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From The Memory of The People: Flowers, Dancing and a Defeated “Israeli” Occupation Army

By Nour Rida Lebanon – Many are the photos and videos that rerun the joy and emotions of people returning to their homes and villages in Lebanon, after long years of “Israeli” occupation to their land. 25 May, celebrated as a national holiday and considered as one of the most important days in Lebanon’s modern […]

Why Israel Fears the Nakba: How Memory Became Palestine’s Greatest Weapon

On May 15, thousands of Palestinians in Occupied Palestine and throughout the ‘shatat’, or diaspora, participated in the commemoration of Nakba Day, the one event that unites all Palestinians, regardless of their political differences or backgrounds. For years, social media has added a whole new stratum to this process of commemoration. #Nakba72, along with #NakbaDay and […]

Orwellian ‘memory hole’ in action? Stealth removal of CNN clip supporting Biden sex assault claim proves MSM’s double standards

Nearly 30 years ago, the mother of Tara Reade, the former Senate staffer who accused Biden of sexual assault, called into ‘Larry King Live’ to ask for advice about what a staffer who’s had to leave her post because of “problems” might do, besides run to the press. The call – vague, but troubling in […]

Bad memory foam: Worker trapped by GIANT WAVES of flame retardant in Spain (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Video shared by the local fire crews who were tasked with rescuing the stricken worker at 4am Monday morning shows the true extent of the foamy flood in the streets of an industrial estate in Zaragoza. “Overnight, we were called to a logistics company’s premises in which the fire suppression system had been activated,” the […]

A good night’s sleep linked to better memory, especially in the elderly

(Natural News) Many Americans get less than the recommended amount of sleep. Poor sleep has been linked to a variety of chronic diseases like heart disease, obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Now, recent research suggests that poor sleep can also deteriorate memory performance, especially in older adults. The National Sleep Foundation‘s inaugural […]

In Memory Of Catherine J. Frompovich — Health Advocate and Activist

February 14, 2020 By Michael Edwards, Editor I am sad to report that today, February 14, 2020, Activist Post and the wider independent media community has lost one of its greatest contributors: Catherine J. Frompovich. Regular readers should be familiar with her depth of knowledge on many issues, but it was her twin focus of […]

Study shows "brain zapping" can help improve your memory

(Natural News) A new study, published in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, found that giving your brain a tiny zap can help stimulate parts of it that deal with memory, specifically the prefrontal cortex. Participants of this study were around 15.4 percent more likely to recall fuzzy memories, according to co-author of the study Jesse Rissman, […]

1984 was not an instruction manual: Trying to memory-hole ‘climate hysteria’ will only create more climate change skeptics

An annual ritual by German linguists and journalists to exile a term from the language subjected the term “klimahysterie” (“climate hysteria”) to the linguistic equivalent of burning at the stake earlier this month, naming it the “un-word of the year” because it “defames climate protection efforts and the climate protection movement, and discredits important discussions […]

Attempts to Remove Morales’ Memory from Bolivia Will Likely Reinvigorate an Anti-Imperialist Struggle

Last Wednesday, the coup government of Bolivia launched a massive military operation claiming to be a pre-emptive strike against the expected violence to occur this Wednesday during Plurinational State Foundation Day celebrations that memorializes the change in the name of the country and the adoption of a new constitution in 2009 under the Presidency of […]

It’s inhumane of Poland to obscure the memory of the ocean of blood the Soviet Army shed to defeat Hitler

On 29 December, the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, issued a blistering attack on President Putin, accusing him of “lying” about the history of the Second World War and about Poland’s role in it. Morawiecki claimed that the USSR “started” the Second World War by signing the non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany on 23 August […]

National Socialists Honour Daniel Wretström’s Memory

ON 9th December, National Socialists honoured the memory of Daniel Wretström on the anniversary of his murder. The young nationalist Daniel Wretström was assaulted and tortured to death on 9th December 19 years ago by a gang of immigrants in Salem, Greater Stockholm. The gang attacked Daniel while he was waiting at a bus stop […]

Not just for the eyes: Lutein also boosts memory, says study

(Natural News) Lutein is known for its ability to support eye health. But a recent study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign revealed that the carotenoid can also help in boosting memory, especially for people suffering from obesity. For the study, the team collected dietary data from the participants — all of whom […]

If memory serves, can it be trained? A new study offers hope

If there is one thing that all human beings seem to have in common, it is the fear of losing their memories. After all, memory shapes our personality, determines how we see ourselves, and contributes to shared experiences on multiple levels. Losing one’s memory is akin to losing an entire life history. The 21st century […]

A dreadful three days of ongoing coverage, and a photo that will stay in my memory

As soon as the renewed Israeli attacks started on the Gaza Strip on November 12, Mohammed Zaanoun, an award-winning photographer and member of the photo collective Activestills, rushed outside with his camera and once again documented the horrendous consequences on Israeli attacks; running between the locations of the bombings, the hospitals, and the funerals. According […]

Brain Exercises: 12 Simple Ways to Stimulate Your Mind and Memory

October 22nd, 2019 By Dr. Edward F. Group Guest Writer for Wake Up World Did you know your brain can atrophy or shrink if you don’t train it regularly? When the brain atrophies, your ability to remember, think clearly, and make decisions shrinks, as well. The good news? You can strengthen your mental acuity with brain exercises! […]

Hafez as fresh as flower in public memory: Minister

IRNA – Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Abbas Salehi said on Friday that Hafez is the most popular poet who is as fresh as a spring flower in the public memory. Addressing a ceremony commemorating Hafez in Shiraz on Friday, he added that some section of Hafez’ eternality lies in the fact that the […]

13 Ways to Improve Memory Naturally

September 20th, 2019 By Dr. Edward F. Group Guest Writer for Wake Up World Why can’t I recall her name? Where is my cell phone? I just had it! What was I supposed to buy at the grocery store? When older adults notice their memory slipping, it’s natural to feel frustrated or nervous. You may even wonder: […]

Magnetic stimulation of the brain can help prevent age-related memory decline, suggest researchers

Google has declared war on the independent media and has begun blocking emails from NaturalNews from getting to our readers. We recommend as a free, uncensored email receiving service, or as a free, encrypted email send and receive service. That’s okay. Continue with my Gmail address… […]

Memory loss or lying? Joe Biden’s constant gaffes should worry Democrats

Biden relayed a moving story of military heroism and his own role in honoring a US Navy captain to a rapt audience last week. The problem was, as the Washington Post reported, “almost every detail in the story appears to be incorrect.” In fact, Biden combined elements of three different events into “one story of […]

Vitamin D supplementation found to prevent decline in memory and learning, research finds

(Natural News) Vitamin D is well-known for having a wide range of beneficial effects on the human body. The so-called “sunshine vitamin” is responsible for better bone health, a stronger immune system, improved lung function, and a healthier heart. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to a higher risk of hypertension (high blood […]

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