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Australia’s Port Arthur Massacre Coincidences

Australia’s Port Arthur Massacre Coincidences 26 Coincidences Which the Media and Officials Cannot and Do Not Want to Explain at Port Arthur – Can you explain them? 1. Martin Bryant got the Tasmanian authorities to have a 22-body refrigerated morgue truck available for his handiwork. Specially built and the only one in Australia, advertised for […]

Four Years on Sana’a Mosques Massacre, Kanan Can Barely Remember His Martyred Father

By al-Ahed Correspondent Sana’a – Kanan, eight-year-old, all he can remember well of his martyred dad is that “my father was taking me in a trip to the park”. Kanan was only 4-years-old when he lost his father as two suicide bombers detonated themselves with two other bombers at two pro-Zaidi mosques, Badr Mosque and […]

Trump Supporters in Denial over New Zealand Massacre

Trump Supporters in Denial over New Zealand Massacre US President Donald Trump condemned the New Zealand massacre of 50 people by a self-declared white fascist as “horrible”. In an ambiguous choice of words, Trump said he sent his “warmest [sic] sympathies” to the victims of the mass shooting at two mosques in Christchurch. He also […]

New Zealand’s Massacre: PM Vows Gun Reforms after Mosque Attack

By Staff New Zealand’s prime minister vowed to toughen the country’s gun laws after revealing Saturday that the man accused of murdering 49 people in two mosques legally purchased the arsenal of firearms used in the massacre. Jacinda Ardern said the gunman, 28-year-old Australian Brenton Tarrant, obtained a “Category A” gun license in November 2017 […]


Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 6,026 other followers Sign me up! Source Article from Related Posts Absolute Proof that the Most virulent Racist Supremacism on Earth is Zionism – Why Exposing it is the most powerful Weapon we have! Absolute Proof […]

On the 10th anniversary of ‘Cast Lead’ — Palestine’s Sharpeville massacre

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the horror inflicted on the people of the Gaza Strip when Israeli war planes launched massive airstrikes on the besieged strip. Nothing has changed! To add insult to injury, and because the so-called “International Community” did absolutely nothing to put an end to Israel’s war crimes, the latter […]

How They Do It–White House Shares Video From Site That Claimed Sandy Hook Massacre Was A Hoax

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,991 other followers Source Article from Related Posts Fraser Island tourists still only learning about white history Fraser Island’s brutal frontier history still remains widely unknown to almost 1 million tourists who ‘Tie them down to […]

Orthodox-only Israeli views of Pittsburgh massacre show the danger of mixing church and state

The October 27 massacre of 11 Jewish worshippers at a Pittsburgh synagogue is accentuating serious rifts within the global Jewish community, and in the underpinnings of Zionism. The dilemma for Orthodox Jewish leaders in Israel has been, How to acknowledge that the murdered were Jewish, without giving any points to the Conservative movement of which […]

California shooting: Country fans inside Thousand Oaks bar ‘were Las Vegas massacre survivors’

California shooting: Country fans inside Thousand Oaks bar ‘were Las Vegas massacre survivors’ Daily Mirror November 8, 2018 A number of people at the Borderline restaurant in California where a gunman opened fire had survived the Las Vegas shooting, a friend claims. At least 11 people have been injured including one police officer at the […]

Thousand Oaks Massacre: 13 Reported Dead, Including Deputy

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Why Netanyahu LOVES the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor When Bibi Netanyahu first heard the tragic news from America, he was asked his reaction. Bibi smirked and barked out: “It’s very good!” Then a faint light of awareness dawned in his beady little pig eyes: an understanding of how bad that sounded. So he caught himself and said: […]

Pittsburgh Massacre- An Irish Catholic’s Perspective

  October 31, 2018 Those ignorant of Jewish history, that is to say, most people will now point the finger at writers critical of political Judaism. They will say, ” Now, look at what you are contributing towards!” But I have argued that 2000 years of Western civilisation based on Roman Catholic doctrine have explicitly […]

Responses to the anti-Semitic massacre in Pittsburgh

Yesterday was a tragic day in U.S. history, the murders of 11 Jews at a Pittsburgh synagogue in what the evidence shows was a hate crime. The accused killer was enraged by Jewish community support for refugees. We join with so many others in lamenting the horror and in urging Americans to face down the […]

Making a Massacre into a Lesson

Paul Greengrass wrote, directed and produced the film and he presents a unique perspective on objectivism. Instead of the usual banal presentation of a killer as a psychotic character removed from any recognisable human path, we meet Breivik, a cold, calculating person who is fully aware of his actions. Motivated by a political call, he […]

Nineteen People Killed In Crimean School Massacre – Eighteen Year Old Student Vladislav Roslyakov Suspect

Suspect is eighteen year old Vladislav Roslyakov, who was a studen at the school. A student went on a shooting rampage and then killed himself at a technical school in Crimea, which also was hit by an explosion, Russian authorities said Wednesday. At least 17 people were killed and 40 injured in the gunfire and the blast, […]

Israeli historian thinks 1956 massacre was part of a secret plan to expel Palestinians

Issachar “Yiska” Shadmi, right, following his show trial. The highest Israeli officer tried for Israel’s 1956 Kafr Qasem massacre admitted that his trial was staged to protect Israeli leaders. An Israeli historian thinks the massacre was part of a secret plan to expel Palestinians from Israel Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper reports that the highest Israeli officer tried […]

Meet Ten Corporate Giants Helping Israel Massacre Gaza Protesters

NEW YORK — As Israeli soldiers gun down unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in the Great March of Return, their lethal operations depend on an array of contractors and suppliers, many of them companies based outside Israel. “The Israeli military relies on a network of international companies, supplying everything from sniper rifles to tear gas, to carry […]

SWEIDA: A Bloody Massacre Barely Registered by Western Media as ISIS Slaughter Innocent Civilians in their Sleep

Civilian martyrs names and photographs displayed at entrance to the village of Shrehi in eastern Sweida countryside. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley) Vanessa Beeley 21st Century Wire On the 2nd October 2018, a young woman’s life was brought to a brutal end by a bullet from an ISIS executioner’s hand-gun. Mrs Thoraya Um Ammar was executed on […]

Netanyahu bans publication of archive materials on Judaic massacre at Deir Yassin

The security agencies claim that the extension of confidentiality comes with the aim of “preventing the detection of sources of intelligence information, methods of work used by the devices today, in addition to information originating from foreign sources.” It is noteworthy that Netanyahu had signed a similar order in 2010 extended the confidentiality of archives […]

Working with Russia ‘really important’ to prevent Idlib ‘massacre’ – Erdogan

A massive operation to retake Idlib from Islamist militants might see scores of refugees trying to find shelter in Turkey, Erdogan has warned on the back of reports that the Syrian army is gearing up for such an offensive. “There are about 3.5 million people there [in Idlib]. Russia and the United States pass the […]

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