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Greek Immigrants’ Stories Sought for Maine Historical Society Archives

Members of the Greek Community of Bangor visiting the village of Vamvakou in Greece in 1947. These immigrants to the US returned to visit their ancestral village in 1949. The group included Nikos Niarchos, a member of the Niarchos shipping family, on the left. Credit: Public Domain Courtesy St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Bangor, Maine. With […]

U.S. Supreme Court rejects religious challenge to Maine vaccine mandate

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday turned away healthcare workers seeking a religious exemption to Maine’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate in the latest battle over vaccination to reach the justices. The court, which has a 6-3 conservative majority, rejected a request made by nine unnamed plaintiffs who identified themselves as healthcare workers who object to receiving the shots […]

Supreme Court declines to block Maine vaccine mandate

The high court has previously turned away students at Indiana University and teachers in New York City who objected to being vaccinated. Both the university and city allow people to seek religious exemptions. Maine’s requirement was put in place by Democratic Gov. Janet Mills. A federal judge in Maine declined to stop the mandate, concluding […]

Maine hospital fired so many unvaccinated employees they had to close the ICU

The Blogging Hounds The administrators of Central Maine Healthcare in Lewiston, Maine, enacted a vax policy demanding all employees to take the vaccine. But more than 250 employees refused to comply before the deadline. These employees were subsequently fired. Unfortunately for patients, about 170 of those employees were needed to staff the intensive care unit. […]

The Fascinating History of the Greek Orthodox Community of Bangor, Maine

Members of the Greek community of Bangor, Maine visiting their ancestral village of Vamvakou, Greece in 1949, including Nikos Niarchos, a member of the Niarchos shipping family, on the left. Credit: Public Domain The small but thriving Greek community in Bangor, Maine has a rich history that dates back to the 1890s. The history of […]

Maine Hospital Suspends Emergency-Level Care Over Staffing Shortage

A hospital in Maine announced it would suspend emergency-level care at its walk-in location due to a staffing shortage, coming about a week after a facility in Minnesota suspended its urgent care and emergency room service. York Hospital said it is suspending emergency care at the Wells, Maine, facility starting Oct. 25. “York Hospital in […]

At 101, she’s still hauling Maine lobsters with no plans to stop

Had to share this one… awesome woman! Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting Blog By Patrick Whittle and Robert F. BukatyAssociated PressView Comments2:072:07 ROCKLAND, Maine (AP) — When Virginia Oliver startedtrapping lobster off Maine’s rocky coast,World War II was more than a decade in the future, the electronic traffic signal was a recent invention and few […]

Biddeford, Maine Fights Urban Heating

Above Photo: A man crosses the street in downtown Biddeford on a scorching Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021. Troy R. Bennett / BDN. Biddeford, Maine — Duane Dennison knows more than most about the effects of hotter summers and heat lingering into the night: He lives near the Saco River in a tent community of about […]

Maine governor faces pressure to decriminalize prostitution

This strategy has been boosted by a shift in the way the public thinks about the realities of sex trafficking, the result of years of work by advocates for the victims and lawmakers focused on dispelling myths about sex trafficking. “This is not simply about one specific state, but I think it is about nationally […]

Maine Lawmakers Pass ‘A Gift To The Planet’

Above Photo: Ryan O’Hare, left and Connor Dobson both of South Portland High School, hold a flag of the Earth as they participated in a global strike on the lack of action on climate change Friday, March 15, 2019. The students gathered outside City Hall in Portland among other places. Shawn Patrick Ouellette/Portland Portland Press […]

Bangor, Maine Will Illuminate Walkway in Honor of Greek Bicentennial

The Parkway in Bangor, which will be illuminated in the blue and white all this week in honor of the Greek bicentennial. Credit: Patricia Claus/Greek Reporter Bangor, Maine, a New England city that attracted many Greek immigrants in the early 1900s, will honor them and the Greek bicentennial this week, as its pedestrian walkway linking […]

Iranian Realtors in Maine

Making profits nowadays in such a world with a weak and unstable economy is one of many US’s primary mindsets. To achieve what everyone desires, it is better to find the safest approach to invest. Every kind of business has its risks. However, the rate of risk can decline by getting help from a specialist […]

VIDEO — Maine Veteran Builds Temporary Housing for Homeless Veterans: ‘We’re Keeping Them Alive’

A veteran in Boothbay, Maine, is helping fellow veterans struggling with homelessness during the coronavirus pandemic. “Ed Harmon, a service officer with the American Legion post in Boothbay, Maine, retrofits trailers into living spaces through a project he calls the Veterans Emergency Temporary Shelter, or VETS,” Fox 10 reported Friday. The trailers serve as temporary […]

At the northern tip of Maine, this artist fostered a Jewish community

In this speck of a city lives an artist who starts his mornings swathed in a tallit and tefillin, spends most of his days making biblically inspired works of art and whiles away the evenings picking out Schubert sonatas on the piano. Raphael Gribetz has lived in Presque Isle since 1985, when he and his […]

Poll: Trump, Biden in Statistical Tie for Maine Battleground District

President Donald Trump and Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden are in a dead heat as they vie for the one electoral vote in Maine’s Second Congressional District, according to a poll released Thursday. While Biden maintains a double-digit lead statewide, the poll found his lead slimmed down to within the margin of error, 49 percent […]

