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National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine reports on space nuclear propulsion

A  report advocating rocket propulsion by nuclear power for U.S. missions to Mars, written by a committee packed with individuals deeply involved in nuclear power, was issued last week by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. The 104-page report also lays out “synergies” in space nuclear activities between the National Aeronautics and Space […]

Examining how Psychedelic Medicine can help Mental Health

February 17, 2021 by A J-Wire community service announcement Read on for article Sydney’s Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins will lead a health discussion on trials now also underway for dementia, OCD and eating disorders examining the evidence for psychedelic-assisted therapy and investigate the potential applications of this novel therapy. Tania de Jong Our mental health epidemic […]

Medicine is Based on Power, Money & Control

Gary D. Barnett — Medicine is Based on Power, Money & Control Henry Makow “With any consideration whatsoever of the current fraudulent ‘pandemic,’ the only conclusion to be reached is that the entirety of this mainstream medical system is based on money, power, & control. Those are the same agendas of the ruling class and […]

The Plant Spirit School: Ancient Medicine for Modern Times – FREE 5-Day Online Event

Can psychedelics heal humanity’s global mental health crisis? Psychedelic medicine is heralded as the new frontier of psychotherapy, even though many psychoactive plants have long been used ceremonially by indigenous cultures. If you’re interested in navigating the Psychedelic Renaissance and Global Shamanic Revival safely, responsibly and with integrity, you won’t want to miss this ground-breaking FREE […]

The Three Apartheids Of Our Times (Money, Medicine, Food)

Above photo: Willie Bester (South Africa), Cross Roads, 1991. In the early months after the World Health Organisation announced the coronavirus pandemic, the Indian novelist Arundhati Roy wrote of her hope that the pandemic would be a ‘portal, a gateway between one world and the next’. She hoped, in other words, that the world would recognise its grave problems, […]

Wolf Prize in medicine goes to RNA researchers whose work enabled development of COVID-19 vaccines

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Stay silent, please! France’s Academy of Medicine advises people to ‘avoid talking’ on public transport to stop spread of Covid-19

The French National Academy of Medicine has urged people to quit the chatter on packed buses and trains, where social distancing is impossible. The country’s health minister earlier asked everyone to wear better quality masks. “The compulsory mask-wearing on public transport, where physical distance cannot be respected, must be paired with a very simple precaution: […]

Professor of Medicine Brags About Wearing Two Face Masks to Inauguration Despite Having Been Vaccinated

A professor of medicine and frequent CNN guest bragged about wearing two face masks to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration despite having already received a COVID-19 vaccine, but later deleted the tweet after receiving criticism. Megan L Ranney MD posted a photo of herself wearing two masks alongside the words, “Off I go to #Inauguration21….with an […]

Psycho-Acoustic Medicine: Science Behind Sound Healing For Serotonin Production

The Facts: A number of studies and experiments have shown that sound can be used as medicine for various ailments and diseases. Reflect On: Is our modern day medical industry truly interested in the health and well-being of people, or do profit and control take more priority? Mental illness has reached an all time high […]

Allopathic Medicine

allopathy [əˈlɒpəθi] NOUN the treatment of disease by conventional means, i.e. with drugs having effects opposite to the symptoms.Often contrasted with homeopathy. The word “allopathic” comes from the Greek “allos” — meaning “opposite” — and “pathos” — meaning “to suffer.” This word was coined by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in the 1800s. It roughly refers […]

Important info from a Cardiologist: “Academic medicine is committing a fraud” with the Big Lie about HCQ (MUST-WATCH/SHARE 2-minute video)

[embedded content] wolfgang wind “There were fraudulent papers, published by individuals interested in doing evil to the world with respect to HCQ.” Share this: Like this: Like Loading… 00 Hits: 13

Norouzi re-elected as head of Iran’s Sports Medicine Federation

TEHRAN – Gholamreza Norouzi was re-elected as head of Iran’s Sports Medicine Federation on Monday for a four-year term till 2025. In the elections held at the Iran’s Academy Olympic, Norouzi secured 27 of 43 votes cast. “We will keep the sports at the forefront of the fight against doping,” Norouzi said. “We want to […]

Using Ayurvedic Medicine to Fight the Common Cold and Flu

Since ancient times people have had to deal with runny and stuffy noses, coughs, body aches, chills, and all the other unpleasantness that accompanies being bitten by a winter bug. While there is no cure for the common cold, there are ways to make the symptoms a little more manageable and many of them are […]

Modern Medicine as Satanic Cult

Modern Medicine as Satanic Cult Henry Makow How could a large segment of the medical profession collude with the Illuminati bankers in bringing society to its knees? Modern medicine is a branch of the Illuminati, a satanic cult which controls and exploits society by making people sick. See how the profession is ruled on pain […]

Awaken and Master Your Body’s Natural Inner Medicine With Qigong- FREE Online Event

During this time of upheaval and grief, many of us — to put it simply and understatedly — aren’t doing so great. While feelings of sadness and anxiety are normal during a global crisis like this, stress can impact people in a variety of harmful ways, both physically and mentally, even in the best of […]

Prof of Medicine treating CV patients insists prevention with Ivermectin works & pleads for a review of the data

