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Amazon’s Decision To Pull Out Of NYC Is A Massive Blow To Corporate Welfare

Amazon’s Decision To Pull Out Of NYC Is A Massive Blow To Corporate Welfare Above Photo: Facing mass public opposition, Amazon canceled its New York City headquarters project. (Photo by Holger Hollemann/picture alliance via Getty Images) Amazon announced Thursday the company has canceled its bid to acquire nearly $3 billion in public dollars to locate […]

City Council Approves Bill That Could Shut Down Massive Trash Incinerator

City Council Approves Bill That Could Shut Down Massive Trash Incinerator Above Photo: From Baltimore City Council unanimously passed a bill on Monday that would force the city’s Wheelabrator trash incinerator to dramatically reduce its emissions of pollutants or shut down. 14 of 15 councilpeople voted yes; one, Councilman Kris Burnett (D-8), was absent. […]

The End is Near for Monsanto as Lawyers Everywhere Gear Up for Massive Class Action

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times  In August of 2018 stock prices for Bayer, the company that now owns Monsanto, took a nosedive after a California judge awarded defendant DeWayne Johnson $289 million in damages. From 2012 to 2015 Johnson was a school groundskeeper for the Benicia unified school district in California where he regularly […]

2 dead & 22 injured in massive blaze at France’s iconic Courchevel ski resort (VIDEO)

The fire struck on early Sunday morning in a three-story building occupied by seasonal tourists including foreigners, local media report. The cause of the incident is so far unknown. Some 70 firefighters are reported to be at the scene with the risk of further propagation having been eliminated. Videos posted online show flames and plumes […]

Another Day, Another Massive Cellular Location Data Privacy Scandal We’ll Probably Do Nothing About

We’ve noted a few times now that while Facebook gets a lot of justified heat for its privacy scandals, the stuff going on in the cellular data and app market in regards to location data makes many of Facebook’s privacy issues seem like a grade-school picnic. That’s something that was pretty well highlighted by the […]

Medical investigation uncovers massive bribery ring of "kickback" payments to doctors

(Natural News) Many patients receive health care from doctors who get incentives from drug firms and medical device companies, according to a study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. Data from the study revealed that when accounting for only the respondents’ visits to physicians, the median industry payment amount in 2016 […]

A Massive Amount of Iconic Works Will Enter the Public Domain on New Year’s Eve

When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, movies, songs, and books created in the United States in 1923—even beloved cartoons such as Felix the Cat—will be eligible for anyone to adapt, repurpose, or distribute as they please. A 20-year freeze on copyright expirations has prevented a cache of 1923 works from entering […]

Conservationists clone 5 massive redwood tree stumps, planting 75 trees

     When David Milarch first learned about ancient coast redwood stumps hidden in California, he says he was “the most thunderstruck” he’d ever been. At about 10 metres in diameter, he’d never heard of any tree growing that big. Now the non-profit that Milarch co-founded is using genetic information from five massive tree stumps to […]

Massive storm drops feet of snow on US Southeast

     Much of the U.S. Southeast ground to a halt on Sunday as a powerful winter storm swept into the region, dropping an immense amount of snow on a region not usually associated with snowfall measured in feet. Hundreds of thousands of people were without power by Sunday afternoon across the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, […]

What The ‘Yellow Vests’ Movement Tells Us About The Massive Level Of Discontent In France

What The ‘Yellow Vests’ Movement Tells Us About The Massive Level Of Discontent In France Above Photo: The Gilets Jaune, or Yellow Vests, fill the Champs Elysee./Photo by KRIS AUS67/Flickr France has been rocked in recent weeks by nationwide protests. Demonstrators, wearing the high-visibility yellow vests that motorists are required by law to carry in […]

Immigrant children being organ harvested in massive global organ trade racket that’s beginning to be exposed

(Natural News) Nikos Kotzias, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, has just confirmed the existence of a massive child organ harvesting ring. Kotzias stated in a recent interview that Greek diplomats have been issuing visas to unaccompanied children, with the intent of facilitating the illegal removal of their organs. This is […]

Massive solar flare to bring chaos, inflict $2 trillion in damage – bank’s ‘outrageous’ prediction

According to the Copenhagen-based financial institution, the upcoming year is set to be marked with X-Class solar flare that will evoke absolute chaos across the globe. “In 2019, as Solar Cycle 25 kicks into gear, the earth isn’t so lucky and a solar storm strikes the Western hemisphere, taking down most satellites on […]

500 Million Affected In Massive Marriott Data Breach; Names, Passport Numbers Stolen By Hackers

This is terrible news for Marriott shareholders (and great news for the VC backers of Airbnb). Marriott shares have fallen more than 2% in premarket trading after the hotel chain announced news of a massive data breach of its guest registration system at Starwood hotels, the hotel chain that it purchased in […]

U.K. govt. agency warning that coming massive space storms will wipe out modern society by killing all electronics

(Natural News) The Met Office in the United Kingdom is warning that massive solar storms that occur on an average of about once every 100 years are coming and that, without adequate warning, they could wipe out most technology on earth, hurling much of the world back to the 18th century.  The […]

Congressionally Mandated New Report Urges Massive US Military Increases

Source: Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation The Commission on National Defense Strategy for the US has just released to Congress its report “Providing for the Common Defense”, and it opens: “In the National Defense Authorization Act of 2017, Congress charged this Commission with providing an independent, nonpartisan review of the 2018 National […]

Battlefield Paris: Police hit protesters with tear gas as massive fuel rallies grip France (VIDEO)

The tense standoff between riot police and demonstrators – some of them masked – escalated as law enforcement were pelted with bottles. Police fired back with tear gas and water cannon spay. At one point some streets in the city center resembled a battlefield, covered with what remained of the barricades, which were set up […]

FCC Approves SpaceX Application for Massive Satellite Constellation

FCC Approves SpaceX Application for Massive Satellite Constellation November 15th, 2018 Via: Ars Technica: SpaceX today received US approval to deploy 7,518 broadband satellites, in addition to the 4,425 satellites that were approved eight months ago. The Federal Communications Commission voted to let SpaceX […]

Hiding in plain sight: Scientists discover massive, Paris-sized crater under Greenland ice (VIDEO)

The giant, iron space rock blasted ancient Greenland at a speed of 12 miles per second, releasing 47 million times the energy of the Little Boy bomb that flattened Hiroshima in 1945. The strike melted vast amounts of ice, sending vast torrents of meltwater into the surrounding ocean and scattering debris far and wide. The […]

PROOF that Google is committing massive election fraud by altering search results for "BLEXIT"

(Natural News) Once again, the world’s biggest search engine has been caught altering results in order to downgrade a conservative voice, in this instance Candace Owens, founder of the #Blexit movement, or black exit from the Democratic Party. As reported by Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson, Google has been accused of election meddling by […]

Atlantic Jew: Yes, We Do Support Massive Nonwhite Immigration, And That is Why People Hate Us

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer November 5, 2018 So the Jewish response to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting – commonly known as “The Gunfight at O.K. Synagogue” – has been very… strange. The shooter wrote about opposition to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, a Jewish group that is flooding America with the lowest form […]

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