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Medical Miracle: Not One Single Case Of Seasonal Flu Has Been Reported In Israel This Year

There are zero cases of influenza or respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in Israel, according to Dr. Galia Barkai, director of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Unit at Sheba Medical Center: “It is not just that we have much less influenza, we don’t see it at all,” Barkai told The Jerusalem Post. “We have zero positive tests […]

Americans Should Wear Two Face Masks Says CBS Medical Editor

Dr. Dave Hnida, medical editor for CBS4, has sggested that Americans should wear two face masks if they want to make sure they are fully protected against COVID-19. The Colorado doctor claims “It has been backed up by research that two masks are, in fact, better than one” adding “specifically what we’re saying is that […]

CBS Medical Editor Says Americans Should Wear TWO Face Masks

CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida says that Americans should wear not one but TWO face masks if they want to ensure full protection against COVID-19. “Specifically what we’re saying is that two masks may actually equal the protection you would get from N-95 masks, which is considered the best mask there is short of […]

Medical practitioners are both ethically and legally obligated to ensure patients have an opportunity for informed consent, disclosing both risks and benefits of potential medical treatments

Story at-a-glance Significant concerns have been raised surrounding antibody‐dependent enhancement (ADE), and the possibility that COVID-19 vaccines could worsen COVID-19 disease via ADE International Journal of Clinical Practice researchers called the risk of ADE in COVID-19 vaccines not only nontheoretical but also compelling They noted that vaccine-elicited enhancement of disease has been previously found with […]

Spanish Medical Institutions Speak Out Against Approval of Euthanasia Law

(Evangelical Focus) — During the period prior to the approval of the euthanasia law by the Spanish Parliament, several institutions, such as the Spanish Evangelical Alliance or the Spanish Bioethics Committee, expressed their public assessment of the regulations. After the law was ratified on Dec. 17, more voices have continued to speak out about its […]

Johns Hopkins Scientist: ‘A Medical Certainty’ Pfizer Vaccine Caused Death of Florida Docto r

Johns Hopkins Scientist: ‘A Medical Certainty’ Pfizer Vaccine Caused Death of Florida Doctor RSS feed Johns Hopkins Scientist: ‘A Medical Certainty’ Pfizer Vaccine Caused Death of Florida Doctor Dr. Jerry L. Spivak, an expert on blood disorders at Johns Hopkins University, told the New York Times Tuesday that he believes “it is a medical […]

“This is Not A Vaccine” – It’s a Medical Device to Make Us Sick | DR. DAVID MARTIN

January 13, 2021 Video: Focus on Fauci. “This is Not A Vaccine”SACHA STONE, ROCCO GALATI, ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR., DR. JUDY MIKOVITS & DR. DAVID MARTIN ”Let’s make sure we are clear… This is not a vaccine. They are using the term “vaccine” to sneak this thing under public health exemptions. This is not a vaccine.”  Dr David […]

It can take a generation for the medical establishment to concede to new proven data – as demonstrated with handwashing & the lowering of newborn death rate

Thanks to the flyingcuttlefish blog for this link. The clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience with Dr. Mark Gordon & Andrew Marr. A short watch, basically we have evidence from an MD about how difficult it is – in spite of real data /evidence provided – to convince the medical establishment of the […]

The good, the bad and the ugly: Medical heroes, anti-maskers, and rotten politicians

The Good are the extremely dedicated medical personnel who work tirelessly and risk their lives to save the lives of their fellow Americans who have contracted the Covid-19 virus. They are American heroes, true American patriots.  The bad are those who I call rogue Americans, who refuse to wear masks or practice social distancing, congregate […]

4 die in US Capitol pro-Trump riot; 1 shot by police, 3 in ‘medical emergencies’

WASHINGTON — The woman who died Wednesday of a bullet wound during the violent storming of the US Capitol was shot by police, authorities said. The only fatality tied to Wednesday’s unrest was the woman, reportedly a dedicated Donald Trump backer and air force veteran who was among a throng of supporters of the US […]

Civil War, Medical Discrimination, Spy Satellites and Cyborgs! How 2021 Could Make Us Yearn for 2020

By Helen Buyniski Global Research, January 06, 2021 RT Op-Ed 1 January 2021 People everywhere are eager to bid farewell to 2020, a year in which our lives were turned upside down by power-mad elites who seized the Covid-19 pandemic as a chance to go full police state. But be careful what you wish for. The year […]

Israel is not showing vaccine leadership, it is demonstrating medical apartheid

The media is abuzz these days with  headlines such as “How Israel Became a World Leader in Vaccinating Against Covid-19.” While the U.S. has so far vaccinated only 1.3% of its population against COVID-19, Israel has already given the vaccine to over 14% of its citizens. In explaining this, the media cites Israel’s socialized medicine, […]

COVID Is a False Diagnosis Pushed by the Medical Mafia

Sars vaccine genetically modifies the victims.  Vaccines are dangerous.  They always have been.  Why would you allow the billionaires who run Big Pharma (genocidal maniacs) to advise you about health? 666: Coronavirus and the Mark of the Beast ( Dr. Robert Young totally exposes the scam: [embedded content] Praise Yahweh and pass the ammunition. For […]

Medical weapons of mass destruction

Medical weapons of mass destruction Jon Rappoport / Jon Rappoport A continuing tradition, in which COVID is the latest example Jon Rappoport January 5, 2021 After a hundred years of intense propaganda promoting the idea that diseases are everywhere, and each disease is caused by a single germ, which must be killed by a medical […]

Medical Prof Explains Devastating Effects of Lockdown For A Virus With A “99.95%” Survival Rate

The Facts: Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, MD, PhD, from the Stanford University School of Medicine wrote an article for The Hill titled “Facts, not fear, will stop the pandemic.” In it, he outlines the detrimental impact of lockdown and why it’s not necessary. Reflect On: Why is there such a large divide between so many doctors and scientists […]

