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Bushfire donations: Where is the money?

The Red Cross and others have come under fire. Photo: TRC Hundreds of millions of dollars have been donated from around the world to Australian bushfire victims, but those impacted are still yet to see any of the funds. The $50 million campaign raised by Celeste Barber is set to face ongoing ‘legal hurdles’, while […]

The Prospects For A Sound-Money Revolt Against The Dollar And Euro

Authored by Brendan Brown via The Mises Institute, In the last decade, the combination of virulent asset price inflation and low reported consumer price inflation crippled sound money as a political force in the US and globally. In the new decade, a different balance between monetary inflation’s “terrible twins” — asset inflation and goods inflation […]

91% of Peer-Reviewed Papers Find Medicare for All Would Save Public Money, Cover Everyone

91 percent of all peer-reviewed scientific articles find that a single payer healthcare system like Medicare for All would save the country money, according to a meta analysis released Wednesday. The study, published in the influential open access journal PLOS Medicine, is a systematic review of 22 single payer plans from 18 studies, published between […]

Swedes vote climate policy biggest waste of tax payer money in 2019

   The Swedish public has voted that climate change spending has been the biggest waste of taxpayer money in 2019, according to a poll by the Swedish Taxpayers’ Association. The Taxpayers’ Association released the results of their annual wasteful spending poll earlier this week, declaring that climate policy had been the biggest waste of money, […]

Michael Bloomberg Says He’s Spending All His Money To Get Rid Of Trump

Billionaire Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg says that he is ready to spend most of his huge fortune to oust President Donald Trump from the White House in 2020. Bloomberg has rejecting criticism from Democratic rivals who claim that he is trying to buy the U.S. election. Reuters reports: Ranked by Forbes as the eighth-richest American, […]

The Fed Protects Gamblers at the Expense of the Economy. “Helicopter Money”

Although the repo market is little known to most people, it is a $1-trillion-a-day credit machine, in which not just banks but hedge funds and other “shadow banks” borrow to finance their trades. Under the Federal Reserve Act, the central bank’s lending window is open only to licensed depository banks; but the Fed is now […]

How To Return To Sound Money

Authored by Alasdair Macleod via, Given the current fiat money system is on a path towards its own destruction it is not surprising that there has been increasing talk of a monetary reset. Without a completely different approach and by retaining the same institutions and macroeconomic concepts, any such reset is bound to fail. […]

There’s No Business Like Shoah Business: Jews Continue to Agitate for More Money as “Reparations” for the “Holocaust”

Talk about disgusting. This is so unbelievably shameless I’m not sure if it’s authentic or a parody published by the Daily Stormer. Note to Jews who don’t like anti-Semitic stereotypes: Stop personifying them, get your hands out of our pockets, and return the hundreds of billions you’ve embezzled from us in the last few decades […]

Bari Weiss says Jews should stop giving money to Harvard and Columbia because of antisemitic professors

To be brief: Once again, Bari Weiss, the privileged Zionist “princess” spews forth. In essence, she argues that the way to stop the growth of BDS and anti-Zionism in general on university campuses is to cut off university funding provided by rich older Jews. It seems she is unfamiliar with the history of liberation movements. […]

Capital Flight: Money Leaving China At Record Rate

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, China is fighting “abnormal” cash flows. It’s not surprising in the least. Record Capital Flight Please consider Money has been leaving China at a record rate. Beijing is battling to stem the tide Money was leaving the country at a record clip earlier this year through unauthorized channels, according to […]

MIT Develops ‘Tattoo ID’ With Bill Gates’ Money To Track Who Has Been Vaccinated

Sputnik – December 24, 2019 MIT researchers have struck on a novel, and for many surely unsettling, method of keeping track of who has and hasn’t had a particular vaccination – creating an ink that can be safely embedded in the skin alongside the vaccine itself, and only visible using a special infra-red application. The […]

U.S. Government Steals Money From NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden, Proving A Case For Bitcoin

By Aaron Kesel The government has stolen funds from former National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden through a judge’s order, which declared that any money made from his memoir and paid speeches because he disclosed classified information without approval can be seized, The Washington Post reported. Judge Liam O’Grady ruled in the government’s favor stating: […]

Giuliani Drops Bombshells Revealing HUGE Money Laundering Operation Involving Bidens, Burisma

Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani taunted the Deep State-Democrat-media complex Sunday morning and said he will be sharing evidence he “has garnered through hundreds of hours of research.” “Stay tuned,” Rudy said building anticipation. In my next thread of tweets I will be sharing some of the evidence I have garnered through hundreds of hours […]

A "Market" That Needs $1 Trillion In Panic-Money-Printing To Stave-Off Implosion Is Not A Market

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, It was all fun and games enriching the super-wealthy but now the karmic cost of the Fed’s manipulation and propaganda is about to come due. A “market” that needs $1 trillion in panic-money-printing by the Fed to stave off a karmic-overdue implosion is not a market: a […]

The Bloomberg Factor: Authoritarianism, Money and US Presidential Politics

Political rottenness may be bottomless.  Consider the following description of a political aspirant for the White House, this person being from the Democratic Party.  His “liabilities as a political candidate are so glaringly obvious that it’s easy to dismiss his presidential bid as a vanity project.”  The author goes on to describe what can only […]

Netanyahu’s personal lawyer to be charged with money laundering

Israel’s state prosecutor has plans to indict prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cousin and personal lawyer, alongside six other people, on charges related to a possible conflict of interest over a $2bn purchase of German submarines. Shai Nitzan said in a statement on Thursday the seven would be charged on various corruption offences, including money laundering, bribery and […]

Disabled people ‘don’t really understand money’: Tory candidate heckled after saying they should be paid less than minimum wage

   A Tory candidate has been filmed at a hustings event being jeered after claiming those with learning difficulties shouldn’t be paid the minimum wage because “it’s about the happiness to work.” Comment: One could say the same about many of today’s politicians, however, instead: UK MPs award themselves above inflation pay rise – the […]

Over 200 arrested in 13 countries in Europol crackdown on money laundering

More than 200 people have been arrested in 13 countries as part of a global crackdown on money laundering, the European police authority Europol said on Wednesday. The swoop by law enforcement authorities in European countries, as well as Australia and the United States took place between September and November, AFP reports. The […]

Ilhan Omar Described As a ‘Sex Maniac’ In Affidavit: ‘Very Weak When It Comes To Money & Sex’

Rep. Ilhan Omar is a “sex maniac” who is “very weak when it comes to money and sex,” according to a Canadian businessman and Qatari insider who swore in an affidavit that the Minnesota congresswoman is a paid Qatari asset. We reported last week on the deposition put forth by Kuwati-born Canadian businessman Alan Bender, […]

#Ukraine #JoeBiden #Burisma Money trail of Ukraine corruption engulfs Obama White House

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