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Chinese scientists harness fourth state of matter to create ‘air plasma’ jet engine that runs on electricity alone

Their prototype engine compresses air and ionizes it with microwaves thus generating plasma which it expels out the back of the engine to generate thrust. Plasma is the fourth state of matter which usually only exists in the laboratory, the surface of the Sun or for brief instances during lightning strikes.  The proposed system differs […]

New Discovery May Explain How Matter Outpaced Antimatter in the Early Universe

(TMU) — Earlier this week, we reported on a wild new hypothesis for the true nature of the cosmos, a physics-based amalgam of panpsychism and the simulation argument which argues that the universe is one grand thought simulating itself into existence on loop. Since non-materialist explanations for the universe lay at the very fringes of […]

Sauna Notes: The Mundane Matter of Money: Sweating it out for health and survival by Arthur Topham

I began construction of our sauna just over thirty years ago in late March of 1983. At the time my wife and I and our three kids we were living in a log cabin that a friend and I had built and being very rustic and owner-built it didn’t have a regular bathroom […]

Newly eased guidelines are almost unenforceable, but that may not matter

Even a cursory read of the newly eased “social distancing” guidelines released by the government Sunday morning reveals glaring loopholes and ample room to maneuver around many of the remaining restrictions. Walked farther from your home than the 100 meters you’re permitted to “get some air”? Just tell the police officer that you were actually […]

Nick Begich on Coronavirus: “It Doesn’t Matter Whether It’s a Real Deal or Not. It’s Perceptually Real and the Impact Is Already Felt.”

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Slime mold inspires breathtaking recreation of cosmic ‘dark matter web’ holding our universe together (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

The bright yellow slime mold, dubbed Physarum polycephalum, is a brainless organism that produces networks of slimy tendrils which can somehow ‘solve’ spatial problems that are surprisingly complex. By studying its growth patterns, researchers have produced oddly accurate models of the wider universe.  Previous models based on this particular mold have solved mazes, calculated the […]

Bernie or Biden – doesn’t matter. Trump’s election wasn’t a glitch & the trends say he’ll beat the Dems again

Unlike most political commenters I didn’t bother staying up late for Super Tuesday. It’s not just that I need my beauty sleep. The results really were a matter of indifference. Why? Trends, dear boy, trends. Any decent racing tipster will tell you that the best way to predict the result of big races is to […]

Marxist Jew Applies Black-Face To Establish a Black Lives Matter Fake-Hate Propaganda Center in Poland Where There Are Few Blacks

“If they had the power to do to us what we are able to do to them, not one of us would live for an hour. But since they lack the power to do this publicly, they remain our daily murderers and bloodthirsty foes in their hearts.” – Martin Luther (1483-1546): On The Jews and […]

No matter who wins elections, Israel’s victory image is clear

Both contenders for Israel’s premiership, Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz, are hoping to give the victory speech after today’s vote. Yet regardless of who – if any – emerges the winner, Israelis have already been presented with this election’s victory image: the humiliating poster featuring Palestinian leaders kneeling, blindfolded and defeated, against the backdrop of […]

Ask Yourself: Would Would You Do If Money Didn’t Matter? What Would You Do If It Didn’t Exist?

Now more than ever before our society is seeing the need to take matters into our own hands and not rely on others to get the job done for us. The topic of un-schooling has become quite popular and with good reason. According to Wikipedia: “Unschooling is an educational method and philosophy that advocates learner-chosen […]

You’ve Already Been Sentenced to Prison, It’s Just a Matter of Whether They’re Going to Come Get You

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer February 21, 2020 With the continual evolution of consent theory, and each new version of the theory being implemented in court, any man can be sentenced to prison for any sexual encounter. If you’ve had sex with any woman in the last [whatever the statute of limitations for […]

The Queen Can’t Help Julian Assange Because ‘The Matter Is Political’

The Queen will not be intervening to help get Julian Assange released from prison and has vowed to remain “non-political” on the matter, a Buckingham Palace spokeswoman has said. A statement issued by the Palace, following a request for the Queens support, appears to confirm that Assange’s detention is a political, not criminal, matter. Doctors […]

Why Iowa and New Hampshire no longer matter

The positioning of Iowa as an American political bellwether was more by accident than design–the Democratic Party, in the aftermath of violent protests during its 1968 National Convention, decided to spread out the nominating schedule at the state level. For Iowa, whose caucus procedures were complex, the decision was made to start early. This meant […]

A Community Fights The County To Show Black Ancestor’s Lives Matter

A Community Fights The County To Show Black Ancestor’s Lives Matter Above photo: Harvey Matthews addresses the crowd as they stand on the parking lot that covers the Moses African Cemetery in Bethesda, Maryland. From the Bethesda African Cemetery Website. Clearing the FOG co-hosts Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese interviewed Dr. Marsha Coleman Adebayo of […]

All Matter is Evil

Elva Thompson, Contributor Waking Times Revelation I’ve always felt that I don’t belong in this barbaric reality. That there is something more profound and meaningful than the drag of earthly existence. So many people go through life on their hands and knees. It makes you wonder what this life is really all about. We live […]

Trader Warns "This Is A Test… Of Whether Geopolitics Still Matter"

Authored by Richard Breslow via, It’s only the second trading day of the year and geopolitical events have already caused a sea change in market emotion. Whether it lasts remains to be seen. In past years, it was a major subject of conversation why events such as we’ve seen today didn’t have lasting effects on asset […]

Black Lives Matter is falling for the distraction: White supremacy is the decoy; medical experiments are what’s really killing black people

(Natural News) In the racially charged political climate of 2019, the agenda seems to be to convince as many “minorities” as possible that their biggest enemy is the “white man.” The infamous Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorist group is a perfect example of this, as staged protests and violent encounters seem to […]

Where does President Trump stand on issues that matter to Jewish voters in 2020?

JTA — Flanked by evangelical Christian leaders, Jewish members of his administration, and even a few House Democrats, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order on December 20 that would target alleged anti-Semitism — primarily in the form of Israel boycotts — on college campuses. At the annual White House Hanukkah Party, Trump put […]

Where Elizabeth Warren stands on issues that matter to Jewish voters in 2020

JTA — Elizabeth Warren, the progressive senator from Massachusetts, emerged early on as a front-runner in the crowded Democratic primary race. Let’s dive into her positions on all things Jewish. First up: What has Warren said and done to address anti-Semitism? “Let’s be clear, anti-Semitism has no place in democracy,” Warren said in a June […]

Where Michael Bloomberg stands on issues that matter to Jewish voters in 2020

JTA — On November 24, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made a belated entrance into the crowded 2020 Democratic field — despite insisting in March that he would instead “double down on the work that I am already leading and funding” rather than run. The move has been polarizing in Democratic circles, but […]

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