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Historical Climatologist Dr. Tim Ball On 97% Consensus: “Completely False And Was Deliberately Manufactured”

Canadian climate scientist Dr. Tim Ball recently published a new book on climate science: The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science. What follows later (below) is a short interview with Dr. Ball. “Government propaganda” …”corrupt science” In the book Ball writes that the failed predictions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), coupled with failed […]

Congress opposes US border crisis as ‘manufactured,’ but actual bogus ’emergency’ is OK?

US President Donald Trump sent a note to Congress on Tuesday that he was extending for another year the national emergency with respect to the “Western Balkans,” declared in Executive Order 13219 of June 26, 2001. The “extremist violence” in present-day North Macedonia as well as acts obstructing the implementation of the 1995 peace accord […]

MSM 5G TREACHERY: The New York Times actually uses manufactured ‘Russia hatred’ to shut down 5G opposition

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Everything points to yet another measles scare artificially manufactured to enforce compliance with MMR vaccination schedule.

    Over 1000 Quarantined As Measles Spreads Across LA Universities The number of measles cases registered four months into 2019 has surpassed the count of cases from last decade, according to new numbers from the CDC. Already 2019 is the highest year for measles since 2000 when the disease was eradicated domestically. All […]

Venezuela: Another US Manufactured Attempted Coup

Venezuela: Another US Manufactured Attempted Coup Written by Lindsey German Lindsey German: The US and Trump have no right to interfere in the government of a sovereign state Elliott Abrams, Trump’s special envoy to Venezuela and former Contras accomplice being introduced by Mike Pompeo If you don’t like the country’s president, just find a new […]

War on Syria: A Manufactured ‘Revolution’ and Fake Media Narratives

After 7 long years of waging an illegal and vicious proxy war against Syria, the Western and Gulf powers have lost military war, and also continue to lose control over the information war as well. Their frustration has been evident by the increasing number of attacks which mainstream outlets have mounted against any independent journalists […]

Cancer-Linked Chemicals Manufactured by 3M Are Turning Up in Drinking Water

Cancer-Linked Chemicals Manufactured by 3M Are Turning Up in Drinking Water November 5th, 2018 Via: Bloomberg: Water tests show that 110 million Americans have levels of PFAS in their water that the most cautious scientists call unsafe, according to the Environmental Working Group, a […]

Manufactured Civil War Comes to America

The largely orchestrated resistance to the Trump presidency is about to break out into mob violence. Renegade Editor’s Note: I post this so that you can be aware of what is transpiring, but this presentation neglects to mention many key components to the crisis, such as how jewish supremacists have been funding and inciting both […]

Militants manufactured poisonous agents in Syria using Western-made hardware – Russian military

The statement was made at a joint briefing by the Russian Foreign and Defense Ministries on Friday, when they displayed the equipment that spokesperson Maria Zakharova said was found in the Syrian town of Douma, near the capital Damascus. Major General Igor Kirillov, chief of Russia’s Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops, said a lab […]

Our Lives Are Manufactured from the Cradle to the Grave

Our lives are manufactured from the cradle to the grave. Our parents have been brain washed by society and the media. We have also been brain washed by society and the media. We are constantly being led in certain directions. Directions the powers that shouldn’t be want us to go. We are treated like sheep, […]

Another Ex-CIA Officer Speaks On 9/11 & ISIS: “Stories Manufactured By A Small Number of People”

Next Story *This is an older article of ours that we are republishing to bring awareness to the fact that multiple studies have now determine that 9/11 was a controlled demolition. The latest piece of evidence comes from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, by Dr. J Leory Husley and his team of researchers, who have […]

The Truth about Syria : A Manufactured War Against An Independent Country

The Truth about Syria : A Manufactured War Against An Independent Country The people of the world should ask Western leaders and their allies: Why are you prolonging this war? Why do you continue funding and enabling the terrorists? Isn’t five years of civil war enough? Is overthrowing the Syrian government really worth so much […]

America’s Manufactured Opioid Crisis: Part 1 – Early History

While the brutal reality of opioid addiction shocked many Americans, flooding a country with opium products is nothing new. Source Article from Hits: 4

10 Shocking New Facts About the Manufactured Opioid Crisis in America

Alex Pietrowski, StaffWaking Times America has some serious problems, but public attention only seems to flow where the mainstream media goes. And while there certainly is reason to be concerned with the social turmoil and the general tenor of American society today, a far more dangerous and diabolical crisis is tearing us apart from […]

KGB Manufactured Murder and Chaos in Our Streets

Christopher Jon Bjerknes For more than a decade, I have been warning that the jews want to create a revolution and provoke civil war in America. In my book Putin’s Reign of Terror: The Permanent Revolution in Our Time I write about how the KGB is staging conflicts between Nazis and Antifa under their control […]

Trailer: America’s Manufactured Opioid Crisis

Taking a break from revealing the rampant child abuse occurring at the highest levels of society, Kyle and Sinead are now putting together a documentary that reveals the big picture of the opioid epidemic. In order to understand the present predicament, we need put opioid addiction in the proper context, showing how it is being […]

Humans have already manufactured 8.3 billion tons of plastic with no end in sight… landfill galore

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Why America’s Opioid Epidemic was Maliciously Manufactured by the Criminal Cabal

So much has already been said about this issue, so I will keep this as simple as possible. If you want to dig up the details, please do so, but it should already be more than apparent that the opioid epidemic, which has been wreaking havoc across the United States and other countries in the […]

Manufactured Terror: FBI radicalized man, urged him to carry out mass shooting to ‘defend Islam’

     It’s become a near-weekly occurrence. Somewhere in some state, the FBI will announce that they’ve foiled yet another terrorist plot and saved lives. However, as the data shows, the majority of these cases involve psychologically diminished patsies who’ve been entirely groomed, armed, and entrapped by FBI agents. Simply put, the FBI manufactures terror threats […]

FDA Bans Natural Substance Manufactured By The Body Itself

Any time the FDA goes after a natural substance, it’s safe to assume that the ingredient in question is about to turn up in a Big Pharma drug and they’re just trying to get rid of the competition. In fact, this practice is so common that a recent poll found that 37 percent of people […]

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