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Why Elon Musk Is Warning Us About The Misuse Of AI

Next Story To the casual mainstream headline-browser, Elon Musk is a doomsayer, foreboding that Artificial Intelligence will eventually exceed human intelligence in all respects and, motivated by its own intelligent self-interest, AI will eventually bring about the enslavement or even demise of the human race. Alas, no. No, that’s not what Elon Musk is saying. […]

NHS to ban homeopathy and herbal medicine, as ‘misuse of resources’

“The public rightly expects that the NHS will use every pound wisely, and today we’re taking practical action to free up funding to better spend on modern drugs and treatments.” Health officials said the NHS is spending around £545m a year on treatments which are available over the counter, though they do […]

Iran exports $ 15mn saffron in 1 month

Deputy Head of Iran’s Union of Sellers and Exporters of Saffron Gholamreza Miri said “a total of 10.344 tons of saffron was exported in the timespan of March 20 to April 19 indicating a 10-percent growth as compared with the same period a year earlier.” “The amount of exported saffron in the time period amounted […]

12 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity & Brighten Your Day

Certain elements of the human experience can certainly be depressing, especially if you regularly tune in to the daily news. While most newscasts do feature at least one or two uplifting or positive stories, the bulk of the broadcast focuses on horrific events happening all over the world. Whether it be a murder, a traffic […]

Leaked Flydubai recorder data reveals argument, panic in cockpit before ‘fatal nosedive’

#FlydubaiGate: Pilots speak out to RT after Rostov-on-Don crash Now that decoding of the flight data recorders of the crashed Boeing is complete, an unnamed source told Russian daily Kommersant that pilot error is now dominating the investigation as the probable cause. Flydubai scandal after crash in Russia exposes pilot fatigue It appears that while […]

Iran MPs warn president over recession

As many as 100 lawmakers have written to President Hassan Rouhani to put him on notice over lingering recession which is threatening to put a new fleet of Iranians out of work. “This deep and unprecedented recession in the country’s economy has led to the closure of most economic sectors, with the only solution being […]

Furry friends: Sled dog barking mad for doppelganger doll

Deep inside every dog is a grey wolf, but centuries of mutation and breeding has softened them up, according to a new study. Case in point: An Alaskan Malamute named Luca. She may look like a wolf, but the North Carolina sled dog likes nothing more than hanging out with her stuffed toy doppelganger. They’ve […]

How America’s Borders Were Opened

A documentary on the people behind opening America’s borders to the Third World. Hmm, I wonder who could be responsible for the destruction of White civilization. Source Article from Hits: 0

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