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Jamal Khashoggi: How the ‘stupid, naïve’ plot to kill Washington Post journalist backfired on Saudi Arabia | Ehsan Knopf: The murder of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi not only shocked the world, but it also shone a light on Donald Trump’s relationship with his Middle Eastern ally. But according to 9News correspondent Robert Penfold, it had even greater ramifications and was a “stupid and naïve” attempt at concealing wrongdoing on […]

Foreign Officials Discussed How To Manipulate “Naive” Jared Kushner

Just hours after Politico reported that White House senior advisor and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner had been stripped of his top-level security clearance, the Washington Post dropped a bombshell report that purports to provide an unprecedented level of insight into why Kushner wasn’t granted an exemption. According to WaPo, officials in at least four countries […]

Nobel Physicist Niels Bohr’s Naive Belief Nuclear Weapons Would Inspire The Victorious Allies To Global Peace & Cooperation

By John Wear Bohr did not understand the criminal nature of the political leaders he was talking to… Bohr was naïve to expect that such violent and criminal political leaders would be persuaded by his ideas. Post-WWII the victorious Allies subjected Eastern Europeans to the horrors of Soviet Communism. Bloody Communist Revolutions spread to China […]

Naive Iranians Blamed For ISIS Terrorist Attack In Tehran

The Trump White House blames the victims of Iran’s first ISIS terrorist atrocity for their own deaths and injuries, saying the Iranian government helped create the circumstances. It is ironic, as the residents of the Islamic Republic were the first to show solidarity with the victims of September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York, […]

Islamic State in Asia: Saudi-Funding and Naive Policymakers Endanger Region

June 1, 2017 (Joseph Thomas – NEO) – Recently, terrorist attacks have unfolded across Indonesia, a militant network disrupted along the Thai-Malaysian border and full-scale military operations including aerial bombing deployed as Philippine troops fought to take back Marawi City on the southern island of Mindanao, all linked or affiliated with the Islamic State. A […]

CDC Forced To Admit They Hid Data Linking Vaccines To Autism

A PhD scientist has forced the CDC to admit that they knew a key ingredient found in most vaccines significantly increased the risk of autism in those who took it. Information obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request filed by a PhD scientist working with two members of Congress has forced the Center for […]

6 dead, 2 missing as floods, tornadoes rage in Texas

     Heavy rains, flash floods and tornadoes have ripped through Texas, leaving at least six people dead. Authorities have advised parents to keep their children indoors and avoid traditional Halloween activities in the worst-hit areas. Areas surrounding Austin and San Antonio were hit with heavy rains and flooding late Friday night. At least four people […]

Mysterious ‘planet’ filmed by Florida woman likely a sundog

     A Florida woman filming a sunset in Florida had a “freak out” when she spotted a mysterious “planet” — but the object was likely an illusion known as a sundog. Melissa Huffman posted a video to YouTube showing the large light in the sky near the sun as she was filming from Florida’s Sanibel […]

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