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Paleoartist sketches what modern animals would look like using techniques applied to dinosaurs to highlight flaws in approach

   Dinosaurs have always been illustrated as a bony lot, and is it any wonder when much of what palaeontologists have to base their reconstructions on are bones? Palaeoartist C. M. Kosemen believes that there was more to the shapely dinosaurs than has been depicted, including larger layers of fat and areas of soft tissue. […]

Justice Clarence Thomas: The ‘Modern-Day Liberal’ Has Been Worse To Me Than ‘Klansmen’

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said “the modern-day liberal” has proven to be a bigger “impediment” towards him as a black man than members of the Ku Klux Klan. Thomas made the remarks in the upcoming documentary Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words. The documentary, which features Thomas’s reflection on his contentious 1991 Supreme […]

Modern-day Artistic Reaction: The New York Times Considers “Canceling” French Painter Paul Gauguin

According to Victoria Charles, a biographer of French Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin (1848-1903), the artist died in Atuona, in the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia, “having lost a futile and fatally exhausting battle with colonial officials, threatened with a ruinous fine and an imprisonment for allegedly instigating the natives to mutiny and slandering the [French] […]

The Hypnotic Symbols of Modern Medicine

Jon Rappoport, Guest Waking Times There are four major symbols I want to take up here. The important thing to remember is: these symbols conspire to produce a “view of self” in the patient. The patient comes to see himself in a certain way, and this way implies a reduction of his own power. Reducing […]

Modern Tech To Tap $13 Billion In Ancient Roman Gold

The second-biggest gold mine in Europe could be about to make investors rich. It’s a story that began over 2,000 years ago when the Romans dug up $16.8 billion in gold in Romania… Using only hammers and buckets. But now, a little company with a big dream is coming to unearth […]

Kanye’s new rules for 6-year-old daughter are a revolt against the modern world

   At a time when children are so liberated that they run their own lives, dictate rules to parents and can even choose their own gender, one celebrity is beginning to rage against the lunacy that liberalism has created. In a Tuesday interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1 radio, Kanye West revealed how Christianity […]

Day of the Dead: From Aztec goddess worship to modern Mexican celebration

Mictecacihuatl’s underworld husband, Mictlantecuhtli, was also depicted in skeletal form. Anagoria/National Museum of Anthropology of Mexico, CC BY-SA Aztec mythology tells that Mictecacihuatl was sacrificed as a baby and magically grew to adulthood in the underworld, where she married. With her husband, she presided over the underworld. Mictecacihuatl – who is often […]

Getting the Measles in Modern-Day America—Not Nearly as Dangerous as Portrayed

The Facts: This article was written By Dr. Alan Palmer, Contributing Writer for Children’s Health Defense. Reflect On: Why does mainstream media never address the points made by vaccine safety advocates? Why do they always resort to ridicule and use terms like “anti vax conspiracy” instead of simply refuting evidence with their own evidence? [CHD […]

Putin: Greta Thunberg Doesn’t Understand Complexities of ‘Modern World’

Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed Greta Thunberg’s recent speech at the United Nations, where the Swedish teenage climate activist denounced world leaders for failing to combat climate change. “I may disappoint you, but I don’t share the common excitement about the speech by Greta Thunberg,” Putin said at an energy forum in Moscow, according to […]

Locked Up: How The Modern Prison-Industrial Complex Puts So Many Americans In Jail

“Where you find the laws most numerous, there you will find also the greatest injustice.” – Arcesilaus, Greek philosopher and student of Plato on power and personal sovereignty There’s no two ways about it: The United States of America and its 50 state governments love putting people in prison. […]

Khamenei tells Iran’s Revolutionary Guards to create its own advanced and modern weapons

“Your weapons should be modern and updated. It should be developed at home,” Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told the corps in a speech at Imam Hussein Military University in Tehran on Sunday. He added that the elite military force has “a powerful presence inside and outside Iran” and that “America’s hostile approach has increased […]

Fake or Deepfake? Why modern technology leaves us with little choice but to revive critical thinking

Rooted in the porn industry, deepfakes – computer-generated video forgeries – are pouring into the mainstream. There are 14,678 deepfake videos online, according to a report published last month by DeepTrace, which monitors “synthetic media” cyber-threats. While just four percent of those videos are not porn, that percentage is bound to increase as the tools […]

Superstorm Dorian Devastation of Bahamas Unparalleled in Modern Hurricane History (Video footage of destruction)

    Please read the following article about the most effective relief effort that serves the affected Bahama Island to this day. SOTN fully endorses the World Central Kitchen. WORLD CENTRAL KITCHEN: A World-Class Disaster Relief Operation Helping The Bahamas Recover Source Article from Related Posts Day of the Dead: From Aztec goddess worship […]

‘Madness’ – Modern day feminism is nothing more than ‘female chauvinism,’ according to traditional feminist Democrat scholar

(Natural News) Modern day feminist have found a couple new reasons to be offended and outraged, from Apple’s reprogramming their virtual assistant, Siri’s, responses in relation to the word “feminism or feminist,” to how men sit in airplanes, supposedly eating up a raging liberal feminist’s “space, to the term “hey guys” suddenly […]

Venezuela, Ukraine, Hong Kong, … : Color Revolutions And Regime Change, A Modern Scourge Spawning Economic Destabilization And Civil War

Venezuela, Ukraine, Hong Kong, … : Color Revolutions And Regime Change, A Modern Scourge Spawning Economic Destabilization And Civil War Above Photo: From Venezuela There are innumerable examples throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, but three of the most notorious demonstrations of Washington, and its European cohorts incubating massive human tragedy and/or civil wars […]

Hurricane Dorian “Strongest In Modern History” to Hit the Bahamas as a Cat 5

    Hurricane Dorian Makes Catastrophic Landfall as a Category 5 in Northwest Bahamas; Hurricane Watches Issued in Florida By meteorologists Hurricane watches have been issued for a portion of Florida’s eastern coast as Dorian makes a catastrophic strike as a Category 5 in the northwest Bahamas. The dangerous hurricane is still a threat […]

Cat-5 Hurricane Dorian "Strongest In Modern History" To Hit Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian has been upgraded by the National Hurricane Center to a ‘catastrophic’ Category Five, the highest on its five-point scale. The storm, which has sustained winds of 160 mph, is currently heading towards the Bahamas, while the NHC has also warned of a “life-threatening storm surge and very heavy rainfall” in the Great Abaco Islands […]

Remnants of an empire: Visit Ottoman-era buildings revamped for modern Jerusalem

On October 30, 1946, members of the Jewish underground in Palestine blew up the waiting room at the Jerusalem Train Station. The railway station was considered a legitimate objective because the trains were used by the British to redeploy their forces. And the British, who ruled the country, were keeping desperate Holocaust survivors from entering […]

Does the US Military “Own the Weather”? “Weaponizing the Weather” as an Instrument of Modern Warfare?

First published in September 2017. “Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally… It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog and storms on earth or to modify space weather… and the production of artificial […]

The problem of mindfulness: Panacea for all manner of modern ills?

   Three years ago, when I was studying for a Masters in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge, mindfulness was very much in the air. The Department of Psychiatry had launched a large-scale study on the effects of mindfulness in collaboration with the university’s counselling service. Everyone I knew seemed to be involved in some […]

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