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Honduran Air Force was filmed while shooting a dog to death in a military base

Honduran Air Force was filmed while shooting a dog to death in a military base A member of the Honduran Air Force was filmed while shooting a dog to death in a military base. The soldier can be seen shooting the tied animal twice. Then, to make sure the dog was dead, the man proceeds […]

Druze draft refuser sent to Israeli military prison, put in solitary

Druze-Arab men, unlike other Arab citizens of Israel, are subject to the same mandatory conscription as Jewish Israelis. Kamal Zidan is refusing because of his Palestinian identity. Kamal Zidan and his grandmother pose for a photo before he presented himself at the Israeli army induction base. (Courtesy of the Zidan family) Kamal Zidan, […]

Yemeni Military Successes May Boost Secret Peace Negotiations with Saudis

AL-BAYDA, YEMEN — For the past two weeks, Yemeni military forces loyal to the Houthis have been waging a fierce campaign to rid the country’s southern al-Bayda and al-Dali provinces from al-Qaeda, ISIS and Saudi Coalition fighters. Dozens of cities, villages, and military sites in the provinces have been captured in the campaign, which was […]

Shock or Not? Pompeo says ‘No Military Intervention in Iran’, but does he mean It?

US President Donald Trump vs Iran President Hassan Rouhani. It’s no secret that the Neoconservatives have successfully hijacked the foreign policy of the Trump Administration, and that hawks are keen to trigger America’s next military misadventure which could easily be worse and bloodier than ultimate Middle East debacle to date known as the Iraq War.  […]

On Earth Day, Remembering the US Military’s Toxic Legacy

Media outlets gave minimal attention to recent news that the U.S. Naval station in Virginia Beach spilled an estimated 94,000 gallons of jet fuel into a nearby waterway, less than a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. While the incident was by no means as catastrophic as some other pipeline spills, it underscores an important yet […]

BEST OF THE WEB: After Syria & Venezuela, Russian military prepares for Hybrid war

   The Russian military’s main job has always been to defeat a large land invasion of the Russian heartland, such as those of Hitler, Napoleon, and Charles XII. But after the experience of Syria and Ukraine, Russian generals are adjusting their military doctrine to defeat a wider array of possible attacks, which, although less dangerous […]

Japan asks Pentagon to share military airbase for civilian flights during 2020 Olympics

Tokyo is seeking to increase its passenger capacity during the competition in July and August 2020 by making use of the Yokota Airbase, which currently houses the US Air Force and Japanese Air Self-Defense Force. Transforming the base into a dual-use airstrip would alleviate congestion at Narita and Haneda airports, the two main hubs servicing […]

Russia 2019+ Military Doctrine

19.04.2019 Written and produced by SF Team: J.Hawk, Daniel Deiss, Edwin Watson, Harold Hoover The term “Gerasimov Doctrine”, apparently wholly made up Mark Galeotti who, to his credit, owned up to his mistake, has been used by the Western media to the point of obscuring the real work on developing national security doctrines for Russia’s 21st century needs.  […]

Can these truck-sized nuclear reactors power U.S. military basecamps in remote locations?

(Natural News) The United States military could very soon be getting a major field upgrade, as military heads are in the process of test-running a new type of nuclear mini-reactor that they say will have the capacity to power troops in otherwise hard-to-reach places of the world, such as hillside camps located […]

German Military to Include Rabbis, Offering Pastoral Care for Jewish Soldiers

The Ugly Truth THE ALGEMEINER – Germany’s military will consist of rabbis for the first time in nearly a century, making its pastoral services available for the some 300 Jews serving in the Bundeswehr. The country’s Jewish Council will initially offer a low single-digit number of candidates for consideration with those selected possibly serving in […]

‘Venezuela Won’t Become 2nd Syria’: Lavrov Sure S. America Won’t Back Military Invasion v. Maduro

“We don’t accept the methods, with which the US is trying to improve the life of the Venezuelan people,” Lavrov said in an interview with Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper. Washington has outright backed opposition leader, Juan Guaido, who declared himself interim president of Venezuela in January. It has introduced hash economic sanctions against the struggling country, preventing it from […]

India claims 7 Pakistani military posts destroyed in latest Kashmir flare-up

The attack on Pakistani military positions comes a day after three people were reportedly killed and two dozen others were injured by Pakistani shelling targeting forward areas along the Line of Control (LoC). India claims it neutralized seven military posts in Rakhchikri and Rawalakote, in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) of Pakistan acknowledged […]

In Argentina, Over A Million March In Honor Of Victims Of US-Backed Military Dictatorship

On the Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice, over a million Argentinians mobilized to remember the 30,000 victims of the last military dictatorship in Argentina On March 24, 1976 a US-backed military coup was carried out in Argentina that installed the bloodiest civic-military dictatorship in the history of the country. In 2002 the Argentine […]

US military accused of stealing 50 tons of gold form Syria

The U.S. Army is transferring tons of gold from Daesh-held areas in Syria to the U.S., multiple reports said. According to a source who spoke to Kurdish Bas News Agency, the U.S. forces transferred about 50 tons of gold from areas seized from Daesh terrorists in eastern Syria’s Deir el-Zour […]

Bad habit: US soldiers injured AGAIN in Poland after military vehicles crash into each other (PHOTO)

According to Ewelina Buda, a spokesman for the Poviat police headquarters in nearby Brzesk, the vehicles were headed toward the Hungarian border when things went south. The crash occurred in Lesser Poland, where the country borders neighboring Hungary. While details are currently limited, military police are trying to figure out exactly how one of the […]

#HandsOffVenezuela March In Washington: No To Economic And Military Warfare

#HandsOffVenezuela March In Washington: No To Economic And Military Warfare Above photo: Americans warned against economic sanctions and a potential military intervention in Venezuela in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. (Photo: @ChuckModi1/Twitter) NOTE: Margaret Flowers, Kevin Zeese and Ajamu Baraka intended to speak and march at this rally but were unable to get flights out of Venezuela […]


Originally appeared at Red Star; Translated by J.Hawk exclusively for SouthFront Army General Valeriy Gerasimov, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, spoke at the general assembly of the Academy of Military Sciences The assembly had the format of a military science conference dealing with the development of military strategy in current […]

US Military Confrontation On Venezuelan-Colombian Border A Danger This Week – All Out!

International Actions On the Weekend of February 23 *Actions listed alphabetically by city* Albany, NY Hands off Venezuela! Saturday, February 23 | Noon Wolf Rd and Central Ave Contact: 518-281-1968 Ann Arbor, MI Hands off Venezuela! Saturday, February 23 | 12 noon Rally at the Federal Building | Liberty Street and Fifth Avenue Organized by: […]

The U.S. Military Is Poisoning Germany

The U.S. Military Is Poisoning Germany Above Photo: Poisonous foam fills the hangar at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, during a biennial fire suppression system test, February 19, 2015.U.S. AIR FORCE PHOTO / AIRMAN 1ST CLASS LARISSA GREATWOOD Germany is experiencing a public health crisis with millions of people potentially exposed to drinking water contaminated with Per […]

David Wilcock: Military Tribunals Have Started, Some Will Get The Death Penalty

The Facts: A Bill was proposed in Virginia that aims to make it easier for a woman to get a late-term abortion. Subsequent comments made about it by the Governor of Virginia have some suggesting that this bill pushes infanticide. Reflect On: Can we see how the abortion issue is so polarized these days that […]

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