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Moscow train stations disinfected as coronavirus cases hit record high in Russia

Moscow disinfected train stations amid rising COVID-19 cases in Russia. Russia recorded 14,231 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, a record since the beginning of the pandemic. It comes as President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia has approved its second coronavirus vaccine after early trials. Russia has the fourth-highest virus caseload in the world with a […]

Meddling in Belarus’s affairs via UN inadmissible, help only at Minsk’s request – Moscow

By Newsdesk -2020-09-19 Vladimir Putin and Lukashenko at the Kremlin Third countries should refrain from soliciting interference in Belarus’ internal affairs via the United Nations and other tools unless asked for assistance by Minsk itself, Pyotr Ilyichev, the head of the Department of International Organizations at the Russian Foreign Ministry, told Sputnik on Saturday. “Unfortunately, in the […]

Russian artist fills Moscow museum with colourful latex sculptures

Big, bright… and made out of latex. These sculptures and dresses were created by Russian artist Sasha Frolova. Her works include sculptures, music performances, and latex dress designs. “I think that the main job of an artist is to create a parallel reality,” says Frolova. “The parallel reality made from the artist’s creativity and filled […]

Moscow Details Subversive US NGO Activities in Russia and Around the World

The US has been the “main violator of international law” since the founding of the United Nations, and has “interfered more than 120 times in the affairs of 60 countries on all continents.” Washington’s closest allies – the UK, Germany, France, NATO, and European countries – are also to blame, since they either participate directly […]

Poland offers $2bn for permanent US base, Moscow warns of ‘dangerous’ consequences

The document dubbed ‘Proposal for a US Permanent Presence in Poland’ by the country’s Defense Ministry was leaked online by local media and Politico Europe group at the weekend. The 39-page document discusses how “extraordinarily strong” Poland-US relations throughout history have been: how Polish people were “remarkably pro-Western” during the Cold war, how they fought […]

Moscow Nights

KathJuliane May 24, 2018 @ 10:20 pm God bless you, dear +BN. Glad to hear and see another one of your song parodies, and this one was just toe-tapping spirit-lifting fun along with it. Moscow Nights, wow, that takes me way back to about 9 or 10 years of age. My Mom was addicted to, […]

Russia held ‘responsible’ for downing MH17 by Australia & Netherlands, Moscow questions probe

Following Thursday’s press conference by the international Joint Investigation Team (JIT), “the Netherlands and Australia are now convinced that Russia is responsible for the deployment of the Buk installation that was used to down MH17.” Both countries now “hold Russia responsible for its part in the downing” of the flight. ‘Untenable claims’: Russian activists raise more […]

Tehran, Moscow set to save nuclear deal: Iranian FM

Xinhua— Tehran and Moscow say they will preserve the 2015 Iran nuclear deal despite Washington’s decision to withdraw. “Iran and Russia should guarantee our common interests, which are to preserve the deal and ensure economic benefits for all participants,” RIA Novosti news agency quoted Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif as saying on Monday following […]

‘Immortal Regiment’ marches in Moscow to mark Victory Day (WATCH LIVE)

Huge crowds are moving through the center of the Russian capital, carrying pictures of their relatives who came through the horrors of the Great Patriotic War (as WWII is called in Russia). The Immortal Regiment march is part of the Victory Day celebrations, which this year marks the 73rd anniversary of the defeat of Nazi […]

Which NATO members are engaged in ‘Novichok’-type substance research? Moscow asks bloc

The scandal involving the poisoning of Russian ex-double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury in March was taken to the next level after Czech President Milos Zeman admitted on Thursday that his country had previously produced a nerve agent similar to the one Britain claims was used against Skripals.  Info that Novichok was […]

Peace In Europe Only Possible With Russia Say German MP’s Who Want Moscow Back In G8

German lawmakers say that the West should resume meaningful dialog with Moscow on all major international issues, and that Russia should be invited to return to the G7. Sahra Wagenknecht, the head of the parliamentary faction of the Left Party, told the DPA news agency: “If the West seriously intends to engage in a constructive […]

Ties too strong: Turkey dismisses Macron claim that Ankara and Moscow ‘separated’ over Syria strikes

Macron on Sunday defended his decision to use military force together with the US and the UK against Syria. The pretext for the Friday night attack was the claim that Damascus used chemical weapons against civilians in the capital’s suburb of Douma a week prior to the Western raids. Macron claims he convinced Trump to […]

Moscow to Trump: Are ‘smart’ missiles an attempt to destroy alleged chem attack evidence in Syria?

Trump: Get ready Russia, missiles will be coming at Syria, nice and new and ‘smart’! “Smart missiles should fly towards terrorists, not [Syria’s] lawful government, which has spent several years fighting against international terrorism on its territory,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in response to Trump’s tweet on Wednesday. She added the US […]

Did Moscow Really Poison the Skripals?

