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COVID-19: Was This New Medical Police State Planned?

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Iran’s Medical Sciences Academy Letter to UN: History Will Judge Int’l Organizations’ Silence towards US Crimes

By Staff President of Iran’s Academy of Medical Sciences, Seyed Alireza Marandi, sent the United Nations Chief, Antonio Guterres a letter slamming the international organizations’ silence and ineffectiveness towards the United States’ crimes against Iran. As the US continues to impose sanctions and humanitarian and health terrorism amid the global Coronavirus outbreak, Seyed Marandi told […]

Ideology Is Depriving Canadians of COVID Medical Treatment While Absurdly Punishing Cubans, Venezuelans, Palestinians and Others

The world has gone amok. In fact, the world has been amok for decades, but COVID-19 has laid bare for all to see the pretenses, political fairytales, socio-economic and geopolitical travesties and bloodletting of the uber-powerful. It also provides the ideological pretext for massively expanding ongoing pandemics, particularly the exacerbation of long-enduring scourges, the POVERTY […]

Israeli Mossad Mysteriously Acquires 10 Million Medical Masks On International Black Market

The Israeli Mossad announced the purchase of 10 million medical masks on the international black market to protect Israelis against the coronavirus, The Jerusalem Post has learned: Due to the sensitivity of the information, the Post could not report it until they arrived in Israel on Monday. But it did note in a report on […]

Medical Fetish Donated Entire Supply of Disposable Scrubs to UK Hospital Workers

(TMU) — A fetish website based in the UK donated its entire stock of disposable medical scrubs to an unnamed hospital in South England. MedFetUK said that they were contacted by “desperate” health officials from the National Health Service (NHS) who were reaching out to anyone in an attempt to find basic protective equipment and clothing for […]

Europe sends medical aid to Iran in first INSTEX transaction: Germany

Press TV – Germany says the three European signatories to the 2015 Iran deal have registered the first transaction under a trade system set up last year to protect companies doing business with Iran from US sanctions, delivering medical supplies to the Islamic Republic amid the coronavirus pandemic. On Tuesday, Berlin’s Foreign Ministry said Germany, […]

The COVID19 Pandemic is the Beginning of Medical Martial Law

March 28, 2020 By The Conscious Resistance Derrick Broze breaks down how we are experiencing another 9/11 moment, where the world radically shifts and free humans lose their privacy and liberty. Show notes: Trump signs $2T coronavirus relief package H.R.748 – CARES Act Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority The CDC will set up a coronavirus […]

US continues to block Iranian assets needed to buy medical equipment to fight COVID-19: Foreign Ministry official

Press TV – Iran rejects reports that the United States has agreed to grant sanctions waivers to certain countries in order to open up the way for the Islamic Republic to access frozen assets and buy medical supplies and equipment needed to fight the pandemic of the new coronavirus. A senior Iranian Foreign Ministry official […]

Activate Your Own Medical Intuition for Self-Healing – FREE Online Event

Did you know that you have the capacity to become your own medical intuitive? The secret is in learning how to listen to your body — and to trust in your body and your mind’s propensity for healing. Medical intuition takes a step beyond mainstream medicine by looking closely at energy and how it affects both your […]

Breaking: Colchicine and the failure of the US Medical Establishment in Finding a Cure for CV19 Pneumonia

Introduction Colchicine was very very very inexpensive until Bush43 declared it an “orphan drug.”  Any idiot can make it from the ‘corbs’ of Autumn Crocuses. It can be very very toxic, so don’t play with it.  Doctors can write prescriptions still and maybe will.  We pass on information and remind some that playing herb doctor […]

Multiple Stanford Medical Professors Question If COVID-19 Is Really “As Deadly As They Say”

The Facts: Three Stanford professors of medicine has chimed in on the current coronavirus crises and share their expert opinion that extraordinary claims require extraordinary data. Reflect On: Is what is happening around the world really necessary? Why aren’t the same measures taken for diseases or viruses that may have a large infection/fatality rate that […]

Under siege, medical advice will do little to fight coronavirus in Gaza

“As you pay your water bill, think of others (those who are nursed by clouds). As you return home, to your home, think of others (do not forget the people of the camps)… … As you think of others far away, think of yourself (say: ‘If only I were a candle in the dark.’)” – […]

Medical workers forced to get creative as face mask shortages in ‘developed’ West complicate battle with Covid-19

A photograph of nurses at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City sporting improvised medical gear amid growing shortages caused a firestorm on social media. Staff at the medical facility even told media that the recent death of one of their colleagues from Covid-19 was likely tied to the lack of basic medical supplies available […]

Russian military medical convoy makes 600km march to the heart of Italy’s Covid-19 outbreak (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Some 22 trucks, loaded with equipment and one hundred Russian military disease specialists were flown to Italy over the weekend as the country remains the worst-hit among European nations. The khaki-colored trucks, with stickers, reading “From Russia with love,” have covered some 600 kilometers from the capital to the city of Bergamo in the northern […]

After 2 Months of Brutal Medical Fight, China Finally Set to Ease Hubei Province Lockdown

(TMU) — The Chinese government announced on Tuesday that it will lift the months-long lockdown on Central China’s Hubei Province, beginning Wednesday—two months after the region was plunged into complete isolation. The provincial capital, Wuhan, where the coronavirus first emerged, will be excluded from the initial lifting of travel restriction as health authorities hope to […]

Blocking medical aid to Iran isn’t just immoral, it’s stupid

Let’s say that changing the regime in Iran is your top priority, even amid the global coronavirus pandemic. In that case you should still favor allowing medical humanitarian aid into Iran, because blocking it actually makes your aim to change Iran’s government more unlikely, and also risks a larger cataclysm in the Mideast. So the […]

Video: Medical Martial Law and the Nuremberg Code in the Age of COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown up an array of questions, yet one question that has been given little attention pertains to how much state power and suspension of civil liberties is justified in the face of a global pandemic? This is by no means a simple question to answer, but it is clear that state […]

Syria: Medical and Civil Protocols for CV 19 Treatment (Vital Pharmacology Treatment Guidelines)

For medical and security professionals only In English and Arabic Corona virus 19 is a reality and dealing with it is not a difficult thing and it is the least dangerous virus that threatens human health… Closed borders and the use of deadly force Treatment protocols Corona 19 is a reality in our country, Syria, […]

Medical Martial Law Marches Forward And More Sanctions

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Iran only state that can’t buy medical items from abroad due to US bans: Envoy to Madrid

Press TV – Tehran’s ambassador to Madrid says Iran is the only country in the world that cannot buy medicine and medical equipment from the global market because of America’s “cruel and inhumane” sanctions, which are hindering the country’s fight against a coronavirus outbreak. Hassan Qashqavi made the remarks in an interview with Spain’s La […]

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