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Multiple Scientists Explain How A Diet High In Protein Is NOT Good For Us – Even After Working Out

Lyme disease, do you have it? If you did, you probably wouldn’t know – unless you’re one of the chronic sufferers that have had to visit over 30 doctors to get a proper diagnosis. Lyme disease tests are highly inaccurate, often inconclusive or indicating false negatives. Why? Because this clever bacteria has found a way […]

Cell Tower Removed from School After Multiple Students and Teachers Diagnosed with Cancer

Ripon, CA — As 5G technology begins to roll out across the country, it is being met by a massive wave of resistance over concerns that it can cause health problems. While 5G is still relatively new, concerns over 4G and older technology still persist as well. A school in California […]

Multiple Studies Show that Alcohol is the Real ‘Gateway Drug’ Not Cannabis

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times According to a series of studies that have been conducted by researchers at the University of Florida over the past several years, alcohol is the real “gateway drug” for teens in the United States. This research finally gives some scientific opposition to the popular myth that cannabis is a […]

Multiple Investigations Reveal Secrets About Where US Tax Dollars Are Really Going

The Facts: In light of recent events in Venezuela Wikileaks published a revealing document that highlights the fact that financial institutions are not independent, that they are owned by, and in turn own/work together with the US government to fulfill agendas. Reflect On: The secrecy in our world runs rampant, under the guise of ‘national […]

Multiple Chinese Boeing 787s Grounded After GPS Rollover Glitch

On Friday we reported that this weekend, on April 6th, the world was facing another mini “Y2K” event, this time on GPS devices, as they roll over from “week 1024” to “week 1.” If you have a Garmin or a TomTom on which you rely for navigating, you could run into trouble. […]

Multiple Scientists Publish Papers Suggesting The Moon Is Hollow & Artificially Made

The Facts: In 1962 Gordon MacDonald, a NASA scientist, published a paper stating it’s more likely that the moon is hollow than not. Columbia’s Sean C. Solomon furthered this statement citing knowledge of the moon’s gravitation field as evidence. Reflect On: What do we truly know about the moon? Why is it that there is […]

A “Little Ice Age” Is Where We Are Heading, According To Multiple Scientists

The Facts: We are approaching a new Solar Minimum, something that could happen within the next decade. Our sun is going through a drastic cooling period, and multiple scientists are predicting that we are heading into a “mini ice age.” Reflect On: Human activity (deforestation etc) has destroyed our natural systems that regulate various atmospheric […]

‘Vladimir Trump’: WSJ issues multiple corrections after ‘misnaming’ Russian President

     The Wall Street Journal has issued a correction after incorrectly identifying the president of Russia as ‘Vladimir Trump’. They then appeared to edit their own correction in an effort to cover up the almighty gaffe. The paper issued an initial correction at the bottom of online article on Donald Trump’s cancellation of a planned […]

HHS Official, Set On Lowering Drug Prices, Dead from ‘Multiple Blunt Force Injuries’—Police Rule It “Suicide”

The November 1 death of Daniel Best, a former pharmaceutical executive in charge of efforts to lower prescription drug prices for the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), has been ruled a suicide, according to the Washington D.C. Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, which noted that Best died of “multiple blunt force […]

Historian reveals true story behind the ‘multiple and messy’ Domesday books

     Nearly a thousand years ago, a famous king created a famous book, later given the title “Domesday” (pronounced “doomsday”). At least that’s been the common story: William the Conqueror, 20 years after his 1066 invasion of England from Normandy, ordered a massive survey of his new realm. One year later, he got a book […]

Even low levels of heavy metals exposure can raise your risk of cancer and multiple organ damage

(Natural News) Heavy metals are all around us. You might not see them, but they are widely distributed throughout the environment thanks to their many agricultural, technological, medical, and industrial applications. You might think that if you don’t come into direct contact with these metals, your risk must be minimal, but studies […]

Multiple Studies Show Using CBD Oil for Sleep Disorders May Be Your Safest Bet

Anna Hunt, Staff Waking Times We all need an adequate amount of sleep to stay healthy, energetic, and mentally acute. Yet, many factors can easily get in the way of that ideal 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Stress, a troubled mind, physical discomfort, and countless other factors can cause you to […]

Multiple studies confirm that astaxanthin destroys cancer cells

(Natural News) As cancer continues to grow in prevalence, people are increasingly looking for ways to prevent the disease and scientists are researching new treatment methods. While pharmaceutical companies continue to pour billions of dollars into developing synthetic drugs that won’t necessarily cure people but will certainly grow their bottom line, other […]

DOJ Admits FBI Used Multiple Spies To Infiltrate Trump Campaign

The Department of Justice admitted in a Friday court filing that the FBI used more than one “Confidential Human Source,” (also known as informants, or spies) to infiltrate the Trump presidential campaign through former adviser Carter Page, reports the Daily Caller. “The FBI has protected information that would identify the identities of other confidential sources who provided […]

India’s #MeToo: Minister accused of multiple sexual harassment files defamation lawsuit

     An Indian minister has slammed allegations of sexual misconduct leveled at him by at least 10 women as “lies” and has filed a lawsuit against the first one who accused him of harassment. Junior Foreign Minister MJ Akbar, 67, filed a defamation suit against journalist Priya Ramani after she publicly accused him on Twitter […]

Iran Launches Multiple Ballistic Missiles Into Syria Targeting ISIS

It’s a huge development in an extremely volatile environment: overnight Sunday Iran launched multiple ballistic missiles toward Syria against targets east of the Euphrates river. Footage released through official state channels show missiles launched by Iran from its Kermanshah region in western Iran towards Syria, targeting ISIS positions east of the Euphrates in revenge for the September 22 attack on a […]

Multiple deaths reported in shooting in Harford County, Maryland – Shooter was disgruntled female employee

     Three people have been killed and at least two injured in a shooting in Harford County, Maryland. The local Sheriff’s Office says that the situation is “secure” The shooting took place in a business park in Perryman, a small town less than 30 miles northeast of Baltimore. Deputies were dispatched to the scene shortly […]

DARPA: Paralyzed Man with Brain-Computer-Interface Controls Multiple Simulated Aircraft

DARPA: Paralyzed Man with Brain-Computer-Interface Controls Multiple Simulated Aircraft September 20th, 2018 Via: Defense One: DARPA’s new research in brain-computer interfaces is allowing a pilot to control multiple simulated aircraft at once. A person with a brain chip can now pilot a swarm of […]

Emirates Jumbo Jet Quarantined at New York’s JFK with ‘Multiple’ Sick Passengers

Emirates Jumbo Jet Quarantined at New York’s JFK with ‘Multiple’ Sick Passengers September 5th, 2018 Via: CNBC: Federal health authorities and local police quarantined an Emirates Airline jumbo jet Wednesday morning in New York after passengers were reported ill on the flight from Dubai. […]

Russian astronomer captures multiple rare atmospheric phenomena on video in 1 night – Sprites, elves, airglow and meteors

     Mysterious violet ring appears in the sky over Russia. Elves are electromagnetic pulses generated by lightning strikes. Elves is an acronym for Emission of Light and Very Low Frequency Perturbations Due to Electromagnetic Pulse Sources. They look like doughnut-shaped flashes that spread laterally up to 186 miles. Atmospheric research indicates the brightness of elves […]

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