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Mysterious "sonar anomaly" turns out to be 500-year-old shipwreck with massive copper payload

(Natural News) Marine salvagers got a welcome surprise when their sonar picked up an anomaly on the shallow seafloor of the North Sea recently. What they initially mistook for a shipping container turned out to be a sunken Dutch wooden sailing ship from the 16th century. Even better, the 500-year-old shipwreck held […]

Center-2019: 128,000 troops participate in massive Russia, China & India drill (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

The Tsentr-2019 (Center-2019) drill, which kicked off on Monday, amasses around 128,000 troops, with more than 20,000 pieces of hardware, conducting maneuvers in southern Russia and Central Asia. Russian servicemen are joined by fellow soldiers from China, India, and Pakistan, along with personnel from four Central Asian countries, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. The T-72 […]

Astronomers discover most MASSIVE neutron star known to man

The pulsar, with the catchy name J0740+6620, is the first neutron star humans have detected measuring over two solar masses.   Using the timing of its pulses, astronomers have calculated its mass to be roughly 2.14 times that of our sun, packed into an area just 30km across (the Sun is 1.391 million km across, so […]

Russia: Massive ‘Centre 2019’ military drills begin in Orenburg

Troops from Russia and seven other nations including China, India and Pakistan kicked off ‘Centre 2019’ military drills in the Orenburg region on Monday. (Source: Ruptly) Source Article from–military-drills-Orenburg Related Posts Russia Might Have Evidence About Prince Andrew’s Abuse of Epstein’s Sex Slave: MI6 British intelligence officials are worried Russia has obtained evidence […]

Wikipedia says massive hack attack took down the website in Europe & Middle East

The cyberattack hit Wikipedia on Friday and continued well into Saturday, going offline in the UK, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Italy. Several user reports on the Down Detector website indicate that some Middle Eastern countries were affected as well, according to TechCrunch. Later on Saturday, a spokesperson for Wikimedia Foundation, the charitable organization […]

Taliban launch massive attack on Kunduz as peace talks with US continue

Taliban fighters descended on the city from multiple directions at about 1am Saturday and took over a number of buildings, including a hospital, where staff were taken hostage. Also on 327 kids killed in Afghanistan so far in 2019, as civilian casualties of foreign forces rise – UN “We could very easily attack but […]

YouTube Says It’s “More Important Than Ever” to Be An Open Platform — 1 Day After Massive Banning Spree

August 27, 2019 By Chris Menahan CEO Susan Wojcicki said Tuesday that it’s “more important than ever” for YouTube to remain an “open platform” just one day after going on a massive banning spree targeting right-wingers for so-called “hate speech.” YouTube CEO @SusanWojcicki says it’s “more important than ever” to let people upload anything they […]

It’s Not Just The Amazon – Massive Fires Are Burning All Over The World

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times The fires in the Amazon have been among the top news stories in the world for the past week because it is such an iconic location that is so important to the global ecosystem. However, it is important to note that these events come at a time where many […]

L.A. Deputy Lied about being Attacked by a Sniper that Sparked Massive Manhunt

Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy Angel Reinosa, 21, was still in training after having been on the job for only a year. A Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy admitted to fabricating a story about being shot at by a sniper while unloading a patrol car outside a sheriff’s station Wednesday. Investigators became […]

Iran’s IRGC forces conduct massive drills in Northwestern Iran

Tasnim – The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Ground Force conducted large-scale drills in mountainous regions of Northwestern Iran in West Azarbaijan province. The wargames dubbed as ‘Qadir’ (aslo Ghadeer) is meant to cleanse the region of terrorist groups that might be hiding at the bordering areas of Bouralan region near the town of Maku […]

Massive Investigation Against Coca Cola’s Biggest Dairy Franchise: “Everything is a Lie”

Even though Coca Cola claims it has a “progressive stance on animal welfare,” a recent undercover investigation of one of the largest U.S. Dairy Farm Fair Oaks in Fair Oaks, Indiana painted a horrifying picture. Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) spent three months collecting information and getting footage showing one of the worst and the most […]

India: Over 270 killed, nearly a MILLION left homeless by massive landslides & mega-flooding – UPDATE

   At least 95 people have been killed by monsoon flooding in southern and western India, while hundreds of thousands have been evacuated from their homes, according to reports. More than 40 of those killed were in the south-western state of Kerala. The flooding and landslides caused by the heavy seasonal rainfall have left some […]

MSM ignores massive anti-sanctions protest rallies in Venezuela

   Leading English-language news organizations have provided extensive and dramatic coverage of anti-government protests in Venezuela, but mostly ignored large-scale rallies against US sanctions, which took place over the weekend. Tens of thousands of Venezuelans flooded the streets of the country’s capital, Caracas, on Saturday to denounce the economic blockade and sanctions imposed by the […]

Massive wildfire spreads rapidly in Athens suburb overnight, sparking evacuations

   A huge blaze prompted early morning evacuations in a suburb of the Greek capital. At least 140 firefighters and 46 vehicles were dispatched to battle the wildfire. Locals in the city’s eastern suburb of Paiania were awoken by authorities in the middle of the night to evacuate their houses. However, a spokesman for the […]

Epstein Documents Released Revealing Massive Scope of Elite Sex Trafficking Operation

By Eoin Higgins This is a developing story and may be updated. (CD) Thousands of pages of documents related to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s trafficking of young girls were released Friday, opening the floodgates on one of the biggest scandals of 2019. “Excellent,” tweeted producer Andy Lassner. “Shine that light as bright as possible on all of it.” The […]

White supremacy paranoia is a massive HOAX perpetrated by the toxic media that pushes hatred, bigotry and lawlessness

(Natural News) Though the Left has been seething with animosity over what it perceives as America’s ‘white-dominated’ society for years, in the lead-up to the 2020 election they have come out and made hating white people an official platform of the Democratic Party. And shame on the party’s officials and leaders for […]

DOJ just approved massive merger deal that will see Sprint, T-Mobile and Dish roll out a nationwide 5G network to expose nearly EVERYONE living in any U.S. city to harmful radiation

(Natural News) To help accelerate the implementation of the New World Order’s deep state 5G control grid, the Department of Justice (DOJ) recently gave the green light for Sprint and T-Mobile to finally merge, which will create the largest wireless carrier in the United States. Ending a more than year-long antitrust battle, […]

Nicaraguan ‘Human Rights’ Director Accused By Staff Of Massive Theft Of US Taxpayer Money, Death Toll Inflation

Nicaraguan ‘Human Rights’ Director Accused By Staff Of Massive Theft Of US Taxpayer Money, Death Toll Inflation Above Photo: From ANPDH’s board members are accusing their director of stealing huge sums from US soft power organizations and inflating death tolls during last year’s coup attempt in Nicaragua. The OAS, which relied heavily on ANPDH’s […]

Iran planning massive projects to use flare gas: Official

Iran has massive plans to use flared gas burnt or vented in oil and gas facilities across the country, says an energy ministry official. Hamid Chitchian, a former minister who currently advises the government on energy issues, said on Wednesday that Iran was planning to economically and technically benefit from a huge stock of […]

Massive waterspout filmed on Lake Constance, Switzerland

   Ferry commuters crossing Lake Constance, in Switzerland on July 28 were a little surprised when they witnessed a massive waterspout swirling over the water. Source Article from Related Posts Waterspout swirls across Lake Huron   A waterspout spun across Lake Huron on the morning of August 23, amid several local Waterspout filmed in Bay […]

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