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In Israel the Push to Destroy Jerusalem’s Iconic Al-Aqsa Mosque Goes Mainstream

The iconic golden dome of the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa mosque, located on the Temple Mount or Haram el-Sharif, is the third holiest site in Islam and is recognized throughout the world as a symbol of the city of Jerusalem. Yet, this ancient site that dates back to the year 705 C.E. is […]

Mainstream Media Confirm Dalai Lama is A CIA Asset

, Mainstream Media Confirm Dalai Lama is A CIA Asset December 19, 2016 GeoPolitics101 15 Comments That the Tibetan Dalai Lama is a CIA asset was just a conspiracy theory, has now been confirmed as fact by the Los Angeles Times and the agency itself. This brings to question how much of what the media […]

Oh, look – The mainstream media was WRONG again with its phony climate change predictions

(Natural News) Back in 2008, ABC aired a global warming propaganda series entitled, “Earth 2100” that predicted major calamities to occur all around the world by the year 2015 as a result of climate change. But, wouldn’t you know it? None of the show’s fear-mongering prognostications ever actually came to pass. During […]

U.S. mainstream media fails to challenge Trump administration’s push toward war with Iran

The risky U.S. moves to provoke a war with Iran continue, and the American mainstream media is still transmitting the Trump administration’s views almost without challenge: * The New York Times has run lengthy accounts about the alleged Iranian attack on oil tankers, but the paper buried the skepticism about the U.S. version lower in […]

And Just Like That, UFOs Are Real In The Mainstream

The Facts: The mainstream media recently ran a news cycle admitting that UFOs are real and that government agencies have known about it for a very long time. Reflect On: This admission brings up many nuances and discussions that are important for reflection. One thing is clear however, we are living in inspiring and changing […]

Mainstream Media Normalizing Pedophilia in Reality Show, Calling it “Age Gap Love”

Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project Waking Times Last year, TFTP reported how a disturbing push was made to attempt to normalize pedophilia as a mainstream “sexual orientation.” The move involved pedophiles rebranding themselves as “Minor Attracted Persons,” with the hope that they will be accepted as part of the LGBT community. It was somewhat effective as […]

ALARMING Messaging by Deep State and Mainstream Media Regarding Trump and JFK

    Why has Pelosi prayed for Trump at least 187 times? Doesn’t the Mafia do that right before a mob hit? Two possible “deep state data signals” that a “187” has been called for against the President (please hold this (and all involved) in the Light) Kauilapele’s Blog Click to view full size image […]

Julian Assange: The Radioactive Back Story You Will Read in the Mainstream Media 

  Craig Murray and Julian Assange   The Missing Step by Craig Murray In Sweden, prosecutors have applied to the Swedish courts to issue a warrant for Julian’s arrest. There is a tremendous back story to that simple statement. The European Arrest Warrant must be issued from one country to another by a judicial authority. The […]

Mainstream Media Mayhem as Deep State Freaks Out About Barr’s Investigation of the FBI

    The following article is one many pre-emptive attacks by the CIA’s Mockingbird Media on Attorney General William Barr. The Democrats are scared sh*tless at the prospect of their seditious conspiracy to overthrow President Trump being exposed by the new DoJ lead by Barr SOTN Editor’s Note: What follows is an MSM article that […]

US mainstream media is contributing to rising risk of war with Iran

The U.S. mainstream press and television networks are committing media malpractice and contributing to the rising risk of an American war with Iran.  * The cable TV networks are almost completely ignoring the Trump administration’s threatening moves, which could end in either a violent accident or a deliberate attack by Israel, America, or both. Instead, […]

It’s official: the collapse of the mainstream media’s credibility is now complete

(Natural News) Attorney General William Barr held a press conference this morning to address the contents of the Mueller report, just as he promised to do. Not long after, Barr delivered the full Mueller report to the public with necessary redactions, also as promised. And yet the mainstream media, which demanded all […]

Trump rips ‘Mainstream Media’: ‘They truly are the Enemy of the People’

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 6,038 other followers Sign me up! Source Article from Related Posts Lebanese govt., people against Trump’s ‘deal of century,’ Hariri says Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has stressed his country’s rejection of US President Donald […]

An Opinion About Gun Control In America That Mainstream Media Completely Ignores

The Facts: Our endocannabinoid system (ECS) is vitally important to maintaining homeostasis throughout our bodies and minds. An imbalanced ECS may contribute toward conditions such as depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, migraines, IBS, and obesity. Reflect On: What can you do to take greater care of your endocannabinoid system? Where is there imbalance in your life that […]

Panic Propaganda – It’s What Government and Mainstream Media Do Best

Panic Propaganda – It’s What Government and Mainstream Media Do Best Rosanne Lindsay, Contributor Waking Times Are you a victim of panic propaganda promulgated by the Government? The media is the fourth branch of government, dominated by the power of advertisers, such as the pharmaceutical industry. Media propagandizes people using words as weapons to disparage, […]

Covington Student Nicholas Sandmann to Sue Mainstream Media into Oblivion

Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann has hired one of the most powerful lawyers in America to sue mainstream media journalists who spread malicious lies and threats about him.  In a major warning to purveyors of fake news, the Sandmann family have hired RunSwitch PR, Kentucky’s largest PR firm, to help them deal with […]

How mainstream media joins the US government offensive against Iran: Reuters as a case study

     Summary: A 2013 news investigation of Iranian corruption by Reuters news service has been cited by at least four books published one after another, the most recently in 2018. It has also been cited by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in 2018 speech. Given the article’s ongoing influence, this article will scrutinize flaws […]

Mainstream Media Warns Of American "Economic Hellscape" If The Government Shutdown Continues

Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog, Is the mainstream media overhyping the economic impact of the government shutdown for political purposes?  Of course they are.  Once upon a time the mainstream media in the United States at least attempted to maintain a facade of objectivity, but those days are long gone.  In […]

Why Mondoweiss: Sharp and insightful analysis sorely lacking in mainstream media

We are privileged to share with you a message in support of Mondoweiss from novelist/poet/activist Susan Abulhawa. Susan has written several times for Mondoweiss over the past six years; we have also published reviews of her writing as well as coverage of the incidents when Israel denied her entry to her homeland. We feel very […]

WaPo reporter who tried to get GoFundMe page for border wall taken down proves “mainstream” media hates America

(Natural News) Once upon a time, nearly all Americans could agree that border security and territorial integrity were integral both to public safety and the rule of law. The U.S., after all, was no different from any other country: We, too, have a right to defend our borders. In the age of […]

Why Mondoweiss: We need reporting on the cruelty the mainstream media ignores

Today, we are honored to share a message from Lesley Williams, a contributor to Mondoweiss (most recently here and here) whose impressive activist bio is at the bottom of this post. Lesley’s message today comes as we gather momentum in the year-end fundraising campaign for Mondoweiss. As of now, on the third official day of […]

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