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Kansas City Becomes First Major US City to Make Public Transportation Free

(TMU) — This week, Kansas City made history by becoming the first major city in the United States to have fare-free public transportation. The move comes after the city council unanimously voted to endorse the “Zero Fare Transit” proposal to make all city bus routes fare-free, directing the city manager to develop and implement the […]

Psilocybin Designated As A “Breakthrough Therapy” For Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

The Facts: A study on patients with AD found that less than a gram of turmeric daily, taken for three months, resulted in ‘remarkable improvements.’ Reflect On: Turmeric has been used in India for over 5,000 years, which is likely why still today both rural and urban populations have some of the lowest prevalence rates […]

6.4-magnitude earthquake strikes Albania: Major damage as buildings collapse, at least 50 dead – UPDATES

Rescuers comb building rubble after Albanian quake kills 18    Rescue crews with excavators searched for survivors trapped in toppled apartment buildings and hotels Tuesday after a powerful pre-dawn earthquake in Albania killed at least 18 people and injured more than 600. The magnitude-6.4 quake was felt across the southern Balkans and was followed by […]

Yemeni Forces Launch Major Attack on Saudi-led Mercenaries in Mocha: Nine Ballistic Missiles, 20 Drones Kill or Injure Over 350

The spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces General Yehya Sarea announced Monday that a large scale attack was launched on the Saudi-led mercenaries in Mocha on the Western Coast in response to the ongoing Saudi aggression. General Sarea revealed that the Yemeni forces fired nine ballistic missiles and employed 20 drones to target the camps […]

Trump Officials Meet With ‘Strongman’ Haftar’s Political Team In Major Libya Shift

Starting last April President Trump caught many in his own administration off guard when he unexpectedly thanked renegade General Khalifa Haftar for “securing Libya’s oil resources” at a moment the rebel leader assaulted the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli.  The public praise and phone call between Trump and the former CIA-backed warlord  was […]

Iran Holds Major Air War Games As Additional US Forces Arrive In Gulf

Iran is in the midst of what’s been described in state media as a massive joint air defense exercise encompassing an area of area of 416,000 square kilometers across central Iran, which is roughly the size of California, designed also the simulate the expanse of the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz areas. […]

“Wipe the Soviet Union Off the Map”, 204 Atomic Bombs against 66 Major Cities, US Nuclear Attack against USSR Planned During World War II

To read this article in other versions, click: French, German, and Russian. First published November 4, 2017. Revisions to the English Text, December 10, 2017 On March 1st, 2018 president Vladimir Putin unveiled an array of advanced military technologies in response to renewed US threats to wipe the Russian Federation off the Map, as contained in Trump’s 2018 […]

Iran launches major air defence drill simulating war in Gulf

The Iranian armed forces today launched a major air defence drill codenamed “Guardians of Velayat’s Sky-98” in the northeastern province of Semnan, local media reported. Air Defence Brigadier General Alireza Sabahifard said yesterday that the manoeuvres were being held across an area of some 416,000 square kilometres and will simulate a conflict […]

Canada launches major class-action lawsuit against Monsanto’s Roundup & owner Bayer

According to the firm Diamond & Diamond, there are currently more than 60 individuals named as plaintiffs, but it says that thousands may have been affected. The plaintiffs involved in this class-action lawsuit are looking not only for financial compensation, but also for “behavior modification” so that the same thing doesn’t happen again […]

Rouhani names US sanctions major politico-economic mistake

MNA – In a Tuesday meeting with Australia’s new envoy to Iran Lyndall Sachs, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani named US unilateral sanctions against Iran a political and economic mistake and a move in contrast to international regulations and resolutions. In this meeting, where Rouhani received Sachs’ credentials, the Iranian president expressed tendency for development of […]

Major US-South Korea air exercise postponed, described by US as an ‘act of goodwill’ to Pyongyang

At a press briefing with his South Korean counterpart Jeong Kyeong-doo in Bangkok, Esper insisted the move was not “a concession” to his partner country’s neighbor and argued the postponement was rather a diplomatic gesture in a hope to bring new life into the gridlocked denuclearization talks. “We have made this decision as an act […]

Major fire ‘crawls up cladding’ of student building in Bolton, UK

   Two people have been injured in a large fire at a student accommodation building in Bolton amid rising concern that the cladding on the building may have contributed to the blaze. Firefighters worked to extinguish the fire on the top floors of a six-storey building known as the Cube on Bradshawgate from about 8.30pm […]

Major defense technology leak? Israeli missile interceptor reportedly falls in Gaza Strip and is intact

Like many other interceptors, the Tamir missile destroys enemy projectiles by approaching them mid-course and detonating its warhead to send out an expanding ring of shrapnel. The tricky part is correctly identifying the right time for the detonation and executing the defensive explosion exactly when needed. The timing must be perfect, considering the astounding speeds […]

Anti-Trump Puerto Rico Senator Arrested On Major Fraud Charges

FBI agents arrested Puerto Rico Senator Abel Nazario Quiñones early Wednesday as part of an investigation into widespread and systemic corruption in the U.S. territory. The anti-Trump Senator got slapped with a 39-count indictment accusing him of making false documents and committing wire fraud and he is now facing up to 20 years in prison. […]

US Major City Home Price Growth Slumps To Weakest In 7 Years

For the 17th month in a row – the longest streak since 2008 – US home price growth (in 20 major cities) has been unable to re-accelerate. S&P CoreLogic’s (Case-Shiller) 20-City Composite home price index rose 2.03% YoY in August and flat to a downward-revised July print… Source: Bloomberg This is the weakest growth since […]

3 Major Signs That Precede the Fall of World Reserve Currencies

By Graham Smith The story of reserve currencies is long and stretches far back into ancient times. As modern history shows, however, the average lifespan of fiat reserve assets is just around 100 years. This means that even the U.S. dollar’s period of dominance is probably nearing its end very soon, statistically speaking. But it’s […]

Shadow government and major unrest? Kevin Shipp – You Need to Understand there is a Crisis Coming

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp is not worried about government kicking down your door. He worries about out of control civilians going on a rampage. Shipp says, “You need to understand there is a crisis coming. There is war in Washington. There is war in the streets between the two cultural factions, and […]

Project Veritas announces major undercover exposé of CNN next week

   Project Veritas, the activist conservative group credited with taking down ACORN and dealing significant blows to other leftist groups, thanks to its undercover videos, is promising to release its next exposé and it looks like it will be a blockbuster. At the end of his speech to the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit […]

Major Media Bury Groundbreaking Studies Of Pentagon’s Massive Carbon Bootprint

Major Media Bury Groundbreaking Studies Of Pentagon’s Massive Carbon Bootprint Above Photo: From In 2010, Project Censored (10/2/10) found that the US military is responsible for the most egregious and widespread pollution of the planet, yet this information and accompanying documentation goes almost entirely unreported. The Conversation (6/26/19) ran a piece by the authors of […]

All Major US Equity Indices Break Below Critical Technical Support

…and just like that, it was gone. The odds of a China trade deal are plunging… Source: Bloomberg The gains from “bad is good” payrolls and China trade-deal hype are gone… Dow (cash) has filled the gap from Friday’s close… And all the major US equity indices have broken back below their 50- and 100-day […]

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