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Stock Market More Overpriced and Perilous Than Anytime in History

By David Haggith I’m not going to predict when and how the US stock market will crash as I did by laying out the stages of its fall for 2018. That was easy, but the times are different now. Back then, the Fed had laid out a precise schedule for its tightening, and it was […]

Fresh, organic food at your fingertips: 7 Tips for shopping at a farmers market

(Natural News) A farmers market is a place where farmers sell their produce directly to consumers. Today, farmers markets have expanded to incorporate not only fruits and vegetables, but also a variety of other items like artisan crafts and original art. Some even have local musicians and even theater troupes – making […]

The Market in this New Decade

On January first of this new decade, 2020 the Dow Jones was at a record high; $28,634. What does that mean? Since the great depression of 1929 there have been 13 severe downturns revealing time and again that the market is not stable. Our most recent big down turn was in 2007-8 in what is […]

Fed Injects $83BN In Liquidity As Market’s Repo Addiction Getting Worse

Two days after we reported that a disturbance may be brewing below the surface of the repo market again, after the first oversubscribed term repo in over three weeks, when on Jan 7 the Fed received $41.1BN in submissions for its $35BN two week repo, we got another indication just how strong the market’s addition […]

Market Bubbles: It’s Not The Price, It’s The Mentality

Authored by Lance Roberts via, “Actually, one of the dangers is that people could be throwing risk to the wind and this [market] could be a runaway. We sometimes call that a melt-up and produces prices too high and then if there’s a shock, you come down to Earth and that could impact sentiment. I think […]

"Worst Market In 30 Years" – 400,000 Commodity Railcars Sit Idle Amid Industrial Recession 

Wells Fargo, Citigroup, PNC Financial Service Group, and CIT Group accumulated hundreds of thousands of commodity hauling railcars in North America over the last decade. These banks believed railcars carrying coal, grain, and other commodities were going to be highly profitable but have recently turned out to be a major headache as many cars are […]

Market Meltup Returns As China Spreads Some Post-Christmas "Trade Deal Optimism"

After a modest, brief, and largely inexplicable red close on Christmas Eve coming at a time when the Fed is injecting tens of billions of liquidity into the market every single day, things are back to normal on Thursday when global stocks have resumed their meltup as US index index futures reversed all of Tuesday’s […]

All I Want for Christmas Is an Unmanipulated Market

By Charles Hugh Smith The irony, of course, is that only those punters who sold on the way up will escape the devastation of the collapse into a bidless “market.” All I want for Christmas is an unmanipulated market, because manipulated markets always crash big and crash hard. Virtually every market in America is heavily manipulated […]

Trump’s ‘pro-European’ Nordstream 2 sanctions are an obvious market grab. But does Europe have the guts to resist?

If the Nordstream 2 pipeline proposed to carry cheese from Switzerland to Germany, and Donald Trump thought that by interfering he could lift America from sixth place on the list of world cheese exporters to higher up the rankings, making him a hero of US dairy farmers, he would be in there meddling, bad-mouthing and […]

Exactly One Year After The Bear Market, Futures Hit Record High For 9th Day

World stocks hit another record high on Tuesday on track for their best year in a decade in an extremely low-volume overnight session, with the S&P set to for an intraday record high for the 9th day in a row, the longest such streak since March 1998, as China’s latest policy easing pledges added to […]

€150MN FINE for Google: France charges tech giant over abuse of market dominance

The Google rules are “opaque and difficult to understand,” France’s Competition Authority said in a statement on Friday, adding that the fined company should make them clear and also establish a straightforward procedure for suspending Google Ads accounts. Isabelle de Silva, who heads the French watchdog, said Google’s share of the online advertising market was […]

Cracks In The Bull Market Armor

Authored by Lance Roberts via, Last week, I discussed the registering of the monthly buy signals, which confirmed the bull market in the S&P 500 had resumed following the 2018 Fed/Trade induced sell off. Here is a snippet of our history in this regard: “In April of 2018, I penned an article entitled ‘10-Reasons The Bull […]

Iranian oil sanctions imposed to capture market for US shale: Zanganeh

MNA – Iranian oil minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said on Monday that “with no doubt, one of the main reasons for the US to impose sanctions on Iranian and Venezuelan oil is supplying market for American shale.” “The US seeks market for shale at the prices that can justify the made investments,” Zanganeh said. “Americans […]

A "Market" That Needs $1 Trillion In Panic-Money-Printing To Stave-Off Implosion Is Not A Market

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, It was all fun and games enriching the super-wealthy but now the karmic cost of the Fed’s manipulation and propaganda is about to come due. A “market” that needs $1 trillion in panic-money-printing by the Fed to stave off a karmic-overdue implosion is not a market: a […]

Global Market Rally Grinds To A Halt As US-China D-Day Looms

US futures and European stocks slumped, as did global treasury yields and the dollar, as traders shrugged off unexpectedly strong trade data from Germany instead focusing on the latest disappointing trade data from China ahead of an action-packed week that includes U.S. Federal Reserve and European Central Bank meetings and a UK election. Markets had […]

Israel’s plan to build new settlement atop Hebron market evokes painful memories for residents

A new Israeli settlement will be built in the heart of the flashpoint city of Hebron, in the southern West Bank, joining a long list of notoriously violent settlements in the area. Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennet, of the ultra nationalist “New Right” party, said on Sunday that a new settlement would be built on […]

What’s Behind The Relentless Market Melt-Up: Dealers Choking On "Gamma" As Meltup Becomes Reason For Meltup

A few days ago we showed how a gamma-gravity “castle” has been erected by dealers at the 3,100 and 3,150 strikes, where total notional for SPX and SPY strikes had reached a whopping $8 billion, making it virtually impossible for stocks to escape this 50 points “gravitational” range. Source: Now, in a testament to the […]

World’s Largest Hedge Fund Bets $1.5 Billion That The Stock Market Will Crash By March 2020 (Updated)

By Tyler Durden Update: After sparking much apocalyptic speculation following the previously reported WSJ article according to which Bridgewater has a $1.5 billion short position on the S&P which implies a sharp market drop before March 2020, the fund’s founder, Co-Chairman and Co-CIO has come out refuting the WSJ article. In a LinkedIn post published […]

World’s Biggest Hedge Fund Bets $1.5 Billion That Market Will Crash By March

At the beginning of 2018, Ray Dalio said during one of his annual speeches at Davos that investors would feel “pretty stupid” if they were holding cash. Over the following 11 months, one of the biggest market blowups since the crisis left US stocks in the red for the year. But somehow, Bridgewater emerged as […]

World’s Ultra-Rich Preparing For Market Crash, UBS Warns

By Tyler Durden A synchronized global slowdown, with no end in sight, has spooked some of the wealthiest investors around the world, according to a new survey from UBS Wealth Management, seen by Bloomberg. UBS polled wealthy investors, who are preparing for a significant stock market correction by the end of next year. In the survey […]

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