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Europe’s closed borders push migrants to make dangerous Alpine crossing into France

As borders within Europe become increasingly difficult to cross due to pandemic restrictions, some migrants and asylum seekers that entered Europe through the Balkans are trying to reach France by hiking across the Alps from Italy. The Italian-French Alps can represent the last difficult border crossing in migrants’ arduous journey. But hiking across them, especially […]

EXCLUSIVE: CDC COVID Order to Quickly Return Migrants to Mexico May End Within Two Weeks

Senior-level U.S. Customs and Border Protection sources report the Title 42 Centers for Disease Control emergency order will be vacated in as soon as one week, but a 7-day extension is under consideration. The development comes as local border communities are struggling to cope with already increased arrivals and releases of asylum seekers. The emergency […]

Suffocating migrants rescued from tiny, airless compartment in truck

Police in Slovenia have rescued 13 Iraqi migrants who were found hidden in a truck, suffering from dehydration and a lack of oxygen. Authorities in Novo Mesto discovered the group, including two children, on Tuesday during a routine check at the border with Croatia. Some of the migrants needed medical attention, police said in a […]

Biden to Allow 25,000 Migrants Seeking Asylum Into US

Joe Biden is to allow at least 25,000 migrants seeking asylum, but forced to wait in Mexico under Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” program, into the United States while their immigration cases go through the legal system. The asylum seekers will be tested for Covid-19 before they enter the US and will start coming across a […]

Watch: On board with Open Arms rescue ship as 40 migrants are saved in Mediterranean

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the cooler winter months, migrants are still making the perilous journey across the Mediterranean from northern Africa to Europe as rescue charity Open Arms also continues to scour the sea. For several days last week, Euronews joined the Spanish-led team as they helped rescue those making the crossing, all the […]

NEW: Joe Biden to Allow 25,000 Migrants Seeking Asylum Into US Amid Covid Pandemic

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Biden Regime Halts Deportation of Criminal African Migrants ‘Due to Black History Month’

By Chris Menahan Joe Biden’s acting ICE director, Tae Johnson, halted deportation flights of criminal African migrants because they were “scheduled during Black History Month,” according to a report from the Washington Post. From Washington Post: When ICE scheduled a deportation flight to Africa for earlier this month, lawyers and activist groups sent urgent requests […]

Border Patrol Relies on Texas Towns to Test Released Migrants for Coronavirus

The City of Brownsville, Texas, is administering voluntary COVID-19 tests to migrants recently released from Border Patrol custody. Although the first round was limited to pre-existing supply, the City later received an additional 10,000 test units from the State. Each costs approximately $100. The City of McAllen also received a shipment of 10,000 units for […]

COVID-19 vaccine: UK praised for making coronavirus jab available to migrants

The UK government said on Monday that all migrants living in the UK would be eligible for COVID-19 vaccination, whether or not they have the legal right to live and work in the country. It insists that getting the shot will not trigger immigration checks. Jagan Chapagain, Secretary-General of the International Federation of Red Cross […]

Hundreds of rescued migrants taken to Italian port, including eight with COVID-19

A rescue ship carrying 422 migrants docked in the Sicilian port of Augusta on Sunday. Eight of the passengers tested positive for COVID-19 in health checks by the Italian authorities. SOS Mediterranee, the humanitarian organisation that operates the vessel Ocean Viking, said Italy had granted permission to dock just as rain and strong winds were […]

EXCLUSIVE: Large Group of Haitian Migrants Cross Border into Texas

Border Patrol agents in the Del Rio Sector apprehended a large group of suspected Haitian migrants who illegally crossed the border from Mexico into Texas. Although apprehensions on the border garner little attention, the size of such groups and their country of origin does tell a story. An anonymous source reported the illegal entry and […]

Weary migrants wait at Guatemala roadblock as caravan stalls

A steep mountain and tall wall flanking the rural highway have allowed Guatemalan authorities to bottle up the group that had numbered about 2,000 when it pushed into Guatemala Friday night. Their ranks have reduced through attrition as some migrants have agreed to be bused back to the Honduran border. A Guatemalan official repeated that […]

NGO: Migrants should go back to Sudan post-normalization

An NGO involved with immigration says that an increasing number of Sudanese migrants in Israel should be on their way back now that Israel and Sudan have reached a normalization deal.In a recent interview, Yonatan Jakubowicz, executive director of the Israeli Immigration Policy Center, an NGO that campaigns for deporting Africans who arrived in Israel […]

Bosnia: Hundreds of migrants grappling with freezing temperatures in makeshift shelters

Hundreds of migrants in northwest Bosnia still sleeping rough in freezing temperatures that forecasters say could fall as low as -15C. Individuals and families, some with small children, are stranded near the border to Croatia, often used as the gateway to Europe. “The situation is very bad,” explained Muhammad Khan from Afghanistan. “The weather is […]

The Latest: UN: Pandemic reduced migrants by 2M by mid-2020

UNITED NATIONS — A new U.N. report estimates that the COVID-19 pandemic reduced the number of international migrants by 2 million by the middle of 2020 because of border closings and a halt to travel worldwide — an estimated 27% decrease in expected growth. Clare Menozzi, principal author of the report by the U.N. Department […]

