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Hillary Campaign Routinely Monitored News For Connections Between Epstein & Bill Clinton

Members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign staff kept a close eye on the news media for any association between Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein, according to previously published WikiLeaks emails This would appear to demonstrate the Clinton campaign’s fears over implications of any potential exposure.  A cache of hacked emails show Democratic National Committee (DNC) […]

Scott Pruitt Closely Monitored Scrubbing Of EPA Climate Websites

Shortly after arriving at the Environmental Protection Agency, Administrator Scott Pruitt took a personal interest in and closely monitored the removal of extensive information from his agency’s website that explained to the public the federal effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Power Plan, according to newly released EPA documents. The scrubbing of the information from EPA’s […]

Spying on the spies: State surveillance of Britons now being monitored

Lord Justice Fulford has taken office as the first investigatory powers commissioner (IPC), amalgamating the three watchdog roles which had previously overseen surveillance powers in the UK. His role was created by the controversial Investigatory Powers Act, also known by the epithet Snoopers’ Charter, which became law at the end of last year. […]

Israel and Saudi Arabia: Best Friends Forever (Zionism/the Rothschilds Created Both States)

Israel and Saudi Arabia have a snug and cozy relationship. They are, indeed, BFF or best friends forever as a typical Western teenage girl might label them. by Makia Freeman At first glance, it admittedly seems extremely odd that the Zionist regime of Israel, holding such an antagonistic presence towards Arabs in the Middle East, […]

URGENT ALERT — ‘Disaster is Imminent’… Constitutional Attorney: "States Have The Legal Authority To Defend Border Under Constitution"

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