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Doctors Condemn Failure Of UK To Respond To Demand For Medical Care For Assange

Doctors Condemn Failure Of UK To Respond To Demand For Medical Care For Assange Above Photo: Julian Assange The doctors from around the world who issued an open letter on November 22 calling for the immediate transfer of Julian Assange from the maximum security Belmarsh Prison to a university teaching hospital have written again to publicly […]

People with cancer may benefit from medical marijuana, so why aren’t oncologists recommending it?

(Natural News) Gone are the days when marijuana was viewed as nothing more than a dangerous, illicit drug. More than two thirds of U.S. states have now legalized its use, some for medicinal purposes, some for recreational use, and others for both. Thanks in large part to information dispensed by the independent […]

‘Julian Assange Could Die in Prison Without Urgent Medical Care’ – More Than 60 Doctors Warn

The Facts: Sonia Poulton, a British journalist, social commentator, and filmmaker, has been investigating the dark web of pedophilia for years. Some of her research has been complied into a documentary called “Pedophiles In Parliament.” Reflect On: Evidence has been emerging for decades with regards to this type of activity in ‘high profile places.’ Why, […]

Medical Diagnosis – Confusion

Jon Rappoport, Guest Waking Times These days, doctors often run antibody tests on patients to see if they have a particular disease. What is an antibody test? In the simplest terms, it is aimed at detecting a person’s immune system responding to the presence of a specific germ. A doctor suspects you have disease X, […]

Medical Error: The Third Leading Cause of Death in the US

1 Moriyama IM, Loy RM, Robb-Smith AHT, et al. History of the statistical classification of diseases and causes of death. National Center for Health Statistics, 2011. 2 Deaths: final data for 2013. National vital statistics report. leading-causes-of-death.htm. 3 Leape LL. Error in medicine. JAMA 1994;272:1851-7. doi:10.1001/jama.1994. 03520230061039 pmid:7503827. 4 Reason J. Human error. Cambridge […]

SOTT FOCUS: Objective:Health: #38 – The Failed Medical System

   Everywhere we look we see signs that the medical system, that’s supposed to be healing and preventing disease, is diseased itself. It was recently announced that Americans are dying young at alarming rates. And is it any wonder? We have the opioid epidemic, vaccine injuries, the obesity epidemic, the cholesterol obsessed doctors who know […]

UK reaches out to Israel for health and medical technology innovations

The UK hasn’t lost its faith in Israel. Far from it. As a matter of fact, Britain is more interested than ever in interested in Israeli startups, seeking to forge new tech partnerships between the two nations. Back in 2018, the NHSA signed a memorandum of understanding with the UK Israel Tech Hub to bring […]

Assange “Could Die in Prison” Without Urgent Medical Care, 60+ Doctors Warn

(CD) — Following an urgent warning from an expert at the United Nations earlier this month that Julian Assange’s mistreatment in prison may amount to life-threatening torture, more than 60 doctors from around the world Monday called on officials in the United Kingdom to act immediately to ensure the WikiLeaks founder receives proper medical attention. […]

BEST OF THE WEB FLASHBACK: Medical Kidnapping is a Terrible Problem in the United Kingdom

   In the UK, there has been a steady increase in the number of children taken into care for many years. Sadly, however, many of these children may have been needlessly taken away from loving families, families who are innocent of any wrongdoing. One case to have hit the headlines recently is the case of […]

700+ American Doctors Given Over $1M Each From Big Pharma To Push Drugs & Medical Devices

The Facts: How safe is the Gardasil vaccine? “Sacrificial Virgins” is one of multiple films to tackle an issue that continues to largely go unacknowledged. Reflect On: Why are we made to believe that vaccines are 100 safe and effective for everybody? Why are we made to believe that it’s a one size fits all […]

Medical Examiner Who Witnessed Jeffrey Epstein’s Autopsy: "Hanging Does Not Cause These Broken Bones — Homicide Does"

Famed pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, the former chief medical examiner for New York City, was hired by Jeffrey Epstein’s family to observe his autopsy. On Wednesday, Baden revealed his expert opinion: Epstein did not die by suicide. In fact, Baden — who has experience in high-profile cases like the deaths of John F. Kennedy and […]

A CIA-Backed Militia Targeted Clinics in Afghanistan, Killing Medical Workers and Civilians

On the night of March 8, 2019, four staffers at a Swedish-run health clinic in Afghanistan’s Wardak Province ate together, talked around a thermos of tea, and bedded down for the night in the guard’s room. They were awakened some time later by the thump of helicopter rotors followed by distant explosions echoing […]

Family of Arab Israeli slain in Australia starts medical scholarship in her name

The family of a 21-year-old Arab Israeli student raped and murdered in Australia earlier this year on Sunday launched a fellowship for Palestinian doctors in her name. In Melbourne for the Tuesday sentencing of Codey Herrmann, who pleaded guilty to the rape and murder of Aya Maasarwe in January, the victim’s father Saeed told The […]

Everything your medical doctor is NOT telling you

(Natural News) In the American medical world, nothing ever really gets “solved.” It’s all about “maintenance” and treating symptoms, using drugs, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Hospital errors are at an all-time high as are hospital “superbugs” which are viruses and bacteria that are immune to antibiotics and spread like wildfire from patient […]

Medical Medium: The Two Causes Of Chronic Illness & The Power Of Your Thoughts

When several hundred Colorado high school students walked out of a post-school-shooting vigil last May to protest the event’s politicization, their departing chant was, “mental health, mental health.” While this response may have unsettled the event’s organizers, it was unsurprising in the context of widespread media accounts of an “epidemic of anguish” among American youth. According to […]

The 5 Biggest medical flaws STILL wreaking havoc across America

(Natural News) Americans know better than to question vaccines at work or at school. We all know we’ll be “prosecuted” and persecuted to the fullest extent. We also know better than to question the methodology of a medical doctor, who went to 8 to 12 years of college and seems to know […]

Unlock the 4 Dimensions of Medical Qigong: Lifelong Practices for Self-Healing, Empowerment and Vitality – FREE Online Event

Imagine if you had the capacity to self-heal and to transform your health challenges at their root cause. Well, you have – because the most profoundly healing medicine is your own energy, produced within your own body, for no cost at all. Perhaps the most effective way to self-heal is through Medical Qigong, one of the […]

Law allows hospitals to literally kidnap you for profit… you are the property of the medical industrial complex

(Natural News) In America, we like to think we are free. It’s ingrained in us as children, and it’s fair to say that we enjoy broader rights overall than people living elsewhere. However, there are still a surprising number of ways you can unfairly lose your freedom in this country that you […]

Harvard Medical School Professors Uncover A Hard To Swallow Truth About Vaccines

The Facts: The idea that we need to consume as much protein that is recommended to us by federal health regulatory agencies is not backed by much evidence. On the contrary, there is evidence suggesting that these guidelines are too high. Reflect On: How truthful have our federal health regulatory agencies been? How much influence […]

Frail MSM insists Brexit sadness is a real MEDICAL condition

According to sections of the medical profession, people do not simply get angry at political outcomes they don’t like. They claim that events like the Brexit referendum can make you anxious and ill.  Last week the British Medical Journal reported that anxiety about Brexit may have triggered a patient’s psychotic episode. The author of the […]

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