Our Awakening?

The Facts: Conflicts of Interest Undermine Children’s Health Part I outlines the political developments in the late 1980s that allowed fateful changes in the childhood vaccine schedule to happen, and describes the widespread conflicts of interests with vaccines Reflect On: Are vaccines really as safe as they’re marketed to be? Note: With this article, Children’s Health […]

Sigil Magic: How to Create Symbols That Manifest Your Destiny

May 10th, 2019 By Mateo Sol Guest writer for Wake Up World Sigils. I am enchanted by the simplicity and power of these little magical symbols. Sigils help you to achieve goals, co-create your reality, self-actualize your potential and fulfill your deepest dreams and desires. If you’re at a place in your spiritual journey where […]

Psilocybin & Magic Mushrooms – The Next Wellness & Legalization Trend After Cannabis?

Makia Freeman, Contributor Waking Times Psilocybin, the substance found in 200+ species of magic mushrooms, may be the next health and legalization trend after cannabis. Magic mushrooms have been used in many cultures all over the world for therapeutic and spiritual purposes. Many scientific studies and clinical trials have found positive evidence of their benefits to the […]

Episode #270 – ‘The New Magic Bullet’ with guest Marwa Osman and more

Episode #270 of SUNDAY WIRE SHOW resumes on March 3, 2019 with host Patrick Henningsen, broadcasting LIVE on the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR)… LISTEN LIVE ON THIS PAGE AT THE FOLLOWING SCHEDULED SHOW TIMES: 5pm-8pm UK Time | 12pm-3pm ET (US) | 9am-12pm PT (US) This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE on ACR […]


Subramanian Swamy announced the formation of an organization that would push for Hindutva issues like securing the disputed Ram Mandir area for building a temple by persuading Muslims to accept an alternative site. The outfit Virat Hindustan Sangam will empower the youth to articulate the “values” of Hindutva, like scrapping of Article 370, Uniform Civil […]

St Vincent’s Hospital to treat dying patients with magic mushrooms

St Vincent’s Hospital to treat dying patients with magic mushrooms *WARNING* Its an experiment. They’ll be using the old people to research hallucinogens, so they can learn how to use them against the rest of the people. While I don’t disagree with sending the oldies on a trip, I do believe they have no right […]

James Mattis’s ‘Magic Military Money Tree’

Mattis: One More General for the ‘Self Licking Ice Cream Cone’ Kelley Beaucar Vlahos The American Conservative Before he became lionized as the “only adult in the room” capable of standing up to President Trump, General James Mattis was quite like any other brass scoping out a lucrative second career in the defense industry. And […]

A Scientist Who Believes In Magic

Dean Radin PhD is a Scientist who believes in Magic. He explains all in his latest book called “Real Magic”. Dean has spent the last forty years conducting controlled experiments that demonstrate that thoughts are things, that we can sense others emotions and intentions from a distance, that intuition is more powerful than we thought, […]

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