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Atlantean Temples of Mexico: The Sacred Valley Of Tepoztlàn

Nestled in a sacred valley, at an altitude of about 1,700 meters (5,560 feet) above sea level, to the south of Mexico City, lies the town of Tepoztlán. The surrounding landscape has been shaped by millions of years of volcanic eruptions and erosion. Due to its unusually mild climate and the presence of many caves […]

Will Pope Apologize to Mexico for Church Complicity during Spanish Conquest?

The President of Mexico has written a letter to Pope Francis asking for an apology over the Catholic Church’s role in the brutal repression of indigenous people during the Spanish conquest of the Central American nation. Almost 500 years ago, the Spanish conquered the Aztec Empire , a historic event followed by the brutal exploitation […]

The Powerful and Mysterious Spider Woman of Mexico

The Spider Woman of Teotihuacan continues to be one of the most mysterious figures of ancient Mexican culture.  She is also known as the Great Goddess, but since 1983 Spider Woman has become the most popular reference to her. The Spider Woman is depicted on several murals at the pre-Columbian site of Teotihuacan and “she” […]

Wreck of Maya Slave Ship Found in Gulf of Mexico

A shipwreck identified in the Gulf of Mexico has thrown a light on a forgotten and dark episode in Mexican history. Archaeologists have identified a 19th-century slave ship. Before it sank, this vessel was involved in the enslavement of indigenous Maya people, during a bloody revolt known as the War of the Castes in Mexico’s […]

Mexico City’s Mammoth Skeleton Site Grows to World’s Largest Find

Archaeologists excavating the world’s earliest mammoth traps in Mexico have now recovered the bones of 200 mammoth skeletons , in total, leading them to call the area where they were found “mammoth central.” The additional mammoth skeletons are an exceptional find and are providing more information about how they were hunted by ancient peoples in […]

New Mexico Governer Lujan Grisham wants mask and social distancing forever

NM GOVERNOR LUJAN GRISHAM SAID THAT THE CURRENT COVID MEASURES ARE THE “RIGHT PUBLIC HEALTH PATH FOREVER IRRESPECTIVE OF COVID.” She was referring specifically to social distancing, mask wearing, and mass gathering restrictions. She said, “Let’s hold these behaviors beyond the vaccine, because these are good public health behaviors that will prevent the spread of […]

UFO videos filmed at ‘magic town’ of Tepoztlan, Mexico

     Locals captured this really interesting footage of a UFO activity in the sky above Tepoztlan, Mexico. Source Article from Hits: 0

VIDEO: The Zionist Lobbies At Work In Mexico

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Dozens more caravan asylum seekers let in to U.S. from Mexico

Dozens more caravan asylum seekers let in to U.S. from Mexico Reuters May 4, 2018 Dozens more Central American caravan migrants were let into the United States to begin pleading their case for asylum on Thursday despite sharp criticism from U.S. President Donald Trump, bringing the total to 158 since last weekend. Seventy men, women […]

US-Mexico Border Invaders “Back to Obama-Levels” with 230% Increase

The number of nonwhite invaders seeking to force their way into America to parasite off the white-created society is back to Obama-era levels with a 23o percent in April 2018 compared to April 2017—and more than 159 fakers from the “migrant caravan” have now applied for “asylum” from their self-created disaster zones in Central America. […]

From Brazil to Ecuador to US, Mexico’s Labor Unions Learn Lessons of Trusting “Progressive” Presidents

MEXICO CITY, —  With a presidential election approaching, the crowds assembling here Tuesday for International Workers’ Day — or May Day, as it’s know the world over — were more animated than usual, the floats and rallies resembling performance art. Thousands poured into Mexico City’s main square, the Zocalo, to hang in effigy the wage-killing […]

Mexico: 7,667 Murders in Just Three Months

Mexico registered 7,667 murders during the first three months of 2018, as violence continues to spiral out of control, with one of the latest incident being a brazen attack on a tourist beach in Cancun by gunmen on water scooters. The 7,667 murders are an increase of 20 percent on the number of murders during […]

Mexico’s Murderous Election Sees 82 Killed—So Far

“Democracy” as it is practiced in the Third World (and soon coming to white nations if the nonwhite invasion is not halted) is a murderous affair, as evidenced by the fact that at least 82 candidates and office holders have been murdered in Mexico since campaigning began last September in the run up to the […]

Facebook User Shoots Live Footage Of Multiple UFOs In Front Of Her Condo In Baja, Mexico

Next Story Recent release of multiple Department of Defence videos of UFOs from several countries has sparked more interest in the UFO phenomenon, the latest example came from the United States, with a quick release of three UFOs shot by military pilots. In all cases, the observed phenomenon displayed characteristics that are not consistent with […]

Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico erupts and sends huge plume of smoke and flaming debris into the sky

     This is the incredible moment a volcano explodes into life sending a huge cloud of smoke into the sky and flaming debris flying. The Popocatepetl volcano, located between the central Mexican states of Morelos, Puebla and Mexico, burst into life. In the video, a huge plume of black smoke can be seen coming out […]

Caravan of 1,500 Central American Migrant Families Crossing Mexico to Reach U.S. Border

