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Melbourne celebrates the end of a gruelling four-month lockdown

People have been celebrating in Melbourne after coming out of a four-month lockdown. Bars and shops have reopened in Australia’s second-biggest city, with stay-at-home orders and forced closures of so-called non-essential business coming to an end. Victoria state was the epicentre of Australia’s second wave, with an outbreak that peaked at more than 700 daily […]

Sydney To Open Lockdown-Themed Amusement Park For New Zealanders Who Want The Full Melbourne Experience | The Shovel

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Weekly “surveillance testing” set for ‘high-risk’ Melbourne workplaces

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Selling lies? Adverts for crisis actors in Melbourne

I recently mentioned this scenario regarding crisis actor adverts. One of our readers (thanks Warren) sent a satirical video on topic. You can watch that here. EWR Screen shot of the ads below, article further down: From Melbourne Hiring actors to ‘play people affected by lock down’ in a storyline of how they are […]

Melbourne Police Surround & Arrest 2 Elderly Women Resting On Park Bench For “COVID Violation”

By Tyler Durden “Victoria Police have lost all commonsense,” one Australian eyewitness quipped upon posting a video showing police telling a 38-week pregnant woman she can’t sit down due to coronavirus and social distancing enforcement measures. It’s one of many recent viral videos to come out of Australia’s southeast state of Victoria, home to Melbourne, showing […]

Huge Anti-Bill Gates Mural Appears in Melbourne as Crowds Chant ‘Arrest Bill Gates’ at Protests

A huge street art mural depicting a smiling Bill Gates holding a syringe and saying “Time to install your update” has appeared in Melbourne, Australia, as the nation continues to revolt against “harsh censorship, wall to wall surveillance, the digitalization of currency and rigid social controls including oppressive lockdowns.“ The mural was signed by @Lushsux, […]

Melbourne, Australia: Brutal Police State to Enforce Masks – Wake Up Australia Our Freedoms Are Being Destroyed!

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[embedded content]… [embedded content].. Global Destruction, 
The COVID-19 Lockdown: Economic and Social Impacts Planned Destruction of World-wide Economy What we have to realize is that the global, country-by-country destruction – happening simultaneously – is not a coincidence. It has been planned for decades. Thousands of pages were written alone for the preparation of such documents, […]

London protests, Berlin protests and Melbourne lockdown (Video) — The Duran

[embedded content] Via DW ()… Some 45 police officers were reportedly injured in Berlin on Saturday as they tried to break up a large gathering of people demonstrating against coronavirus restrictions, including the face mask requirement. 151 more words via London protests, Berlin protests and Melbourne lockdown (Video) — The Duran Share this: Like this: Like […]

Melbourne police captured on CCTV taking down & beating disabled man

Dramatic video has emerged of several cases in which Victoria police have allegedly gone too far, with people bashed and brutalised during arrests. Now Victoria Police’s internal investigation of complaints is being questioned. ABC News reports: John installed a CCTV system at his house in Melbourne’s northern suburbs after it was burgled a […]

African Gangs: the Plague Upon Melbourne, Australia

By Thomas Müller Australia is suffering from the same type of Saul Alinskyite neo-Marxist infestation as Sweden. Fifth columnists infiltrated the judiciary, media, police and government. This is NOT organic, and it has manifested itself in the form of rampaging mobs dominated by black African youth. Presented below is a sampling of videos illustrating this issue. Keep in mind […]

Melbourne Car Attack Hoax Aimed to Demonize Afghanistan Muslims

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More Than a Dozen Injured as Driver Deliberately Plows Into Melbourne Crowd

Editor’s note: Police said the incident was likely not terrorism. This is very obviously a complete denial of reality and a pathetically ham-handed attempt at narrative control. Mundilfury. A man rammed a car into pedestrians and Christmas shoppers in a bustling area of Australia’s second-largest city on Thursday, injuring at least 18 other people in […]

Multiple Injuries Reported After Car Plows Into Central Melbourne Shoppers In "Deliberate Act"; Driver Arrested

A 32 year old Australian citizen of Afghan descent with a history of drug problems has been arrested in Melbourne, Australia after a white Suzuki SUV was driven into a crowd of downtown Christmas shoppers at around 4:40pm. Fourteen people were injured, some critically. “There was no attempt to brake, no attempt to […]

Melbourne car ramming: 32yo driver has a history of drug use and mental health issues

19 people injured as car ‘deliberately’ hits pedestrians in Melbourne Speaking at a press conference, Melbourne authorities said the driver was “known to police” and remains in custody. However, they said they “don’t at this time have any evidence or intelligence to indicate a connection with terrorism.” A 24-year-old male was also arrested at the […]

The Woman That’s Changing The Lives Of Melbourne’s Homeless By Buying Them Houses