Bosnia migrants: Around 850 being moved to heated tents amid freezing conditions in Lipa camp

An estimated 850 people were set to be moved into temporary heated tents at Lipa migrant camp by Saturday evening. “The authorities have taken charge, which is a really good thing, and are now in charge of running these new temporary locations,” Peter Van der Auweraert, the UN’s Western Balkans Coordinator told Euronews. “The key […]

Bosnia migrants ‘moved into heated tents’ amid more snowy weather

Bosnian authorities have started moving some migrants and refugees stuck at a burnt out camp into heated tents, the United Nations said, as fresh snow and freezing weather added to the misery of people stranded in the Balkan country while trying to reach Western Europe. Many migrants at the Lipa camp site were trying to […]

Migrants Look to Joe Biden to End Trump’s Anti-Fraud Initiative at Border

Migrants in Mexico are reportedly awaiting President-elect Joe Biden’s administration as they hope he will end President Donald Trump’s anti-fraud initiative at the United States-Mexico border that has deterred illegal immigration. Last year, Trump implemented the “Remain in Mexico” policy that allows Border Patrol agents to swiftly return migrants to Mexico while they await their […]

Cruz Blocks Democrat-Backed Bill that Would Open Pipeline of Migrants from Hong Kong to U.S.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), at the last minute on Friday, blocked a Democrat-backed bill that would have created a pipeline for Hong Kong citizens to come to the U.S. under Temporary Protection Status or asylum, which virtually would allow for a massive transfer of migrants into the country. The bill, the Hong Kong People’s Freedom […]

As Sudan forges ties with Israel, what status do migrants have?

What a difference a decade makes.About 10 years ago, African immigrants were pouring into Israel over the Sinai/Negev border in huge numbers. At the height of the early 2010s, the annual numbers reached almost 60,000.At different points the state ignored the issue; built a barrier along the border to stop the unauthorized influx; tried to […]

Jon Ossoff Describes Latino Migrants as ‘Peasants’

Jon Ossoff, one of two Democratic candidates in the Georgia runoff Senate races, is promising an amnesty for illegal migrants, including “campesinos” — meaning “peasants” — according to a December 13 video released by his campaign. “We need to pass comprehensive immigration reform … [for] the campesinos who work in the fields, enduring some of the […]

Tel Aviv freezes plan to build school for migrants’ children

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Dozens of migrants rescued from boats as France and UK sign new deal

Dozens more migrants were rescued by the French coastguard in the English Channel over the weekend as officials agreed a new deal with the UK to reduce the number of crossings. A boat carrying 19 migrants was stopped by customs officials early on Sunday morning off the coast of Boulogne-sur-mer. The regional radio network France […]

2,000 Adult Migrants Caught Posing as Kids to Cheat UK Asylum System

Over 2,000 adult migrants have been caught posing a children to cheat the UK’s asyulum system, according to new Home Office data. A staggering number of refugees have successfully fooled authorities into thinking they were children to take advantage of government benefits for child migrants. Upon arrival at the UK border, many of the migrants […]

Police forcefully remove migrants from central Paris square in ‘shocking’ scene

Police dismantled hundreds of migrant tents in Paris’ Place de la République on Monday in a scene that France’s interior minister called “shocking”. Video posted to social media by journalists and non-profit organisations showed police strong-arming migrants and throwing people out of their tents, as they removed the makeshift camp from central Paris. French interior […]

Italian coastguard rescues 31 migrants off coast of Lampedusa

Italian coastguard rescued 31 migrants from a capsized boat five kilometres off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa on Saturday. Members of the Italian coastguard were involved in the rescue operation of the migrants after officers from the Guardia di Finanza spotted the vessel from a helicopter. Two of the rescued migrants were […]

At least 140 migrants die off Senegal in deadliest shipwreck of 2020

Over 140 died last week when a migrant ship sank off the coast of Senegal, the International Office for Migration (IOM) said on Thursday. It was the deadliest shipwreck recorded in 2020, according to the UN migration agency. Around 200 passengers set off in the vessel from the Senegalese town of Mbour on Saturday, heading […]

French Women attack Muslim migrants in wake of Teacher Beheading

    Two Muslim women were seriously injured in an apparent racially motivated attack near the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The two female suspects arrested over the incident have been charged with attempted murder. The victims, identified as French women with an Algerian background, were walking in a group of five adults and four children […]

AfD official said migrants ‘could be shot or gassed’ German media reports

An official from the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has been fired after he was reportedly caught saying migrants coming to the country “could still be shot later on…or gassed.” On Monday the party confirmed Christian Lueth’s contract had been terminated. Lueth was already suspended from his post as parliamentary spokesman in April after […]

Greek Locals, Migrants Clash at Hotel Rented by UN for ‘Refugee Children’

Tensions reportedly boiled over in a Greek town where nearly 40 ‘unaccompanied minors’ were quietly moved into a hotel by the United Nations – to the dismay of local residents. In an operation reportedly overseen by Greek NGO METAdrati and the U.N. International Organization for Migration (IOM), 39 ‘refugee children’ were brought to the mainland […]

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