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Mahatma Gandhi: Assassinated For His Pro-Muslim, Anti-Zionist Policies Within India

What was Gandhi’s view on Jews? (read more) European Knights Project, 9/20/2015 Due to the profundity of Godse’s speech, on this occasion I’d prefer to make my introduction as brief as humanly possible. Although I am in no way condoning Mr Godse’s actions, anyone that grasps just how grave a threat Islam is to the western world will understand the Hindu martyr’s reasoning. You may even rethink […]

New India lauds Mahatma Gandhi on all but one important matter

Gandhi was the “apostle” of peace and non-violence who offered the other cheek when slapped but the India of today would rather leave a black eye on its aggressor as it did on Pakistan with retaliatory heavy shelling in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) on Sunday, which left at least 6-10 Pakistani soldiers dead and blew […]

Love, don’t hate, even in the name of fighting hate: What we can learn from Mahatma Gandhi

He was the ‘great soul’, a modest, saintly man whose campaigns of ‘satyagraha’, non-violent civil disobedience, shook what was then the largest Empire in history to its foundations. Gandhi took on the might of the British Empire with ‘soul-force’ and won. Does that prove that non-violent civil disobedience is always the way to achieve political […]

The Myth of the Sin the Mahatma Would Not Commit – Chapter 5

Beginnings of the Blood-bath British attempts to impose an unnatural sense of unity upon the Hindu and the Muslim did not cease in spite of apparent failures on the negotiating table – ‘the game continued, move by Machiavellian move’ straight into 1947 while India continued to slip into bloody chaos. Wavell, though quite convinced that […]

The Myth of the Sin the Mahatma Would Not Commit – Chapter 3

See Behind The Veil The Young Indian Nationalist Unlike Rahmat Ali’s fiery spirit and radical thinking Jinnah’s enduring wisdom infused with a rather uncompromising idealist fervor did tend to tarry a while before this most sincere and passionate ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity, who staunchly opposed the founding of All India Muslim League (ML) in 1906 […]

The Myth of the Sin the Mahatma Would Not Commit – Chapter 2

See Behind The Veil The Indian Muslim Begins to Awaken The despairing aftermath of the 1857 uprisings prompted visionary reformist Sir Syed Ahmed Khan to direct his efforts towards socio-economic betterment of the Muslims albeit the course of reason he adopted earned him intense criticism from a myriad of quarters and for multiple reasons.  Having […]

The Myth of the Sin the Mahatma Would Not Commit – Chapter 1

The Prelude Seven decades after the blood-spattered creation of a nation-state in South Asia, named ‘Pakistan’ in a 1933 pamphlet ‘Now or Never – Are we to live or perish forever?’ by Chaudhry Rahmat Ali (a Cambridge Graduate & Muslim activist of British India), namely for political and intellectual reasons the conception of this ‘Land […]

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