YouTube Censors Video by Dr. Ron Paul for ‘Medical Misinformation’

YouTube has censored a video from former congressman Ron Paul, known for his trailblazing presidential campaigns against the Republican establishment in 2008 and 2012. Paul, who is a medical doctor, was censored for “medical misinformation.” “Very disturbing news: YouTube has pulled an episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report and issued a “warning” that any […]

Israeli supermarket giant strikes deal to sell low-cost medical cannabis

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100,000 doctors & medical professionals oppose COVID-19 vaccine | Dr Andrew Kaufman | The vaccine is now set to kill and cripple the seniors and the uninformed in the first wave of genocide, their vaccine induced deaths and disease states will be used as the excuse to force the vaccine on everyone else, as the evil media and corrupt government will simply re-label the medical genocide as COVID-19 or something more deadly than COVID. This has been the plan the entire time

December 18, 2020 News Editors (Natural News) Doctors are now uniting against the pre planned and fabricated plandemic, which is quickly turning into a full genocidal push across the world. Over 100,000 doctors and various health professionals have now united against the government planned genocide, with the pharmaceutical giants ready to start the slaughter in […]

12,785 Medical & Public Health Scientists and 38,464 Medical practitioners say NO to draconian lockdown measures

Phi Quyền Chính – Anarchism: The Tao Of Anarchy Oct 10, 2020 Bill Muehlenberg In just a few days 20,000 medical health experts have signed it, as have 180,000 members of the general public. I refer to an important new Declaration which gives lie to all the bogus claims we keep hearing, such as: ‘The […]

Students Rush to Medical School in Coronavirus Era as Doctor Shortages Are Predicted

While the strains on the frontline of the battle against the coronavirus makes headlines, Americans are rushing to apply for medical school as medical colleges predict a growing shortage of doctors in the United States. In June, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) issued the a report, which said, in part: Even as the […]

British Medical Journal Editor Calls Into Question Pfizer & Moderna’s “95% Effective” COVID Vaccines

The Facts: Dr. Peter Doshi, an associate editor at the British Medical Journal published a piece in the Journal issuing a word of caution about the supposed “95% Effective” COVID vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. You can read it below. Reflect On: Why are those who question and raise concerns about vaccine safety usually vilified, […]

Medical journal confirms AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine 70% effective, but confusing test results hinder global rollout

With AstraZeneca’s long-awaited Covid-19 vaccine approaching UK approval, peer-reviewed data shows the jab to be 70 percent effective. Behind that number, however, lurks a confusing backstory. Developed in partnership with Oxford University, AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine was found to be 70.4 percent effective in a peer-reviewed study published in The Lancet medical journal on Tuesday. It […]

Americans Must Cancel Christmas & New Years Eve Plans Says CNN Medical Analyst

Americans should cancel their Christmas and New Year plans because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic according to CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen. On Mondays “New Day,” Wen, a former Planned Parenthood president, voiced her concern that coronavirus deaths and hospitalizations were continuing to rise after Thanksgiving. Breitbart reports: Because of the “Thanksgiving surge,” she […]

WY State Medical Officer Suspended For Warning Public COVID Vaccines Are ‘Biological Weapons Of Mass Destruction’

Dr. Igor Shepherd, a medical doctor/manager for Wyoming’s State Public Health Department/Preparedness Unit and a member of the COVID response team, has been suspended for warning the public that the coming COVID vaccines are “biological weapons of mass destruction”: I was able to have a conversation with Dr. Shepherd after he did a talk for […]

The Medical and Pharmaceutical Horrors Are Beyond Belief

by Dr. Sircus Leslie Kenton concludes, “It’s little wonder that people are confused about where to go and what to do when they get ill. I personally hear all about this, because I mentor hundreds of men and women throughout the world. They become overwhelmed by the media propaganda and aggressive advertisements they see on television. […]

Medical data of Israeli officials leaked online after insurance firm refuses to pay $1mn ransom to cyberhackers – reports

The medical records of Israeli officials are among data reportedly leaked online after an insurance firm was hacked, but refused to cede to the cyber-attackers’ demands to hand over nearly $1 million ransom in Bitcoin. Israeli insurer Shirbit, which was hacked on Tuesday, rejected requests from the Black Shadow group, which threatened to sell the […]

Chief Medical Officer Says Canadians Who Refuse Vaccine Won’t Have “Freedom to Move Around”

Police in the UK are patrolling pubs and throwing out customers who they deem to not be eating a “substantial meal” under COVID-19 rules. The confusion stems from rules that dictate pubs located in ‘tier 2’ regions can only stay open if they also operate as restaurants. This means they can only serve alcohol if […]

The last few days I’ve explained the importance and value of the Nuremberg Code restrictions on forced medical procedures— Article 6, Sections 1 and 3, are especially clear and adamant

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COVID Vaccines “Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction” says Wyoming Medical Doctor and Manager for Wyoming’s State Public Health Department

December 1, 2020 Dr. Igor Shepherd’s Talk About the Horrors of a ‘Covid’ Vaccine by Gary D. Dr. Igor Shepherd is a medical doctor/manager for Wyoming’s State Public Health Department/Preparedness Unit, and is on the Covid response team. I was able to have a conversation with Dr. Shepherd after he did a talk for […]

Interview 1602 – James Corbett on Medical Martial Law, Solutions and Agorism

HomeRemedySupply says: Dec 1st – TuesdayHealth-Care Workers & Nursing Home Residents First In Line For Vaccine, CDC Panel Votes EXCERPTS By a vote of 13-1, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) panel (The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices or the ACIP). has decided that health-care workers and long-term care facility residents will receive […]

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