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Bill Maher: Recession Totally Worth It If It Means ‘Getting Rid of Trump’

HBO host Bill Maher has doubled down on his plea for an American recession, saying that the economic downturn “would be very worth getting rid of Donald Trump.” “So I’ve been saying for about two years that I hope we have a recession,” Maher said. “And people get mad at me, as Sean Hannity thinks I’m […]

People, “biggest means of our deterrence”: Iran FM

IRNA – Apart from defensive capabilities, “our biggest asset and means of deterrence are the people and the culture of sacrifice and martyrdom in the country,” said Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Tuesday. Zarif made the remarks in his address to a conference in Tehran to honor the sacrifices made by families of […]

Ways And Means Committee Chair Doesn’t Want Medicare For All Mentioned At Medicare for All Hearing

IN PREPARATION FOR Wednesday’s hearing on Medicare for All before the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, the panel’s chair met privately with Democrats to lay out how he wants it to unfold. Rep. Richard Neal, a Massachusetts Democrat who has been in office since 1989, told the Democrats on the panel that he didn’t want […]

Edward Snowden: With Technology, Institutions Have Made ‘Most Effective Means of Social Control in the History of Our Species’

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden said Thursday that people in systems of power have exploited the human desire to connect in order to create systems of mass surveillance. Snowden appeared at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia via livestream from Moscow to give a keynote address for the Canadian university’s Open Dialogue Series. Right now, he […]

The Media is Finally Realizing What the Prosecution of Assange Means for Journalism

Op-Ed by Caitlin Johnstone (CJ Opinion) — Rachel Maddow has aired a segment condemning the new indictment against Julian Assange for 17 alleged violations of the Espionage Act. Yes, that Rachel Maddow. MSNBC’s top host began the segment after it was introduced by Chris Hayes, agreeing with her colleague that it’s surprising that more news outlets aren’t giving this story more “wall to wall” […]

Latest Facebook Strike Means CE Might No Longer Be Able To Pay Me To Write

The Facts: A new study from China has been added to the long list that questions the effectiveness of the MMR vaccine given the fact that outbreaks are occurring in highly vaccinated populations and within vaccinated individuals. Reflect On: Are vaccines really as safe as they’re marketed to be? There is a lot of hysteria surrounding […]

Why Getting Enough Of Sleeps Means Better Brain Functioning

In the modern tempo of life, many of us usually sacrifice sleeping time in order to complete endless tasks on the to-do lists. How can one manage a sleeping routine properly and without sacrifices? First of all, it is high time we learned the importance of spending a sufficient amount […]

"Easter Worshipers" Actually Means ISHTAR Worshipers – Why Hillary, Obama and Many Others Are Refusing to Say "Christians"

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and many other Democrats, as well as news outlets, have recently referred to Christians as “Easter Worshipers”. Why? When Hillary and Obama (among many others) referred to Christians as “Easter Worshippers”, what they actually meant was Ishtar Worshipers. Ishtar was the Babylonian goddess of Spring, fertility (i.e. sex), and the Queen […]

Makow- What the Burka Means to Me

Since this article was written in 2002, it has been reposted on numerous Muslim,Christian and Hindu websites. I revisit this reaffirmation  By Henry Makow Ph.D. On my wall, I have a picture of a Muslim woman shrouded in a burka. Beside it is a picture of an American beauty contestant, wearing nothing but a bikini. […]

What Self-Ownership Means and Why It Matters

By Jeffrey A. Tucker I’ve been thinking about this idea of self-ownership, a concept almost universally assumed to be a foundation for human rights and the civilized life. At the same, this idea is constantly threatened by political ideologies that presume it not to be true. Here is what got me thinking. In the final […]

It’s Hanukkah, and what that means

Happy Hanukkah, first of all. This is known as the Festival of Lights. Often compared to the Christian Christmas, it is supposed to be about the light of renewal, birth, and a fresh start. I like to think about how history is mythologized, and how it is translated into politics today.  The story of it […]

This Is What It Means If You Have Two Dimples On Your Back

Whether you have back dimples, or not, you have to admit that they are quite an interesting characteristic. These back dimples are also called the ‘dimples of Venus’, and are more commonly found on women. Theses dimples of Venus, officially named Lateral Lumbar indentations, are caused by ligaments pulling under the skin of your back […]

Straight-talking Tulsi’s rising star means setting sun for Dem Party establishment

The 37-year-old Hawaiian representative this week blasted Trump for being “Saudi Arabia’s b*tch” after he controversially backed the Saudi regime over the brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Trump said the US-Saudi relationship was too important to consider a rupture with the oil kingdom’s rulers. Trump’s prioritizing of commercial and strategic interests over the brutal […]

What Seeing Orbs in Photos Really Means – by Color and Description

If you are looking for spirit validation or paranormal activity in photos finding orbs can be thrilling. There is a lot of debate among paranormal researchers and psychics about which are spiritual in nature and which are due to dust or natural influence. Supernatural orbs like to appear in photos because they are often invisible […]

What It Means to be Israeli: Reflections on Identity From an Israeli Peace Activist

By Miko Peled Source SÃO PAULO — (Opinion) To clarify the conditions of Israeli society and Israeli attitudes towards peace and justice, it is important to identify what it means to be “Israeli.” That was the premise of a recent speech I gave at a conference titled “Oslo at 25 – An Elusive Peace,” recently held […]

War by other means

The New York Times | Carol Giacomo:  Some American officials appear to hope that resumed sanctions on Iran will lead to a popular uprising. Have they thought that through? President Trump’s gamble with Iran will reach an inflection point next month when his administration reimposes American sanctions meant to apply severe economic pressure on the government […]

The Future of Entertainment and What it Means to Consumers

Compared to a few years ago, the world of entertainment has changed significantly. There are now more ways than ever to keep you and your family entertained almost 24-hours a day. However, if there is one thing about technology and entertainment that people understand, it’s that it never stops. Game […]

Organic Certification: What the USDA Organic Label Means

The Facts: Inactivity is on the rise and it’s the cause of a wide range of health concerns. Our population is only becoming more inactive, not less, and it’s time to change that. Reflect On: There are many factors of our modern world that make us less active. Our jobs, driving rather than walking/biking, too […]

Taya Kyle Has A Scathing Message For Nike On What ‘Sacrifice’ Really Means

Colin Kaepernick did not “sacrifice everything“, according to the widow of American Sniper Chris Kyle, who sent Nike a brutal and timely reminder of what real sacrifice looks like.   Nike announced that former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick will be the face of its new, highly divisive “Just Do It” campaign. The slogan for the […]

Mock “Letter of Consent” Explains What it Means to Not Oppose Small Cell Towers in Yards and Everywhere Else

August 18, 2018 By B.N. Frank Since 2004, the International Association of Firefighters has opposed the use of their stations as base stations for cell towers and antennas.  They provide dozens of pages of research to support their stance.  If firefighters don’t want this type of infrastructure installed where they spend […]

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