Gang Of Somali Youths Attack Park Goers In Lewiston, Maine

Renegade Editor’s Note: I don’t usually run these kinds of stories, since similar events take place every day and we all know about ‘the color of crime’. However, it really is shocking to see this formerly peaceful Maine city transformed to the point that it is swarming with violent Somalians. I am sure anti-Whites will […]

Defense Giant General Dynamics Holds Maine Town Hostage Over Tax Exemptions

Maine legislators have a hot potato in their hands. But they don’t seem to be feeling any pain.  On March 6, their Taxation Committee, controlled by the Democratic Party, voted 8-2 to send LD 1781 to the floor with an “ought-to-pass” recommendation. That bill calls for Maine to provide Bath Iron Works (BIW) with a […]

At least 2 feet of snow dumped on parts of Maine and New Hampshire

     The latest nor’easter has dumped at least 2 feet of snow in some areas of Maine and New Hampshire. Light snow was still falling Wednesday morning, with snow showers expected to continue through the night. Most places in northern New England could see up to an additional 3 inches, with up to 6 inches […]

Defense Giant General Dynamics Hold Maine Town Hostage Over Tax Exemptions

Maine legislators have a hot potato in their hands. But they don’t seem to be feeling any pain.  On March 6, their Taxation Committee, controlled by the Democratic Party, voted 8-2 to send LD 1781 to the floor with an “ought-to-pass” recommendation. That bill calls for Maine to provide Bath Iron Works (BIW) with a […]

Peace be with you… from a distance: Flu epidemic has gotten so bad in Maine that churches are shunning practices involving touching, sharing

(Natural News) Due to the flu season, Catholic churches in Maine have had to “alter their religious practices to reduce the spread of the deadly virus that is ravaging the nation.” Since January, churches have been forbidding worshipers from drinking from the same wine cup during communion and joining hands during prayer. Priests are advised […]

Maine Sheriff Admits to Sending Lewd Photo From His Office While in Uniform

A Maine sheriff admitted to CBS 13 he sent a sexually explicit photo while in office and in uniform. Sheriff Wayne Gallant on Tuesday night confirmed that the person in this photo is him and that he did take it while in his office and while in uniform. Gallant is in his 3rd term as […]

Infant dies following attack by family dog in Bangor, Maine

     An infant died after the child was injured by the family’s dog, according to the Bangor Police Department. The Bangor police and fire departments responded on Saturday, July 29, to a local residence after receiving a call about an injured infant, Bangor police Detective Sgt. Brent Beaulieu said Sunday morning in a statement. The […]

Lobbyists Lining Up To Influence Marijuana Laws In Maine

Juan Palese, a marijuana grower, shows his crop outside of Montevideo, Uruguay, Wednesday, Dic. 18, 2013. (Matilde Campodonico/AP). AUGUSTA — Retail sales of marijuana may still be a year away, but cannabis-related cash is already flowing at the Maine State House as businesses jockey to influence the policies that will govern the lucrative recreational market. […]

Population control? Maine wants to issue a yearly supply of dangerous birth control to women

(Natural News) Birth control has been a topic of immense debate in recent years, and Maine has taken the controversy to a new level with a recent bill regarding the popular medication. One of the aims of the new legislation is to allow women to pick up an entire year’s worth of birth control at […]

Dallas Shooter Was Planning A Bigger Attack

Meanwhile, the White House said President Barack Obama would travel to Dallas on Tuesday to deliver remarks at an interfaith memorial service at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center. Obama will cut short a visit to Europe, where on Sunday he was meeting Spain’s acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and King Felip VI. Speaking in […]

Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies Cite “Constitutionalists” as a Justification for MRAP Vehicle

The video above and the description below was shared with the CopBlock Network by “General Gonzo S. Patton,” via the Submission Page. Along with the video description, he states, “I despise this attitude in these Chickenshit Ticket Writers.” The video was originally posted by Alex Jones‘ Infowars channel on Youtube back in 2014. It […]

The War in Afghanistan Has Turned a Generation of Children Into Heroin Addicts

Michaela Whitton (AM) : One of the many catastrophic legacies left behind by the longest war in U.S. history is that Afghanistan produces 90% of the world’s opium. As with most parts of the world, the most vulnerable pay the heaviest price of war, and the country has faced a harrowing escalation in the number […]

ALERT! Everyone who lives in these states needs to contact their governor and representatives to encourage this action to stop Obama’s invasion…

The height of PC lunacy: Clothing company forced to remove ‘Gluten Free’ T-shirt after 53,000 angry, stupid people sign petition claiming they were offended

(NaturalNews) The Western world has obviously been at peace for far too long and has prospered far too much, because these days we have so little to actually worry about, apparently, that too many of us sit around and wait to be “offended.” In past tumultuous times, when Europeans and Americans were fighting […]

Pilot Threatened To Crash Passenger Jet If Mrs Left Him

A suicidal Italian pilot about to fly a plane with 200 people on board was arrested by police minutes before takeoff. The Italian man was intercepted by officers at Fiumicino airport after his wife warned the police he was planning to kill himself. Daily Mail reports: He was about to take control of a Rome to Japan […]

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