The good Doctor who takes his oath seriously insists that Ivermectin has been proven to work & cites the statistics from among his peers. He says that prevention is effective with Ivermectin & describes how the people he is seeing dying cannot breathe. These deaths are needless he says. I have posted other Doctors also […]

Medicine Of The Gods: Egyptian Secret Book Of The Physician

As in many other areas of endeavor, the Egyptians had a very good reputation for their medical skills – diplomatic letters often made requests for remedies, including the seemingly miraculous, when even the Egyptians saw the joke as in the surviving reply of Ramses the Great to the Hittite king Hattusili who had requested a […]

Pinterest Bans Natural Medicine Information But Allows Minors To View Porn & Violent Content

479 Shares  The extreme censorship of vaccine safety information by tech giants and social media companies is nothing short of astonishing. Pinterest has now banned GreenMedInfo’s account to prevent them from posting scientifically-validated vaccine safety information that could help save lives. Yet at the same time, Pinterest openly allows minors to view pornographic content and […]

COVID-19 Has A 99.95% Survival Rate For People Under 70 – Stanford Professor of Medicine

The Facts: Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, MD, PhD, from the Stanford University School of Medicine recently shared that the survival rate for people under 70 years of age is about 99.95 percent. He also said that COVID is less dangerous than the flu for children. Reflect On: Why is there such a large divide between so […]

Energy Medicine and Healing 5-Day FREE Online Event

You are an electrical being. Your entire nervous system — an electromagnetic web interweaving every major organ — is interlaced with every other system of your marvelous body. Did you know that you can cultivate and groom this diffuse, exquisite web of energy using therapeutic practices… starting right now? Find out more at this FREE 5-Day […]

Indigenous Plant Medicine Rituals for Purification and Protection: Experience the Power of Smudging and Limpias – FREE Online Event

2020 is not done with us yet. Against a backdrop of political turmoil, natural disasters and the resurgence of Covid-19, it could be a stressful end to this challenging year. Our ancestors created practices and rituals for times like these – to keep us grounded and help us heal on a purely energetic level, before […]

The Medicine Wheel: An Embodied Non-Linear Data Transformation Tool

Medicine Wheels simultaneously represent time and space as well as the transcendence of the limits of time and space. So, like a seed comes from what came before and contains what will be, Medicine Wheels are living non-linear thought tools embodying all wisdom.  Traditional depiction of four-fold Medicine Wheel. (Image: Courtesy © The Orange Snowman […]

Radical Energy Medicine for Your Most Deep-Rooted Blocks to Wellbeing: FREE Online Workshop

How might your life change if you could easily clear energies that are blocking you from feeling strong, peaceful, happy, and healthy? Gamma Consciousness — a brainwave state used by ancient shamans and modern-day energy medicine healers — provides us with a powerful means for activating the energetic shifts necessary to unlock our body’s ability […]

Ancient Herbal Medicine And What To Use At Home To Stay Healthy Today!

“Let food be thy medicine.” – Hippocrates You’d be surprised how your knowledge of natural healing medicines can benefit from the wisdom of our ancient ancestors. Herbal medicine has been in use since at least the Paleolithic period . Archaeologists working in northern Iraq, for example, found a selection of plant pollen from mallows, grape […]

Nazism, COVID-19 and the destruction of modern medicine (Video)

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Militarized Psychiatry vs Plant Medicine

October 20th, 2020 By Sergey Baranov Contributing writer for Wake Up World A spoon of cactus juice a day keeps the doctor away. A new development in the psychiatric field deserves attention, but not because it is promising and hopeful. A recent article published by the University of North Carolina makes a few important points. First is the […]

Could antibody generation change medicine?

We’re living through a global pandemic and one thing on everyone’s mind is antibodies. Everyone is talking about them, everyone is testing for them, and we’re all wondering what impact this focus will have on the future of medicine. What are antibodies, how do they help us fight diseases like COVID-19, and how do they […]

ACH (1360) Jimmie Moglia – Covid, Medicine, And Charlatanry

ACH (1360) Jimmie Moglia – Covid, Medicine, And CharlatanryTHE ACH SHOW In today’s show originally broadcast on October 9 2020, Andy is joined by Jimmie Moglia, for a show entitled, “Covid, Medicine, And Charlatanry.” We discussed: the dubiousness of the pandemic; when charlatanry nearly became accepted as medicine; the origins of the charlatans; Machiavelli’s criticism […]

New England Journal of Medicine Breaks Non-Political Policy, Urges to Vote Trump Out Without naming names, editors of the longest-running US medical journal have outright adopted the platform of Democratic candidate Joe Biden, urging Americans to vote out their “political leaders” over their Covid-19 response. Titled ‘Dying in a Leadership Vacuum,’ the editorial – dated October 8 but made public on Wednesday – says the US leadership “failed” the Covid-19 […]

‘Lockdown Is More Harmful Than COVID’ – Stanford Professor of Medicine

People around the world are watching as U.K. Judge Vanessa Baraitser hears arguments and decides whether or not to extradite Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange to the U.S. While the Obama administration chose not to charge Assange, wary of the precedent it might set in criminalizing journalism, the Trump administration indicted him with 18 criminal charges that may land Assange in one of the U.S.’s most notorious prisons […]

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