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Lil Wayne on Riots: Stop Blaming All Cops and Making It About Race

Rap superstar Lil Wayne has urged people to stop jumping to conclusions about the death of George Floyd and to stop blaming “everybody with a badge” and “everybody of a certain race.“ The Grammy-winner, regarded as one of the most influential rappers of his generation, condemned protestors who are attacking police officers and smearing white […]

Death & taxes: Big Tech lobbies not to pay much tax after making a killing on Covid-19 pandemic

The ‘Big Five’ (Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook), for example, are announcing 19 mergers and acquisitions (M&As) this year, the fastest pace of acquisitions in five years, according to Refinitiv data cited by the Financial Times this week. Their targets are smaller businesses affected by the coronavirus crisis. “These companies are already extraordinarily powerful, […]

A Timeline—Pandemic and Erosion of Freedoms Have Been Decades in the Making

Children’s Health Defense Team, Guest Waking Times From the moment of “COVID-19’s” naming—and particularly since the imposition of unprecedented restrictions on “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”—some people have smelled a rat. And with each passing week, the smell becomes worse. A growing chorus of ordinary citizens and world-renowned medical and scientific experts is raising […]

Ukraine to please its tiny Muslim population by making Islam’s major holy days national holidays

The somewhat puzzling change to Ukraine’s working calendar has been announced by President Volodymyr Zelensky’s office this week, after he held a meeting with representatives of the Crimean Tatar community. Celebrating two of Islam’s most holy days as an entire nation is one of several promises he made. Muslims may also get a big mosque […]

As US Reels From COVID-19, Trump Turns to Sanctions, War Making and Threats

Presiding over by far the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the world, the Trump administration is making it a key priority to escalate hostilities with its perceived international enemies. Last night President Trump suggested that he might “cut off” all trade with the People’s Republic of China. “Now, if you did, what would happen? You’d save […]

We’re fighting a First-World Problem War: West’s ‘soft middle’ is making a meal of lockdown ‘suffering’ and needs to grow up

Let’s get this straight: The Covid-19 pandemic is a BAD thing. Consequently, many, many people have good reason to scream out their problems – through peaceful protest, social media, radio phone-ins or by stripping naked, climbing a 5G mast and shouting at its antenna in the hope that it will broadcast their pain to everyone […]

US making futile attempt to cut Iran energy exports to Iraq, envoy says

Tasnim – Iran’s Ambassador to Baghdad said the US sanctions and pressures in order to deprive Iraq of Iranian energy will get nowhere. In an interview with Al-Alam News Network, Iraj Masjedi said the US government is imposing heavy pressures on Iraq to deprive the Arab country of Iranian energy resources, but all to no […]

These “Armed Protesters” Showing Up at Anti-Lockdown Rallies are Making a Mockery of the Concerns of the People

Last week, I called for all of my readers to attend the anti-lockdown protests. If there are none in your area, organize one yourself. One reader responded by saying he was afraid that he would be killed at a protest. He wrote: I don’t know, bud. In Odessa, TX (which is HARD […]

Obama Lashes Out At President Trump For Making America ‘Tribal and Divided’

President Donald Trump and his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has been an ‘absolute chaotic disaster,’ according to Barack Obama, who also blamed Trump for making America “selfish, tribal and divided.“ Barack Obama lashed out at his president in a web call to ex-administration officials, accusing Trump and his allies of exacerbating ‘tribal’ tensions around […]

Researcher ‘On Verge of Making Very Significant’ COVID-19 Findings Shot To Death

A medical researcher said to be on the “verge of making very significant” coronavirus findings was found shot to death over the weekend in Pennsylvania, officials said. Bing Liu, 37, a researcher for the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, was found dead Saturday inside a home in Ross Township, north of Pittsburgh, the Allegheny […]

Immigrants Making PPE Strike After Co-Worker Dies Of COVID

Immigrants Making PPE Strike After Co-Worker Dies Of COVID Today, Mexican immigrants making personal protective equipment LSL Healthcare in the suburbs of Chicago walked off the job, shutting down production as the workers demand paid time off to go into quarantine. The walk-off came off after a co-worker died of COVID. “The bosses didn’t inform […]

‘Immunity’ with benefits? Germans worried as govt mulls IDs ‘making life easier’ for Covid-19 survivors

Germany’s federal government has passed a bill that would allow for handing out “coronavirus immunity cards” to anyone who has recovered from – and thus developed enough antibodies against – the disease, according to Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, citing a copy of the document.  READ MORE: Magic bullet for Covid-19? Scientists look to century-old plasma treatment, […]

The Dengvaxia Disaster Was Twenty Years in the Making—What Will Happen with a Rushed COVID-19 Vaccine?

For several weeks, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates have been beating the drum about a COVID-19 vaccine, seeking to keep the world’s coronavirus optics focused on a medical intervention that Gates acknowledges to be risky enough to require indemnification against lawsuits. The two are casting a COVID-19 vaccine—which they speculate could be ready in […]

Pentagon Pressures Mexico To Reopen Factories Vital To Making US Weapons

By Tyler Durden It apparently took a global pandemic and corresponding economic shutdown of entire nations’ economies for the American public to realize that surprisingly, the US military relies heavily for supplies involved in weapons systems manufacturing just south of the border. The Pentagon’s defense undersecretary for acquisition and sustainment, Ellen Lord, urged at the start of this week […]

Puppy tied with a short rope for making an innocent mistake

Dogs are like little children. If you invest quality time in teaching them right from wrong, they will behave accordingly. Many dog owners, however, expect from their dogs to be the perfect pets without giving them the love and the affection they need, and by punishing them for banal reasons. When a sweet cream-colored pooch […]

Is Sweden making the right choice by refusing coronavirus lockdowns?

(Natural News) Efforts are underway to make Sweden, the last remaining holdout in the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown spree, agree to shut down its economy like every other country in the world and force people to stay at home for the foreseeable future. A new report put out by Björn Olsen, a […]

Alberta Government Turns Hard to the Right- Making the Most of a Crisis

Education cuts The Alberta United Conservative Party (UCP) premier and his Minister of Education Adriana LaGrange have announced they are redirecting $128 million dollars of K-12 education funding to the province’s COVID-19 response, following their decision to close schools on March 15. Ms. LaGrange said “COVID-19 has changed both how we provide student learning, and the […]

Americans Not Making Their Mortgage Payments Soar By 1064% In One Month

By Tyler Durden Earlier today we reported that the “The Liquidity Crisis Is Quickly Becoming A Solvency Crisis“, and nowhere is this more true than for US homeowners (their servicers, and their lenders). According to the latest Mortgage Bankers Association Forbearance and Call Volume Survey which highlights the “unprecedented, widespread mortgage forbearance already requested by […]

New Law Moves New York One Step Closer To Making ‘Antisemitism’ A Form Of ‘Domestic Terrorism’

The New York state legislature passed a new ‘hate crimes’ act that will now consider murders where the victims’ race or religion is a contributing factor as ‘acts of domestic terrorism’: The legislation, passed Thursday as part of the state budget, was renamed the Josef Neumann Hate Crimes Domestic Terrorism Act, to honor the victim […]

"I’d Rather Vote For Trump" – Bernie-Backing Joe Rogan Disses Dems For "Making Us All Look Dumb Over Biden"

Comdeian and host of one of the world’s most popular podcasts, Joe Rogan, has said he would rather vote for Donald Trump than Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, should the former vice-president become the Democratic nominee. Speaking on April 3 with guest Eric Weinstein, a mathematician, economist, and managing director of Thiel Capital, Rogan said he “could not” vote for Biden, adding that the […]

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