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Billion-Dollar-A-Day Crypto Trading Firm Says It’s Now Taking Outside Money

Most crypto traders handling any kind of money know to take security seriously. One never knows what hackers, and sometimes even real-life kidnappers, are waiting on an opportunity to steal someone’s crypto riches – especially if they have a reputation. With the stakes so high, big-time market participants have gone to great lengths to conceal […]

War on Terror: over 801,000 people killed, $6.4 trillion of taxpayer money wasted

The so-called War on Terror launched by the United States government in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks has cost at least 801,000 lives and $6.4 trillion according to a pair of reports published Wednesday by the Costs of War Project at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public […]

A New Way to Earn Money on

It’s hard to be creative when you’re worried about money. Running ads on your site helps, but for many creators, ad revenue isn’t enough. Top publishers and creators sustain their businesses by building reliable income streams through ongoing contributions. Our new Recurring Payments feature for and Jetpack-powered sites lets you do just that: it’s […]

State Takes House Over $8.41 Tax Bill, Sells It for $24,500 and Keeps the Money

By John Vibes After former Michigan resident Uri Rafaeli accidentally underpaid his tax bill by a mere $8.41, his home was seized by the local government who then sold the house for $24,500 and kept the money. Rafaeli originally paid $60,000 for the property, but the property was recently estimated to be worth $128,000 by […]

How USA Rabbis & Israel Traffic In Human Organs & Money Laundering

How USA Rabbis & Israel Traffic In Human Organs & Money Laundering How USA Rabbis & Israel Traffic In Human Organs, Jews Murder & Sell Arab Organs! HOW US RABBIS & ISRAEL TRAFFIC IN HUMAN ORGANS & MONEY LAUNDERING By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2009-2011 Articles May Be Reproduced Only With Authorship of Br Nathanael […]

Sound Money Scholarship Winners Announced — 7 Outstanding Thinkers Earn Nearly $10,000 in Tuition Assistance

Eagle, ID (November 5, 2019) – Seven outstanding students beat out over 100 of their high-school and college peers in making the best case for sound money through an international, gold-backed scholarship competition… …and the winners walked away with almost $10,000 in scholarship awards for their exceptional, thought-provoking essays. For the fourth-straight year, Money Metals […]

Hamas: Iran Provided Palestinian Resistance with Weaponry & Money

November 4, 2019 Gaza’s Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar Monday gave Iran the greatest credit for supporting the Palestinian resistance and providing it with money, expertise and weaponry. Sinwar stressed that the Palestinian resistance has developed anti-armored missiles, adding that it can fire missiles at Tel Aviv for six consecutive months. Sinwar also reiterated that the […]

How A Public Bank Could Free S.F.’s Money From Wall Street

In the movie, the Great Recession spurs a crew of New York strippers into making a living by drugging rich-looking men to spend lavishly at clubs as their own twisted way of surviving in a system that doesn’t protect people like them. “We got to start thinking like these Wall Street guys. You see what […]

Obama Fundraiser Arrested for Paying Hush Money To Underage Sex Victim

Terry Bean, a former fundraiser for President Barack Obama, has been arrested in connection with an underage sex abuse case. Bean, who was indicted in January for the rape of an underage boy in September 2013, has been a long time donor to various Democrat political campaigns, including co-founding the Human Rights Campaign. reports: […]

Gundlach: "Intense" Downturn Means "Helicopter Money" Is Coming

Authored by Martin Luscher via Finanz und Wirtscaft, Central banks are easing, and stocks have reached a record high. But that doesn’t mean that everything is okay. Jeffrey Gundlach sees big trouble ahead. The CEO of the investment firm DoubleLine is worried about the development of corporate debt. But also the levels of government debt […]

For The Second Consecutive Quarter, This Is What Americans Spent The Most Money On

As we reported earlier, Q3 GDP printed far stronger than expected, with US households going on an all-out spending spree and at 1.93%, or contributing 100% of the bottom line 1.93% GDP print, personal consumption soared an annualized 2.9%, far stronger than expected.   So, as we always do, we decided to take a look […]

GoFundMe EXPOSED for taking money from Big Pharma to de-platform vaccine skeptics

(Natural News) It was recently announced that the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe has begun purging all users from its site who attempt to raise money for causes that in any way call into question the safety and efficacy of vaccines. And as to be expected, this censorship push is being driven by Big […]

Trump’s $4.5 million indulgence: Is White Helmets blood money the price of US leaving Syria?

The White House announced a $4.5 million donation to the group on Tuesday, citing the “important and highly valued” work the group has done rescuing “more than 115,000 people” over the course of Syria’s 8-year conflict. Left unsaid was that the number comes from the White Helmets themselves; or that they were only set up […]

Just Like The “Money Trust” Before It, Wall Street Is A Threat To Democracy

Just Like The “Money Trust” Before It, Wall Street Is A Threat To Democracy Above photo: JPMorgan had enough money that he didn’t need to swing a stick at American democracy. But sometimes, he did it anyway. We don’t speak of the “Money Trust” in the 21st century. But perhaps we should. These two words had […]

Nothing to declare? Two French-Israelis indicted on money laundering charges

In a rare money-laundering-related indictment, Israeli prosecutors have charged two French-Israelis, Adam Ivgi, 33, and Yonatan Yehuda Sisley-Chikli, 34, with violating the income reporting clause of Israel’s anti-money laundering law after an associate allegedly smuggled millions of Euros into Israel on their behalf. The indictment, filed late last month, highlights how some new immigrants and […]

The Greta Thunberg phenomenon is nothing but a money-making scheme set up by her handlers to profit from climate hysteria

(Natural News) Many Americans are scratching their heads trying to figure out what’s up with this Greta Thunberg child, including how she was able to quickly rise to prominence as the newest mouthpiece promoting the climate change hoax. Well, the answer is simple: Greta is a pawn of the global climate mafia, […]

“Blinking White Guy” Uses His Fame To Raise Money For MS Research

The Facts: The idea that we need to consume as much protein that is recommended to us by federal health regulatory agencies is not backed by much evidence. On the contrary, there is evidence suggesting that these guidelines are too high. Reflect On: How truthful have our federal health regulatory agencies been? How much influence […]

Money Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes

According to USA Today, a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association found 72 percent of its 3,000 respondents were stressed about money. Interestingly, most people who feel this way also think they will be able to earn their way out of whatever predicament is triggering their worries. While making […]

Climate and the Money Trail

Whatever one may believe about the dangers of CO2 and risks of global warming creating a global catastrophe of 1.5 to 2 degree Celsius average temperature rise in the next roughly 12 years, it is worth noting who is promoting the current flood of propaganda and climate activism. Green Finance Several years before Al Gore […]

Ending The Privatization Of Money: Money For The People

Ending The Privatization Of Money: Money For The People Above Photo: Ryan Cancroft/Flickr Local initiatives can lead to modest gains in sustainability, but not the large-scale transformation we need. Meeting that challenge will require, among other critical factors, substantial changes in how we create and use money. As its history demonstrates, money is a social and […]

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