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Wrong On Weed – Blacks And Marijuana Myths

Wrong On Weed – Blacks And Marijuana Myths Black state lawmakers helped scuttle efforts to legalize marijuana in the Garden State and Black preachers have been huge impediments to legalization. “Studies expose stupidity on ‘smoke.’” When New Jersey State Senator Ronald Rice roadblocked legislation to legalize adult use of marijuana in the ‘Garden State’ last […]

California cop thrashes, punches 14-year-old boy over alleged marijuana use

   Netizens are calling for California’s Rancho Cordova Police Department to reprimand and fire an officer seen on video punching, slinging and slamming a young teen on the ground after allegedly accusing the adolescent of smoking marijuana. A now-viral video from Rancho Cordova incensed Twitter users on Tuesday, as an unidentified officer with the city’s […]

Marijuana Use Among Adults Over 65 is on the Rise, Study Shows

Aaron Kesel, The Mind Unleashed Waking Times With the legalization of cannabis in several states for medical and recreational purposes, older adults are taking an increased interest in the plant to combat numerous health issues. According to a recent study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, adults 65 years and older who reported using marijuana increased from 2.4% […]

Los Angeles To Dismiss 60,000 Felony Marijuana Convictions

Los Angeles To Dismiss 60,000 Felony Marijuana Convictions The Office of the District Attorney for Los Angeles County (population: 10 million) has announced that it will be dismissing an estimated 66,000 marijuana convictions. Some 53,000 people are anticipated to have their records expunged. Nearly 60,000 of the cases under review are marijuana-related felony convictions, some of which […]

FBI Demands White Nationalist Get Ten Years In Prison for Smoking Marijuana

TRUMP APPOINTED FBI director Christopher Wray today declared that “white nationalists” and the “far-right” are being treated as a threat on par with ISIS. The Department of Justice under William Barr has also ordered a massive offensive against “anti-Semitism.”  The FBI has been engaged in an aggressive crusade to gather facts to bolster their claims […]

85,000 Marijuana Convictions Expunged in California

(TMU) — Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey announced that she had secured the automated dismissal of 66,000 marijuana convictions in Los Angeles County alone. In total, the State Attorney’s office announced that there have now been 85,000 cases expunged in all of California. According to the LA Times, Lacey filed the motion asking a […]

Move Over, Marijuana: Psychedelic Drugs Could Be the Next Big Thing

(TMU) — Several companies that are developing medical treatments from psychedelic drugs like LSD, ketamine, and psilocybin—the active ingredient in magic mushrooms—are getting ready to list on Canadian stock exchanges. One of those companies, Mind Medicine Inc., has been involved in clinical trials of psychedelic-based drugs and aims to list on Toronto’s NEO Exchange by […]

U.S. Veteran Sentenced to Life in Prison for Selling Less Than a Gram of Marijuana

By Matt Agorist Baton Rouge, LA — Derek Harris is an honorably discharged veteran who put his life on the line for his country in Operation Desert Storm. His years of service to his country were but dust in the wind, however, to the state who threw him in a cage for the rest of […]

Marijuana Reform Advances Around The World

As we have welcomed a new year, it’s worth taking a look back at last year to ponder how far the world has come on marijuana law reform – and how far it has to go. The wall of marijuana prohibition continued to crumble in 2019, albeit at an achingly slow pace. A lot of […]

Cops Acquire Smell Amplifier to Crackdown on Marijuana Users

(TFTP Op-Ed) — In case after infuriating case, the Free Thought Project has reported on instances of horrifying rights violations all stemming from a police officer claiming to smell a plant. We have seen both women and men sodomized and raped — often times in public — as cops search for this smell. We have […]

Now in Effect: Hawaii Law Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession, Expunges Some Criminal Records

By Michael Maharrey HONOLULU, Hawaii (Jan 13, 2020) – A new Hawaii law that decriminalizes marijuana possession and creates a process to expunge the records of certain marijuana offenders is now in effect. The new law takes another step toward nullifying federal cannabis prohibition in effect in the state. Twenty Democratic representatives sponsored House Bill […]

Happy New Year! Over 11,000 Pardoned for Cannabis Crimes as Illinois Legalizes Marijuana

(TMU) — Illinois Governor JB Pritzker on Tuesday granted over 11,000 pardons to people convicted of low-level marijuana convictions in a move impacting residents from 92 counties across the state. The 11,017 pardons come just ahead of the state comprehensively legalizing cannabis beginning January 1, 2020. The state will become the 11th to legalize the […]

Illinois Prepares To Sell Recreational Marijuana Next Month

Mandy Froelich, Truth Theory Waking Times Believe it or not, Illinois is where you’ll want to be this New Year’s Eve. Once the ball drops, dispensaries in the state will open their doors and begin legally selling recreational marijuana. The controversial herb was legalized for recreational use mid-2019. When Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed the bill into law, Illinois […]

Florida Man Arrested for Handing Out Marijuana on the Street “Because It Was Christmas”

(TMU) — A 67-year-old man was arrested Saturday in St. Petersburg, Florida, after police were informed that he had been handing out marijuana to passers-by “because it was Christmas,” authorities said. Richard Ellis Spurrier was stopped by police at 11:30 p.m. in downtown St. Petersburg just as he was dispensing the leafy green treats to […]

Gallup: Super-Majority of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana

NORML, Guest Waking Times A super-majority of Americans, including majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents support making marijuana use legal in the United States, according to nationwide polling data compiled by Gallup, first reported by Forbes. Sixty-six percent of respondents endorse legalization, a total that is consistent with other recent polls and that is nearly 30 percent higher than 2012 […]

Los Angeles and Chicago Are Readying to Erase 68,000 Nonviolent Marijuana Convictions

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer Waking Times The cities of Los Angeles and Chicago are taking a big step toward ending the damage caused from the war on drugs by getting ready to expunge nearly 70,000 non-violent marijuana convictions from citizen’s criminal records. Kim Foxx, Cook County’s State Attorney in Chicago, is preparing to eliminate misdemeanor […]

Illinois City To Fund Slavery ‘Reparations’ With Marijuana Sales Tax

A Democrat-run Illinois city has announced plans to introduce a new sales tax and use the revenue to pay slavery reparations to black residents of the city. The fund will simply require African-Americans to prove residency and will not require beneficiaries of the fund to prove slave ancestry. The fund currently has a 10-year cap […]

People with cancer may benefit from medical marijuana, so why aren’t oncologists recommending it?

(Natural News) Gone are the days when marijuana was viewed as nothing more than a dangerous, illicit drug. More than two thirds of U.S. states have now legalized its use, some for medicinal purposes, some for recreational use, and others for both. Thanks in large part to information dispensed by the independent […]

Weed Stocks Soar After House Committee Votes to Legalize Marijuana Nationwide

(TMU) — Cannabis industry shares are soaring after a key U.S. congressional committee overwhelmingly approved a bill that would comprehensively end the federal prohibition of cannabis, clearing the way for a full floor vote in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives. On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee passed HR 3884—the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act […]

Weed stocks rise after House committee votes to legalize marijuana nationwide

   Marijuana companies have climbed in value by anywhere from 8% to 15%. Cannabis industry shares are soaring after a key U.S. congressional committee overwhelmingly approved a bill that would comprehensively end the federal prohibition of cannabis, clearing the way for a full floor vote in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives. On Wednesday, the House […]

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