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Market Tumbles As De Blasio Announces NYC Curfews Will Extend All Week

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, fresh off abusing his police force for defending themselves, has announced that the curfew in New York City (from 8pm to 5am) is extended through Sunday. And that – yep that – has triggered selling in the stock market… President Trump added somewhat to the anxiety by tweeting: NYC, CALL […]

Amazon Surprises Market With Monster Bond Offering Just As Morgan Stanley Hikes Price Target To $2,800

Yesterday we showed that in a world where most companies have mothballed buybacks until they get a sense of what cashflows will look like in the new post-corona abnormal, the tech sector remains a beacon for hope for those who demand to frontrun a management team buying back its own shares. Getting a head start […]

Market Suddenly Soars As Schwab & Robinhood Suffer Outages

Accelerating losses into and across the open this morning suddenly reversed at around 0938ET… which coincidentally is when Charles Schwab’s website seemed to start having difficulties… Source: DownDetector The outage is nationwide… Source: DownDetector Robinhood also having issues…   Probably just a coincidence…   Source Article from Hits: 6

As Market Dumps, Millennials Muppet’d: Robinhood Is Down… Again

The market is down… And so is Robinhood… Source: DownDetector Not the first time… Source: DownDetector And so after this… With retail investors flooding the market as the so-called “smart money” steps back, “Wall Street says it will end badly.” “Obviously you’re exposing yourself, depending on how you’re doing it, to catastrophic losses,” said Brian […]

Rabobank: "Quite A Market Disconnect Has Formed: We May Be Just Weeks Away From The Levee Breaking"

Submitted by Michael Every of Rabobank Arrogant And Offensive “Arrogant and offensive”. Not today’s Daily. Well not deliberately and/or any more than usual. Rather those three words, followed by “Can you imagine having to work with these truth twisters?” were tweeted out by the British civil service on its official account yesterday before being deleted. […]

Bear Market? Or Just A Big Correction?

Authored by Lance Roberts via, Still Stuck In The Middle As noted last week, the markets remain stuck between the 50- and 200-dma. That remained the case this week once again, keeping any expansion of equity positioning on hold. The shaded blue area shows the containment of the market between the two moving averages. With the market […]

How Much Bad News Is Priced Into The Market?

Authored by Michael Msika, macro commentator at Bloomberg We’re starting to get a glimpse of the scale of the economic damage wrought by the pandemic. Data yesterday that showed the U.K. plunging into recession in March begged the question: how much worse was April, when the lockdown was in place throughout the month? GDP reports […]

"Unprecedented Crisis" – Global Luxury Goods Market Collapses, No Recovery For Years

New findings published in “Bain & Company Luxury Study 2020 Spring Update” this week suggest a collapse in the global luxury goods market is underway with no recovery for several years, shredding any hope that a V-shaped recovery will be seen in the back half of 2020. The report says the plunge of travel and tourism in all key markets has triggered […]

BMO: Market Participants "Flummoxed" By What’s Going On

First, a quick reminder of how the US officially entered the second Great Depression on May 8 courtesy of BMO: NFP revealed total job losses of -20.5 million; remarkably close to the -22 million forecast and well above the -870k prior. The Unemployment Rate gained to 14.7% from 4.4% Mar and was shy of the […]

The Disconnect Between The Stock Market And The Real Economy Is Destroying Our Lives

The Disconnect Between The Stock Market And The Real Economy Is Destroying Our Lives Above photo: The Fearless Girl statue stands nearly alone in front of the New York Stock Exchange near Wall Street during the coronavirus pandemic on April 25, 2020 in New York City. Justin Heiman/Getty Images. Stocks are the wall that protects the […]

Elon Musk Puts Two Homes On The Market After Tweeting He Would Sell Most Of His "Physical Possessions"

By now everybody has had a chance to digest Elon Musk’s Friday meltdown Twitter tirade that lobbed off almost $15 billion in Tesla market cap. Among the various disjointed – and unvetted in violation of Musk’s settlement with the SEC – tweets from Musk, which among others claimed that “Tesla stock price is too high” […]

If The Bear Market Is Over, Why Are Commodities & Transports Underperforming?

Authored by Bryce Coward via Knowledge Leaders Capital blog, As Steve highlighted yesterday, we are beginning to see some important divergences develop between the stock market and other data that suggest we are not out of the woods yet. …the divergence between high yield spreads and the S&P 500 suggests the possibility of a roughly 5% correction […]

"This Is Adult Swim" – How To Survive The Market’s Ups & Downs

Authored by David Robertson via, How to survive the market’s ups and downs. This is what everyone wants. In normal circumstances it is common to do a lot of things with little conscious thought or effort — almost as if on autopilot. When something disturbs that normalcy, however, we need to start paying attention […]

Market Stalls, Is The "Bear Market" Rally Over?

Authored by Lance Roberts via, Market rally stalls at resistance, is the “bear market rally over?” That’s the question we have been discussing over the last few weeks. So far, most of it has played out exactly as expected by turning previous “selling panic” into a “buying rush,” and convincing a vast majority of investors the “bull market is back.”  […]

Neither ‘lab’ nor ‘wet market’? Covid-19 outbreak started months EARLIER and NOT in Wuhan, ongoing Cambridge study indicates

Mapping a “network” of coronavirus genomes and tracing mutations over time, a team of researchers led by a Cambridge University geneticist determined the first Covid-19 infection may have come as early as September in a region south of Wuhan, noting the pathogen could have been carried by humans well before it mutated into a more […]

What Is The Stock Market Telling Us?

Authored by Bill Blain via, “Shoebox in middle of road? Luxury… You had it lucky..” What is the stock market telling us? It believes in the Central Bank Put….? It buys the story the recent slew of positively-trending Coronavirus numbers means a swift economic reopening and sharp recovery is around the corner?  Surely every […]

How One of Big Pharma’s Most Corrupt Companies Plans to Corner the COVID-19 Cure Market

WASHINGTON DC (The Last American Vagabond) — In August 2001, biopharmaceutical company BioPort faced imminent disaster. A series of company scandals, controversial federal bail-outs and severe, adverse health reactions among U.S. troops were causing both Congress and the Pentagon to reconsider its multi-million dollar contract to provide the military with an anthrax vaccine. Formed for […]

Market Completes A 50% "Bear Market" Retracement

Authored by Lance Roberts via, Market Completes A 50% Retracement “If you wonder why we’re seeing such a HUGE divergence the past 3 weeks between the economy and where investor psychology has taken the market…just remember…it’s all about the Fed. Market psychology is having a ‘V’ shaped recovery from total panic while the economy […]

Robertson: This Is The Market’s "Last Call" For Investors

Authored by Lance Roberts via, The first quarter was one for the record books. The fastest drawdown on record was immediately followed by the steepest recovery since the Great Depression. The wild swings sent investors’ heads spinning and were all the more unsettling because they came with virtually no warning. This turbulence didn’t just […]

New OPEC+ compromise a positive development that will prevent market chaos – Kremlin

There are no losers in the deal, Dmitry Peskov told journalists following negotiations on production cuts. The decision benefits oil-producing nations, consuming nations and the world economy in general, which risked sliding into chaos if the deal could not be reached. He added that Mexico, which has reportedly come on board with some cuts, “took a constructive […]

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