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U.S. Army Tries to Calm Residents About Upcoming Wave of Military Drills in North Carolina

By Nicholas West Nothing calms the public quite like gunfire in heavily populated areas. Nevertheless, the U.S. Army has plans to do just that starting August 30th and continuing to September 12th in 21 select counties in North Carolina. While exact locations are not being released, according to The Charlotte Observer residents in the following […]

US Navy “Ready” to “Restore Democracy” in Venezuela through Military Means?

“I’m not going to detail what we’re planning and what we’re doing, but we’re ready to implement policy decisions, and we’re ready to act …  The United States Navy is the most powerful navy in the world.  … If there is a political decision to deploy the Navy, I am confident that we will be […]

FLASHBACK: Trump’s top intelligence and military personnel held unusual meeting at CIA on Iran

   Comment: Keep in mind that the following article is from last May, but points to just how much the CIA is still a part of influencing foreign policy towards Iran. In a highly unusual move, national security adviser John Bolton convened a meeting at CIA headquarters last week with the Trump administration’s top intelligence, […]

‘The occupation is real’: Tlaib, Omar slam Israel for decision to bar delegation, hint at cutting military aid

US Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib doubled down on their criticisms of the Israeli government for denying them entry to the country, with Omar hinting that Congress should reconsider the billions of dollars in annual military aid given to Israel in light of the move against the democratic representatives. The two congresswomen held a […]

Iran supertanker release proves country’s international might: Military chief

Iran’s top military commander says the release of the Iranian-operated Adrian Darya 1 supertanker, which was seized by British marines in the Strait of Gibraltar last month, proves the Islamic Republic’s power at the international level. “The shooting down of an intruding US spy drone and the seizure of the violating British oil tanker and finally, […]

Yemeni forces hit pro-Saudi military parade in Marib with new missile

Yemeni army troops, backed by fighters from allied Popular Committees, have targeted a military parade and gatherings of Riyadh’s mercenaries in Yemen’s central province of Ma’rib with a new domestically-manufactured missile. Brigadier General Yahya Saree, the spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, told Yemen’s Arabic-language al-Masirah news website that Yemeni missile defense units successfully hit […]


19.08.2019 Levent Kemal ✔@leventkemaI 187 Khan Shaykhun is the key stronghold of radical militants (Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies) in the area. After the recent gains by the Syrian Army, militants’ defense in the town appeared to be on the verge of collapse. The Turkish miltiary is reportedly aiming to set up an ”observation post’ […]

Fire on US Military Contracted Plane at Shannon Airport Raises Serious Questions

Shannonwatch are calling for an immediate review of the safety standards applied to US military and military contracted planes at Shannon Airport. A fire on an Omni Air International troop carrier brought the airport to a standstill on Thursday August 15th. This once again highlights the dangers posed by daily military traffic at a civilian […]

Heading to Ukraine, Netanyahu says military operation in Gaza possible

Despite the tense security situation in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was set to head to Ukraine for a two-day visit that political analysts are saying is primarily geared toward currying favor with Russian-speaking immigrants ahead of next month’s Knesset election. Netanyahu’s working visit to Ukraine is the first by an Israeli prime minister since […]

Sudan’s military rulers, opposition coalition sign final agreement on civilian rule

Sudan’s military rulers and the main opposition coalition have formally signed a “constitutional declaration” for a promised transition to civilian-led government four months after the ouster of long-time leader Omar al-Bashir through a military coup. After months of nationwide protest rallies over dire economic conditions and soaring prices of basic commodities, president Bashir was […]

U.S. Military Designing A.I. Missiles to Seek and Destroy Targets from 40 Miles Away

August 17, 2019 By Nicholas West Unlike my previous post that took a lighthearted look at the newest Robo-Dog on the market, which has a Doberman head filled with artificial intelligence, the U.S. Army’s newest plans for artificial intelligence aren’t even close to a laughing matter. The U.S. military has long been obsessed with integrating […]

WATCH Latest military video of Russia’s new heavy combat drone on its maiden flight

The new video, released Friday, offers an additional glimpse of the Sukhoi-built ‘Okhotnik’ (Hunter) aircraft which completed a maiden flight last week. The secretive drone is seen performing a take-off roll, followed by a fast climb-out. It also performs some basic turns before gently touching down at a military airfield. While the drone’s properties are […]

Trump calls US-South Korea military exercises ‘ridiculous and expensive’

US President Donald Trump has called  the US-South Korea military exercises “ridiculous and expensive exercises,” and said that he will meet with North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un in the “not too distant future”. In a tweet early Saturday, Trump said that Kim had sent him a letter seeking a meeting to start negotiations between […]

‘Come be my slave’ — Israeli rabbi at military academy says Palestinians should be enslaved for their own good

A prestigious religious institute for Israeli army officer candidates is embroiled again in anti-human rhetoric. A rabbi at the school has been exposed (Hebrew) calling for the enslavement of Palestinians. The text was discovered by blogger/lawyer Yair Nehorai, who’s been documenting the scandalous teaching of the Bnei David religious college rabbis for over a year. […]

No military solution for Kashmir: Amir-Abdollahian

In a Thursday tweet, he said that Iran is “deeply concerned” about the escalation of tensions in Kashmir. “[We] welcome peaceful means and dialogue for securing interests of people in Jammu and Kashmir and resolving the crisis. Kashmir has no military solution,” he added, stressing that regional and international approach, especially under OIC initiative is “a […]

Explosion at Russian military site kills 2, injures 7

An explosion at a military testing site has left two people dead and seven others injured in northern Russia. According to a statement by the Russian defense ministry, “Six defense ministry employees and a developer” were injured after a rocket engine caught fire during its test and then exploded. Two specialists also died of […]

The War on Innocence: Palestinian Children in Israeli Military Court

On July 29, 4-year-old Muhammad Rabi’ Elayyan was reportedly summoned for interrogation by the Israeli police in occupied Jerusalem.  The news, originally reported by the Palestinian News Agency (WAFA), was later denied by the Israeli police, likely to lessen the impact of the PR disaster that followed.  The Israelis are not denying the story in […]

CDC Shuts Down Military Lab Studying Ebola, Plague, etc. Amid Fears of GETTING OUT Through Wastewater

By Daisy Luther We may not have to wait for a traveler from the Democratic Republic of Congo to visit the United States for an Ebola outbreak. It just might be brought to us by our own military along with the plague and other horrifying germs. The laboratory at Fort […]

Pakistan ‘not looking at military action’ over India’s Kashmir moves – FM

At a news conference on Thursday, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said Islamabad still reserved the right to respond. “We’re not looking at a military option,” Qureshi said, but added: “Don’t we reserve a right to respond in case of any aggression?” Pakistan said on Wednesday it was downgrading diplomatic relations with India as […]

Why SAA Resumed the Military Operation to Clean Idlib Post Astana Talks

August 6, 2019 Arabi Souri The latest 13th round of talks in Astana between the Syrian state with Russia and Iran as its guarantors on one side, and Al-Qaeda and the Turkish regime as it guarantor on the other side, would have slowly but steadily resolved the odd situation in the Al-Qaeda occupied Idlib province through the […]

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