When you grow up with so much privilege, and are surrounded by people within the same or similar social class as you, it can be easy to take things for granted. We get so stressed out and consumed by our daily lives that we often forget to express gratitude for the little things in life. […]

Chinese vs African Invaders in Melbourne, Australia

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Stop Using One Study To Pretend Racism Doesn’t Exist In Police Shootings

Above: A demonstrator raises his hands in front of police in riot gear during protests in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US, July 10, 2016. — Reuters This week, a new study reported by the New York Times made waves in the ongoing national discourse on race and policing. “Surprising New Evidence Shows Bias in Police Use of Force but […]

1989 “Sound of Silence” Patent Reveals Military Mind Control Secret

A patent was taken out in 1989 by one Oliver M. Lowery for something called a “silent subliminal presentation system” that seems to describe a device that would download information to the subconscious brain via an inaudible signal that would be picked up by the ear and decoded (1). The applications for such a device, […]

AfD Polls 24% in Saxony

In what can be regarded as a major setback for the pro-invasion parties in Germany, the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) has polled at least 24 percent of the vote in Saxony-Anhalt, 14 percent in Baden-Württemberg, and 12 percent in Rhineland Palatinate during state elections today. The projections will be finalized as all the results […]

Florida Chiropracter Suddenly Dies Despite Being ‘Hearty and Healthy’

A wave of mysterious deaths continues to plague practitioners in the field of holistic medicine, including chiropractors, herbalists and other alternative healers, with the latest fatality involving a licensed chiropractor who also worked as a full-time teacher. Dr. Rod Floyd, Associate Professor and Faculty-Clinician with the Palmer College of Chiropractic at the Port Orange, Fla. […]

Spike Lee urges affirmative action in Hollywood, Michael Moore joins Oscar boycott

Lee, who was awarded an honorary Oscar in November, said on Tuesday Hollywood had fallen behind the worlds of music and sports, saying it makes sense businesswise for the movie and TV industry to reflect the racial diversity of the United States. “As I Said In My Honorary Oscar Acceptance Speech, It’s Easier For An […]

Controlled Media and Black Mall Riots

Thousands of blacks have once again rioted at shopping malls across America over the past weekend—but the controlled media is still pretending not to notice the race of the rioters, describing them as “teens” and “youths.” The largest riot took place at the Mall St. Matthews in Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday, December 26, when […]

“Municipal crack cocaine” Chicago’s crony red light camera scam (Video)

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First US Trade Union Endorses BDS Of Israel

Print Friendly A BDS demonstration in Melbourne, Australia, 2010.Mohammed Ouda/Wikimedia Commons One of the more prominent industrial unions in the U.S. voted to endorse the goals of the worldwide boycott, divestment and sanction (BDS) movement against Israel, citing “its long history of violating the human rights of the Palestinians,” thus purportedly becoming the first nationwide union […]

Julian Assange’s Ties to Nazi Jew illuminati Cult

Julian Assange’s Ties to Nazi Cult ASSANGE – THE ashkeNAZI ✡ FAMILY – MIND CONTROL . It is believed that Julian Assange was mind controlled while he was a member of the cult known as ‘The Family’. The Family was also known as the Santiniketan Park Association and the Great White Brotherhood. ‘The Family’ beat, starved […]

Australian Jewish Pedophile Appeals His Already Too Lenient Sentence of 8 Years for Sodomizing 9 Boys

Forward February 24, 2014 David Cyprys. David Cyprys is appealing his sentence of 8 years for numerous rapes of young boys during the 80s and 90s. He admitted to raping 8 of the victims after being found guilty on another child rape charge. He taught karate and worked as a security guard at Chabad-Lubavitch school […]

Anzac sacrifice commemorated at dawn services

Updated April 25, 2013 09:40:28 ANZAC’s sacrificed their lives for the criminal Jewish Governments in the name of greed and control Video: Watch Anzac Day commemorations on ABC News 24 (ABC News) Photo: More than 10,000 people attended the Brisbane service to remember Australia’s fallen soldiers. (ABC News: Giulio Saggin) Australians have attended dawn services […]

Craig Thomson MP – Who’s paying his legal bills? Which union is it?

Federal MP Craig Thomson has an estimated legal bill of $300,000 for his current criminal and civil proceedings which he is defending. So who is paying the bill? It is only a couple of years ago that the NSW Labor party had to pay $350,000 in legal bills for Mr Thomson so he did not go bankrupt and get […]

Ellen wants to call Australia home

Ellen and Portia talk to Tracy Grimshaw of A Current Affair at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Melbourne. Vision courtesy of Nine. TV STAR Ellen DeGeneres said she could imagine living in Australia one day as she and wife Portia de Rossi attended an exclusive cocktail party in Melbourne. “I shouldn’t put it out there, […]

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