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Jailed backpacker’s mother: Putin said he’d return my daughter home

The mother of a US-Israeli woman jailed in Russia said Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin told her in a meeting in Jerusalem that he will return her daughter home. Yaffa Issachar said she was smiling after the meeting because “Putin told me: ‘I’ll bring the girl home.’ Really,” she said. “Let’s wait and see, […]

Stray mother dog lost her legs cares for her homeless babies

It is known that animals are flexible, and they always try to adapt to their environment. That leads us to an important point, which is that there are millions of homeless poor dogs in this life struggle daily to find water, food and a place to sleep in. This story is one of them. A […]

Mother & Grandparents Accused Of Locking Children In Wooden Cages

An Alabama mother, grandmother and grandfather have been arrested, accused of locking children in wooden cages. Five children including an eight-month-old were removed from an Alabama home after police say their mother and grandparents had locked them in the “cages” which were made of cribs with crudely constructed lids. The Independent reports: On Monday, investigators […]

Sweden: Brave Mother Who Fought Off Six Antifa Wins Award

Lotta Eriksson was awarded the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Civil Courage Prize in the form of flowers and a baseball bat A MOTHER in eastern Sweden who fought off six violent left-wing extremists who tried to break into her home has been awarded the Nordic Resistance Movement’s civil courage prize for her exemplary bravery. Lotta Eriksson, […]

Mother of all ironies: US veterans are returning to Vietnam ‘for a better life’

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. For many Americans, those names invoke powerful memories and images of unspeakable violence, and perhaps the last places on earth to consider visiting. Yet not only are more US veterans and retirees visiting Southeast Asia, an increasing number have decided to call it home. The reason? Many point to affordable healthcare, cheap […]

Why is Israel preventing me from accompanying my mother to chemotherapy?

On Sept. 5, I received the tragic news that my mother was diagnosed with cancer. As well as trying to cope with the shock and the unrelenting challenges of life-or-death uncertainty, as a Palestinian living in the West Bank, I also had to worry about something else: Israel’s occupation and its brutal control of all […]

‘I Hope We Never Have That Here’ – Putin Slams ‘Liberal’ France For Banning The Word ‘Mother’

President Vladimir Putin remarked at a recent Kremlin meeting that some European countries have banned the word “mother” at schools out of concerns for political correctness, something he stated must never happen in Russia. Putin was referring to a law passed in France earlier this year which mandates that schools refrain from using ‘father’ and […]

Natural atmospheric chemistry maintenance: Mother Nature traps extra carbon dioxide in seaweed, as needed

(Natural News) With the incredibly hectic pace of modern life it can be difficult to take the time to stop and smell the roses. Surrounded as we are by electronic and other man-made devices, we sometimes forget that there are incredibly complex natural systems all around us that quietly just go about […]

‘Burn my son the same way she was burned,’ says mother of accused Hyderabad gang rapist

The four accused men currently in custody for the barbaric crime are Mohammad Pasha, Jollu Shiva, Jollu Naveen, and Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu. Each of their families have faced public humiliation and intense scrutiny in the wake of the devastating crime. “If my son is wrong, burn him the same way she was burned. Isn’t the victim […]

Last wish of Sami Abu Diak in Israeli prison– ‘to die in my mother’s arms’ — is denied

The last words of Sami Abu Diak, a Palestinian prisoner in Israel who lost his battle with cancer yesterday morning, was the first thing I woke up to. His last letter, widely circulated on social media, reads: “To all people of conscience, I live my last days and hours, and I want to spend them […]

Mother Explains Why Her Daughter’s Death From Vaccines Isn’t Reported In The Statistics

The Facts: Cancer has surpassed heart disease as the No. 1 cause of death in high-income countries, highlighting the urgent need to change the way this disease is prevented and treated. Reflect On: Rather than being a random result of DNA mutations, it’s possible that cancer could have much deeper roots that would be better […]

WATCH: Sinkhole in Brazil swallows mother and daughter as they drive behind truck

Vanessa Cavagnolli, 34, suffered a broken nose and her daughter Andressa Carnesela, 12, sustained minor, non-life threatening injuries in the dramatic incident in the Rio Grande do Sul region on Tuesday.  CCTV footage from the street shows the road disintegrating after a heavy construction truck carrying clay drove over it. The driver immediately behind the […]

Greta Thunberg’s Mother Quote on the Cover of Vi Magazine: “We All Sell Our Souls to the Devil”

In the matter of a few months, Greta Thunberg went from a lone girl protesting in front of the Swedish parliament to an international phenomenon. Although mass media is making it seem as if this meteoric rise to prominence happened organically, this is simply not true. Behind Greta is a major machine, one that is […]

‘Mother of all bubbles’ could blow up economy if profits don’t improve, warns Blackstone strategist

   “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe,” wrote famed naturalist John Muir more than a century ago, referring to an epiphany he had while hiking in California’s Yosemite Valley. In our call of the day, Blackstone BX, -0.70% strategist Joseph Zidle offers […]

4-year-old boy fatally mauled by pit bull, mother hospitalized in Hazel Park, Michigan

   A 4 year-old Hazel Park boy died Tuesday evening after a vicious attack by a 60-pound, male pit bull that the family was temporarily looking after, police said. The child’s mother had tried to fight the dog off with a knife. “A preliminary finding appears that this case was a tragic incident,” police said […]

Where Did Princess Margaret Get £20m and the Queen Mother’s £70m?

Where did Princess Margaret get £20m and how about the Queen mother’s £70m legacy? In his controversial new book, MP Norman Baker examines the family’s finances as he accuses the Windsors of Right Royal Robbery. The British Royal Family is the original Coronation Street – a long-running soap opera with the occasional real coronation thrown […]

Where Did Princess Margaret Get £20m and the Queen Mother’s £70m?

Where did Princess Margaret get £20m and how about the Queen mother’s £70m legacy? In his controversial new book, MP Norman Baker examines the family’s finances as he accuses the Windsors of Right Royal Robbery. The British Royal Family is the original Coronation Street – a long-running soap opera with the occasional real coronation thrown […]

Texas jury rules in favor of chemical castration of 7-year-old boy whose mother wants to "transition" him into a girl… father forced to take "tolerance" classes

(Natural News) A jury in Dallas, Texas, has decided that a seven-year-old boy will be restricted from further seeing his loving biological father, and instead be placed into the sole custody of Dr. Anne Georgulas, a woman to whom the child is not even biologically related who’s planning to forcibly convert him […]

The Mother of Messes in Syria

Eric S. MARGOLIS What a mess. The imperial cooks in Washington have turned poor Syria into a poison pit of warring factions, with disastrous results for all. Henry Kissinger once quipped that it is more dangerous being America’s ally than its enemy. A good example is how Washington used the Kurds in Syria to fight […]

4-Month-Old Arizona Baby Dies After Being Taken from Mother and Put into Home with Two Foster Dads Who Adopted 15 Kids

Comments by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News Reporter Dianna M. Náñez brings us the tragic story of a 4-month-old baby girl who was loved by her parents, but taken away by Arizona CPS and given to a foster home where two gay men lived, and who have adopted 15 kids. The little baby girl died […]

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