The Trump administration confidently asserts that the Kremlin poisoned Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, on a public bench in Salisbury, England, at the beginning of March. The actual evidence appears inconclusive, though; as of Tuesday, investigating scientists at the Porton Down research laboratory had not uncovered any proof of Russian involvement. Are […]

OPCW inspection in Russia amid Moscow’s calls for transparency in Skripal case

Inspectors arrived to monitor compliance with the organization’s rules last week. The checks were reported by the Russian Defense Ministry’s newspaper, Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star), on Friday. The report, however, didn’t elaborate on what exactly the OPCW inspectors were looking at, or where. The news comes as Russia finds itself at the center of the […]

Moscow to West: Remember fate of Goliath when trying to cling to power

Sergey Naryskin, the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), delivered the strongly-worded message at an international security conference in Moscow on Wednesday. He accused the West and the United States in particular of failing to acknowledge that they can no longer dictate their will to the rest of the world. NATO crossed ‘red […]

Skripal Affair: Moscow’s 14 Questions

Russia’s Embassy in London has sent a list of 14 questions to the UK Foreign Ministry, demanding that it reveals details of the investigation into the nerve-agent poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter. The questions, provided in full below, include a demand to clarify whether samples of the nerve agent А-234 […]

Moscow refuses probe into Skripal case if Russian specialists won’t take part

     Moscow advocates an open and transparent investigation of the Salisbury incident, Russia’s envoy to OPCW has said. If Russian experts are barred from taking part in it, any results of the probe will be rejected, he warned. “Our position is clear. We advocate a comprehensive, open and unbiased investigation. Russia is ready for it, […]

Iran defense min. to address Moscow Security Conf.

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami has been invited by his Russian counterpart Sergey Shoygu to travel to Russia and take part in the seventh Moscow Conference on International Security (MCIS) on 4-5 of April 2018. During his stay, the Iranian minister will confer with his Russian counterpart on various bilateral, regional and international issues. Hatami […]

Britain doesn’t share data in Skripal case with us, but demands explanation – Moscow

“The British authorities don’t share any data they received following the probe [on the Skripal case] and don’t answer any questions concerning Yulia Skripal,” Director of Department for Nonproliferation & Arms Control Vladimir Ermakov said at the briefing. Yulia Skripal, 33, who was poisoned along with her father Sergei Skripal in Salisbury earlier in March, […]

One month after fatal crash near Moscow, Russia orders all Antonov An-148 jets grounded

nsnbc : Russian authorities have grounded all Antonov An-148 aircraft over safety concerns following the deadly crash of a passenger jet outside Moscow due to […]

Moscow warns Israel of ‘anti-Russian hysteria’ over spy’s poisoning

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RETALIATION: Moscow Expels 23 UK diplomats, Shuts British Council in Russia

In retaliation to British Prime Minister Theresa May’s expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats expelled from the UK over the alleged poisoning of a retired USSR-UK double agent and his daughter, Sergei and Yulia Skripal, the Russian government has ordered reciprocal measures – with 23 UK diplomats ordered to leave on March 20th, according to Russian Ambassador to […]

Moscow expels 23 UK diplomats & shuts British Council in response to ‘provocative moves’

Britain’s ambassador to Russia, Laurie Bristow, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Saturday morning, where he was informed of Moscow’s response to London’s claims that Russia is behind the poisoning of Sergei Skripal, a former double agent, and his daughter, Yulia, on March 4 in Salisbury, UK. The ministry issued a statement saying 23 […]

Defense secretary’s reaction shows UK is worrying, has something to hide – Moscow

“British Defense Secretary [Gavin Williamson] said Russia should ‘go away and shut up,’” Maria Zakharova wrote on Facebook. “What could he say, the defense minister of a country that conceals information on the use of chemical-warfare agents on its soil?” she asked.“London has something to hide. The partners are nervous.” READ MORE: ‘Russia should go […]

Moscow calling from the Dark Side: ‘Russian bots’ asked Last Jedi team to save villain

The revelation comes in a 90-minute documentary about the creation of the latest ‘Star Wars’ installment. ‘The Director and the Jedi,’ which was shown on Monday at the South By Southwest (SXSW) festival and will feature in the upcoming digital release of the movie. According to director Rian Johnson, the filmmakers were attacked by Russian […]

US and Rogue Allies Breaching Ceasefire in Syria, Not Moscow or Damascus

US and Rogue Allies Breaching Ceasefire in Syria, Not Moscow or Damascus by Stephen Lendman Russia and Syria observe international laws, including Security Council resolutions. US policy is polar opposite. Its illegal wars of aggression speak for themselves. So does its willful disinformation, attempting to unjustifiably justify its wars on humanity and much more. Ignoring […]

Evacuation after fire breaks out at iconic Moscow hotel

The emergency services said 230 people have been evacuated from the hotel after the fire broke out, RIA Novosti reported. The blaze reportedly started on the 15th floor and was given a ‘second rating’ of difficulty by firefighters before being downgraded after it was no longer posing a threat of spreading throughout the building. The […]

Russia tests anti-ballistic missile meant to protect Moscow from nukes (VIDEO)

The video released on Monday shows the snowy Sary Shagan test range in Kazakhstan, where Russia tests its antiballistic missiles, and a missile silo firing the interceptor. The projectile soars into the sky towards a target, leaving a cloud of steam and snow billowing on the ground and a plume of smoke tracing its path. […]

Crash site of Saratov Airlines jet spotted outside Moscow — reports

“It is in the field in the Ramensky District. Rescuers have not reached the scene yet,” the source said.  Earlier the Emergencies Ministry (EMERCOM) said it has dispatched rescue teams to the reported crash site. We are investigating media reports about an aircraft crash in Russia. — Flightradar24 (@flightradar24) February 11, 2018 READ MORE: Plane […]

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