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US Wipes Out Afghan Security Forces Unit in Major Friendly Fire Incident

For the second time in less than a month, US forces carried out airstrikes “in self defense” in Afghanistan, only to discover that they were actually attacking Afghan security forces. The Wednesday strike ended up wiping out an entire unit, though officials have yet to disclose the exact number of deaths, beyond it apparently being […]

Dozens killed in major Boko Haram attack on Cameroon island

A weekend assault by suspected Boko Haramfighters in northern Cameroon killed dozens of people, including soldiers and civilians, officials have said, in one of the deadliest attacks by the group in the country. Cameroon’s defence ministry said that “more than 300 heavily armed Boko Haram” fighters attacked military positions on Darak, an island near […]

Major Corporations Pull Ads from YouTube for Allowing Pedophilia Content

YouTube was finally forced to acknowledge the pedophilia content after advertisers have pulled out due to YouTube allowing it. AT&T and Hasbro are among some of the major corporations who have just announced this month that they will no longer purchase advertising on YouTube because it allows this pedophile content to flourish. “Until Google can […]

WhatsApp down across several European countries in MAJOR OUTAGE

Popular reporting site DownDetector registered problems with service beginning around 10:30am BST, with a spike of over 850 reports of outages logged so far. Some users report long delays in sending messages while other report no connection at all. WhatsApp has yet to officially respond to the reports of a widespread outage. As usual, the […]

LOS ANGELES LOST: How did a major American city crash and burn?

    ‘Collapse of a city that’s lost control’: Shocking new pictures from downtown LA capture the huge problem it faces with trash and rats amid fear of typhoid fever outbreak among LAPD A decision to not cap property that homeless people can keep on Skid Row was announced last Wednesday It sparked fury among […]

Deal of the century will turn into major failure for Israel, Analyst says

Political analyst Foad Izadi believes the so-called ‘deal of the century’ initiated by the US will turn into a significant failure for Israel.   Source Article from Related Posts US Wipes Out Afghan Security Forces Unit in Major Friendly Fire Incident For the second time in less than a month, US forces […]

US imposes major travel bans on Cuba as punishment for supporting a sovereign Venezuela

   The US is imposing wide-ranging travel bans on Cuba, aimed at cutting the flow of tourists to the island, in order to punish Havana for their “destabilizing role” in the Western hemisphere which Washington regards as its own. The Treasury Department announced on Tuesday that so-called “People-to-People” educational and cultural trips to Cuba would […]

Danish Muslims feel backlash as immigration policies become major election issue

   Growing numbers of Danish Muslims say they have faced verbal abuse, exclusion and hate crimes since mainstream political parties began adopting anti-immigrant policies previously the preserve of the far right. The ruling centre-right Liberal Party and the opposition Social Democrats both say a tough stance in immigration is needed to protect Denmark’s cherished welfare […]

War is a Racket & Not What It Seems To The Majority of People: Major General Smedley Butler

The Facts: The mainstream media recently ran a news cycle admitting that UFOs are real and that government agencies have known about it for a very long time. Reflect On: This admission brings up many nuances and discussions that are important for reflection. One thing is clear however, we are living in inspiring and changing […]

Heavily-processed food linked to early death, two major studies show

People who eat large amounts of heavily-processed foods, from breakfast cereals and ready meals to muffins and ice cream, have a greater risk of heart attack, stroke and early death, according to two major studies. The findings, from separate teams in France and Spain, add to a growing body of evidence that foods made […]

Why the Truth Movement Sucks. Trump Major counterattack on the Deep State Trump is winning he is NOT a “pawn” #Trump #Comey #Barr Deep State and Mainstream Media meltdown over Trump’s order to ‘declassify everything’

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts Ken O’Keefe Commentary – 9/11 Truth vs Washington Mouthpiece – ‘The Debate’ Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from The Truth About Lula Conviction Comes To Light The Truth About Lula Conviction Comes To Light Note: Operation Car Wash is a corruption The Truth […]

Is Trump faking a major shift in Iran policy? That’s my bet

Trump says US not after regime change in Iran as war threats lose momentum …from Press TV, Tehran [ Editor’s Note: This smells like classic Trump headline-grabbing on a holiday weekend. No one in Iran is going to think for a second that Donald has changed his tune. Trump will claim he offered to negotiate […]

Los Angeles on Verge of ‘Major Infectious Disease Epidemic’ – Doctor Warns

Los Angeles is on the verge of a devastating infectious disease epidemic in the coming months, according to top American physician Dr. Drew Pinsky. Pinsky issued the warning during an appearance on The Brian Kilmeade Show, citing the city’s growing homeless crisis, rodent infestation, and dangerous sanitation conditions. reports: “I live in the great […]

Here’s how cyber-weaponry has literally shut down a major American city

    Hackers Now Demand $10k Per Day In Baltimore Cryptocurrency Ransomware Attack Approximately 10,000 Baltimore City government computers remain crippled after a cryptocurrency ransomware attack locked officials out of critical servers, basically paralyzing the city for 14 days and counting. We were one of the first to report the May 7th attack that […]

Syrian Rebels Attack Russian Air Base In Major Offensive

Some 500 Nusra-front militants, accompanied by seven tanks and about 30 pickup trucks armed with mounted heavy machine guns launched three major offensives against government troops in Idlib province on Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The counterattack focused on the town of Kafr Nabudah, which was recently captured by the Syrian government. Militants also […]

As Denver Decriminalizes Mushrooms, Major City Moves to Decriminalize Ayahuasca, Ibogaine Too

(Support Free Thought) – Nearly seven years ago, Colorado citizens—tired of the war on drugs and wise to the near-limitless benefits of cannabis—made US history by voting to legalize recreational marijuana. Now, this state has once again placed themselves on the right side of history as they voted this month to decriminalize magic […]

Major U.S. brands demand EPA take action to stop pre-harvest spraying of toxic glyphosate on food crops

(Natural News) Mark your calendars for May 23. For this is the day that a coalition of environmentally-conscious, human health-focused, integrity-driven American food companies is planning to march on Washington, D.C., to demand that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finally take action to stop the pre-harvest spraying of food crops with Monsanto’s […]

Flow of Crude Oil Halted as Drones Target Major Saudi Pipeline

By Staff, Agencies Two pumping stations on a major Saudi oil pipeline were targeted by drones Tuesday, halting the flow of crude along it, Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said. He said targeting the pipeline from the oil-rich Eastern Province to the Red Sea took place early Tuesday. Earlier on Tuesday, Yemeni Ansarullah revolutionary movement […]

Casualties reported as gunmen attack 5-star hotel in major Pakistani port city of Gwadar

At least three assailants entered the Pearl Continental, which reportedly hosts dozens of tourists, predominantly from China. The gunmen are said to be heavily armed, have a rocket launcher and are possibly wearing suicide vests. Also on Moment of deadly suicide blast in Pakistan’s Lahore caught on CCTV (VIDEO) Security forces have been deployed […]

Oil Wars: Libya Govt Suspends Operations Of Oil Major Total

Libya’s UN-backed internationally recognized government has suspended the Libyan operations of as many as 40 foreign companies, including those of France’s oil and gas supermajor Total, Reuters reported on Thursday, citing a government official.   According to the Tripoli-based government of national accord (GNA), the licenses of those 40 foreign firms had expired. Total has […]

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