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Merkel Hails UN Migration Pact Le Pen Says Would ‘Forever Change’ France

Merkel Hails UN Migration Pact Le Pen Says Would ‘Forever Change’ France Breitbart December 11, 2018 The face of the UN Migration Pact German Chancellor Angela Merkel has hailed the agreement signed Monday as good for migrants and the world, while populist anti-mass migration French politician Marine Le Pen has warned it will forever change […]

British Politician says: ‘Elites Want Unlimited Migration to Create Third World West’

. . . by  Selwyn Duke The New American via Truthseeker THE  NEW  EUROPE . . . 2050 We’ve already seen an early step involving language manipulation, with illegal aliens euphemistically rebranded “undocumented workers.” But the larger goal, if British politician Janice Atkinson is correct, is to remake the West through massive Third World migration. Atkinson, […]

UN Migration Pact Would Criminalize Criticism of a Third World Invasion

Lee Rogers Daily Stormer December 2, 2018 This UN migration pact would make it illegal for many White people to criticize these fine folks. A new United Nations migration pact has been proposed for the explicit purpose of flooding Europe with millions of low IQ savages from the third world. It’s estimated […]

UN Migration Pact Would Bring 60 Million Brown People to Europe

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer December 1, 2018 British MEP Janice Atkinson is claiming that the UN Compact on Migration would result in Europe being swamped with 59 million new migrants in the next 6 years. Sixty-million brown people in Europe would pretty much completely destroy the last remnants of Western civilization. At […]

To avoid new migration wave, Europe should abandon ‘phobia’ of helping Syria – Putin

“If the world community, and mainly Europe, doesn’t want a new influx of migrants, it should think, get rid of some phobias, and just help the Syrian people, regardless of political bias,” Putin said at a press conference following his visit to Singapore. Putin has repeatedly stated that the European Union should address immigration issues carefully […]

Criminal war, poverty at the heart of European & US migration turmoil

But the debate requires much more than “moral appeals.” A recent study entitled ‘Building Walls’ puts the growth of EU internal and external border barriers into stark perspective. In the 1990s, there were two border walls. Now the number has grown to a total of 17, with most of the structures built over the past […]

UN Member States: Migration Is A Human Right

UN Member States: Migration Is A Human Right Judith Bergman The Gatestone Institute November 12, 2018 The United Nations, in a non-binding agreement that almost all UN member states will sign at a ceremony in Morocco in early December, is making migration a human right. The finalized text of the agreement, the Global Compact for […]

Croatia Will NOT Sign UN Migration Pact and Joins the US, Hungary and Austria

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic will not sign the UN’s Global Compact for Migration (GCM), Croatian newsportal Direktno reports. The website bases the decision on a Facebook post by Croatian TV journalist Velimir Bujanec. He asked her position on the GCM after a lot of people we’re interested in her stance. In the answer his editorial […]

Mass migration brought down the Roman Empire. Can it bring down the American Empire?

There is much the ancient world can teach us; and one of its most salient lessons is that mass migration – the product of conflict, societal collapse and/or extreme poverty – is capable of destroying the most powerful of empires. Consider Rome, whose legions bestrode the ancient world like a colossus for a thousand years, […]

US Imperialism Is Responsible For Central American Migration

US Imperialism Is Responsible For Central American Migration Since October 13, a caravan of approximately 7,000 people, mostly from Honduras, has been heading to the United States, fleeing poverty and violence. On their journey to seek asylum in the U.S., they must cross through Mexican territory. Trump has threatened to militarize the U.S.-Mexico border and […]

Bono: Political Parties Who Criticize Mass Migration Are From Satan

U2 frontman Bono has slammed political parties that criticize mass migration – saying they originate from Satan. During a concert in Milano this week, his evil alter ego MacPhisto attacked the populist Italian leader Matteo Salvini, claiming that parties who oppose mass migration all have one thing in common: they originate from Satan. VoE reports: “I have […]

Labour’s Abbott to Announce Party Would Scrap Migration Targets

Labour’s Diane Abbott is to use a speech today to confirm that under a Jeremy Corbyn government there wouldn’t be any targets to cut migration by, with Abbott set to describe the popular Conservative push for a ‘tens of thousands’ net per year target as “meaningless and arbitrary targets”. ????????United Kingdom: ‘Labour’s Abbott to announce […]

Orbán, Salvini Set to Take On Globalism at EU Elections with Anti-Migration Front

Italy and Hungary announced they will form a populist front ahead of European Parliament elections next year, where they will challenge a bloc aligned with Emmanuel Macron, who this week outlined his vision for a globalised EU superstate which revolves around “human rights”. The Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, and the Italian Interior Minister, Matteo […]

Black Migration as White Ethnic Cleansing in the US

  August 13, 2018 By the 1940s, American cities- at least in the major Northeastern and Midwest cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, et al., had experienced a demographic revolution, in which the native American Protestant Anglo-Saxon people had become outnumbered by predominantly “White ethnics”, i.e. Irish, Italian and Polish for the […]

200 People Posing ‘Security Threat’ Enter Sweden Amid Migration Crisis

The recent wave of asylum immigration from Muslim countries to Sweden has coincided with a tenfold increase in Islamist extremists identified by the country’s security forces. Sweden’s Security Police SÄPO have so far identified 200 people among “new arrivals” who can pose a threat to the Scandinavian country. This discovery is based on automatic data […]

‘German migration deal is a stopgap measure, problem will come up again soon’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has narrowly managed to patch things up with her partners in a three-month-old coalition government which seemed close to collapse. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, a key member of the coalition, said that a compromise on migration policies was reached and he would not resign. “After intensive discussions between the CDU and […]

German standoff: ‘Merkel set to lose face or job as CSU won’t give in on migration’

Seehofer is threatening to resign amid a growing divide with Chancellor Merkel over migration policy. He has been pushing for a tougher stance on asylum seekers and German media suggest he wasn’t swayed by a recent deal struck by the EU to solve the crisis. RT spoke to Patzelt, a professor of the Technical University […]

Testing Tolerance: Sweden’s ultra liberal migration policy gets a reality check

Welcoming almost 250,000 asylum seekers with open arms in 2014-2015 seemed like a no-brainer for the majority of Swedes. The country has a long-standing tradition of liberalism and helping the needy arriving from war-torn nations like Afghanistan and Syria seemed like a natural thing to do. Warning that this hospitality may come with a price […]

VIDEO: Who Is Behind Global Forced Migration?

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Austria Sends Troops to Border for Migration Response Exercises

Several hundred Austrian police officers and soldiers performed an exercise on the country’s southern border with Slovenia on Tuesday to simulate different responses to any repeat of the 2015 migrant crisis. Over 500 policemen and 220 soldiers took part at the border crossing of Spielfeld, according to an AFP correspondent at the scene. “A state which […]

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