A caravan of more than 1,500 familes including men, women, and children are making their way from Central America through Mexico and are expected to arrive at the US-Mexico Border in the coming days to request refugee status. Does this mean you’re blocking the “caravan” of invaders arriving today? You have every technology available to […]

Human Rights in Mexico, From Crisis to Catastrophe

MEXICO CITY — Thirty-one-year-old photojournalist Ruben Espinosa was murdered the first time in July of 2015, when he and four women were fatally shot, execution style, with a 9-millimeter handgun, inside an apartment in a middle-class neighborhood of Mexico City. Three of the women were likely in the wrong place at the wrong time; the […]

The cost of clean-up: Oil spill responders in the Gulf of Mexico exposed to chemical dispersants now have health issues

(Natural News) Cleaning up oil spills is always a dirty and dangerous job, but a new study revealed its hidden health cost. According to Environmental Health Perspectives, two of the chemical dispersants used to clear up the Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010 have been linked to numerous health problems reported by oil spill response […]

Giant “Skeletons of Enormous Size” Discovered In New Mexico – New York Times Article From 1902

Next Story Researcher Graham Hancock coined the phrase, ‘we’re like a species with amnesia,’ and it’s true. Despite the fact that it seems the story of human history is well uncovered, every single year there are new discoveries made that challenge what we once held to be true. In some cases, there are discoveries which […]

Hundreds Of Birds Suddenly Fall from the Sky In Mexico

Hundreds of birds, normally flying in large swarms in the city center, suddenly fell from the sky just in front of the State Government building of Parral, Mexico, baffling onlookers and officials, who have no ideas what just happened in front of them on February 25, 2018. The official version is a mysterious […]

5.9 magnitude quake shakes Oaxaca, Mexico — USGS

The quake rocked Oaxaca state in southwestern Mexico, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The epicenter, which lay at a depth of 40km, was close to the city of Pinotepa Nacional, which has a population of 26,000. The earthquake woke residents of Mexico City, with many people running into the streets. This is […]

From Mexico to Africa, israel’s dark history of training war criminals, gangs and oppression

Despite its apartheid policies toward Palestinians and other minorities, Israel is often cited as the Middle East’s only democracy and a preserver of human rights within the region. Not only does this public image sharply contrast with the reality of Israel’s brutal treatment of Occupied Palestine and the country’s institutional racism, but its government also […]

New Mexico Lawmakers Rally Around Spaceport Secrecy Bill

New Mexico lawmakers rallied Friday around a proposal to provide greater confidentiality for aerospace companies working out of a taxpayer-funded space launch facility in southern New Mexico, over the objections of open-government advocates. A Senate panel unanimously endorsed a bill that would provide exceptions to state open-records law for information about tenants […]

Massive alert in Mexico after radioactive device stolen

The item in question is a nuclear densometer which is used in geotechnical engineering to measure density. It contains radioactive material and there are fears such material could be used to make a “dirty bomb.” The theft of the device took place in the city of León in the state of Guanajuata on Thursday morning. […]

Mexico: the Volcano of Resistance Is About to Explode

For those interested in social movements, the 21st century began in Mexico with the uprising of the indigenous Zapatista rebellion in Chiapas. Their fight has been a source of inspiration for many other revolutionary movements around the world. During the following years, Mexican civil society acquired a certain prominence in the so-called “transition to democracy”. […]

New Mexico school raises money by raffling off guns, few freak, most like it…

 A New Mexico school has been holding a gun raffle fundraiser for years, but the idea is rubbing some parents the wrong way. The Estancia Valley Classical Academy’s fundraising arm, made up of staff and parents, hosts several fundraisers a year to go towards a new school building. The big-ticket items at […]

Going Underground – Red International Black Caribbean – Communists in NYC, Mexico & the West Indies w/ Prof Stevens

Going Underground – Red International Black Caribbean – Communists in NYC, Mexico & the West Indies w/ Prof Stevens Going Underground with Afshin We speak to Professor Margaret Stevens, author of ‘Red International and Black Caribbean’, about the continued fight against NATO nation imperialism being waged today by the world’s working classes. LIKE Going […]

New Mexico Governor Wants to Grant Immunity to Police

SANTA FE, New Mexico – A years-old debate over use of force by police could resurface in the coming 30-day legislative session, as Gov. Susana Martinez plans to push legislation that would grant legal immunity to New Mexico law enforcement officers for actions in the line of duty. The Republican governor, a former prosecutor, says […]

Mexico Legalizes the Sale of Certain Medical Cannabis Products for 2018

Vic Bishop, Staff WriterWaking Times As cannabis prohibition slowly winds down in North America, millions of people are able to access many forms of recreational and medicinal marijuana. In September, Canada announced plans to open hundreds or recreational stores, offering its citizens a chance to indulge risk-free in the consumption of a plant. In […]

Russia-Mexico ties are warm… even without election meddling – Lavrov jokes in RT interview

Russian meddling in Binomo? US continues to ‘remind’ Moscow of its place, UN envoy tells pranksters Speaking to RT Espanol’s Aliana Nieves on Monday, Sergey Lavrov said recent developments in Latin America, where some leftist governments were forced out or were defeated by right-wing parties, did not affect the region’s relations with Russia. Some countries […]

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