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Reporter Reveals Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative Originated by Soros-Funded Ukrainian Group

The Trump-Russia collusion narrative originated with a Soros-funded group in Ukraine tasked with compiling opposition research on the Trump campaign. Several U.S. media outlets have reported on the Ukrainian origins of the Russiagate hoax, including Epoch Times, The Hill, News Punch and Gateway Pundit. reports: The Epoch Times reported on April 10, 2019, that the […]

Discussion: Questions with the Port Arthur narrative

Questions still remain years later. Photo: Supplied. The Port Arthur Massacre, described as an “indelible part of Australian history”, is an event that resulted in international media coverage, unprecedented national debate and the introduction of strict firearms laws across the country. Over 20 years later, numerous inconsistencies with the Port Arthur narrative remain unanswered. On […]

Correcting The False Narrative On Venezuela & Humanitarian Aid

Correcting The False Narrative On Venezuela & Humanitarian Aid Above: Venezuela Protest against sanctions in Canada, August 9, 2018. From compartycanada. It is important to correct the “humanitarian crisis” disinformation head on and urgently. Many people are taken in by this argument that Maduro is blocking humanitarian aid. Please distribute the fact sheet below and share […]

Anti-MAGA Narrative Leads To High School Closure & Death Threats Against Teens

The Facts: The French government recently announced plans to make “unauthorized” protests illegal. This is coming as a result of the Yellow Vests movement. Reflect On: What is an “unauthorized” protest? Does this mean protests can only be legal in France if it’s ‘authorized’ by the government?’ The Yellow Vests hit the streets and began […]

The Left’s fake anti-Russia narrative explained

By Timothy Fitzpatrick Jan. 12, 2019 Anno Domini The Jewish money power has set up the Western Left to oppose only a caricature of Putinist Russia, as part of a false dichotomy ruse to confuse and demoralize the public. This caricature has been carefully crafted as some far-right, “xenophobic”, fascist regime that is allying itself […]

Google CEO’s Testimony Further Collapses Russian Interference Narrative

The Facts: Below is a video from 1962 where people share their beliefs about life on other planets. There are mixed answers, but it’s easy to see how the topic was still taboo at the time, and not really contemplated. Reflect On: The search for extraterrestrial life and the topic of UFOs have become one […]

Art of the Narrative: How viral photos of suffering kids shape (& silence) immigration debate

Taken on Sunday by Reuters photographer Kim Kyung-Hoon, the photo soon appeared on the front pages and splashed across the screens of every single US mainstream media outlet. It quickly spread via social media, eclipsing every other image from the incident – in which a group of migrants from the Central American “caravans” tried to […]

November 6, 2018: “Russian Mercenaries Casualties” Narrative Resurfaces In MSM

South Fronts Russian-linked private military contractors (PMCs) have suffered new casualties in Syria, Syrian pro- and Russian pro-opposition militant media outlets claim. Initial speculations on this issue appeared on November 3 and November 4 when several outlets claimed that an explosion reportedly hit barracks of the 5th Assault Corps of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) […]

‘9/11 Unmasked’: The Ultimate Evidence-Based Challenge To The Official Narrative

The Facts: A few years ago, Vladimir Putin mentioned Satanism and Pedophilia within politics, and he hasn’t been the first to do so. He expressed how there are attempts to normalize these practices within society and make it global. Reflect On: Who are we electing? Who are the people that’ve amassed so much power that […]

Revolution Unraveled: ‘Assad Files’ Now an Achille’s Heel for War Crimes Narrative

The “Assad Files” story: ‘A secretive team of war crimes investigators smuggled hundreds of thousands of documents out of Syria … to build a case against Assad.’  Upon closer examination though, this impressive trove of ‘evidence’ appears to vindicate, rather than condemn the Syrian government. Adam Larson 21st Century Wire As the Syrian government slowly […]

In Blow To Mainstream Media’s Gun Narrative, Homicides Drop In 2017

Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute, The FBI released new homicide data this week, and at the nationwide level, the 2017 homicide rate fell slightly, dropping to 5.3 homicides per 100,000 from 2016’s rate of 5.4. According to the report, there were 17,284 homicides in 2017. For context: […]

Society is Made of Narrative – Realizing this is Awakening from the Matrix

Caitlin Johnstone, Guest Waking Times In the movie The Matrix, humans are imprisoned in a virtual world by a powerful artificial intelligence system in a dystopian future. What they take to be reality is actually a computer program that has been jacked into their brains to keep them in a comatose state. They live their […]

Dublin’s rising homeless population jars with narrative of Irish economic boom

     Jobs are bountiful, luring back emigrants and drawing newcomers. Property prices are soaring. Chic restaurants are fully booked weeks in advance. RTÉ television is showcasing the top new entries to Ireland’s rich list – many of them tech tycoons, plus a Ferrari salesman and other purveyors of luxury. Not long ago considered a hopeless […]

The Russian false narrative continues: US lawmaker says he was told Moscow played role in Charlottesville riots

     A lot has happened on the one-year anniversary of the Charlottesville riots. Donald Trump has said he condemns racism, his critics have criticized him and, true to form, someone in Washington found a way to blame the Russians. When there’s no evidence proving Moscow was behind election-meddling or collusion, it’s time to throw the […]

Who Is Q? Mainstream Media Crashes The Party To Take Control Of The Narrative

The Facts: According to mainstream media, Qanon is a ‘pro-Trump, alt-right conspiracy theory.’ An all-out mainstream media slurry shares this same perspective, regardless of its lack of truth. Reflect On: How can the mainstream media accurately report on something it inherently doesn’t understand? Does mainstream media coverage of this show their lack of knowledge and […]

CNN Struggling to Maintain Its Failing Russia Narrative

“The crooked press.” “They are so dishonest.” “Fake news.” “Bad people.”  Those were recent comments made by President Trump during a recent rally in Montana. In response, CNN is claiming victim status, as their reporter Abby Phillip shrieked, “So there’s your answer to the question of whether Trump’s rhetoric would change after 5 journalists were […]

How the Media Wove a Narrative of North Korean Nuclear Deception

Since the June 12 Singapore Summit between US President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the US media has woven a misleading narrative that both past and post-summit North Korean actions indicate an intent to deceive the US about its willingness to denuclearize. The so-called intelligence that formed the basis of these stories […]

CIA-Controlled Media Pushing Civil War Narrative

  July 3, 2018 Source Article from Related Posts Rep. Tlaib still pushing impeachment, but no sign fellow Democrats are ready to follow Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts Trump”s Confused Middle East Foibles Are Actually Pushing Assad and Erdogan into each other”s arms Trump’s […]

Another Fatal Blow to The West’s Precious White Helmets Narrative

“Too many times we’ve seen the same child in photographs, year after year, always covered in dust,” says Hersh, adding that the White Helmets “do engage in anti-Assad [activities].” He added that such a propaganda tactic is “very easy” because Assad is “hated” by so many in the West now. Source Article from Related […]

Facebook User Banned For This E.T. Meme Mocking ‘Children In Cages’ Narrative

The Facts: A “fortress-like” AT&T building located in eight major American cities have played a central role in another huge National Security Agency (NSA) spying program. Reflect On: Why are they monitoring us so heavily? Is it really for ‘national security reasons, or is some other agenda playing out here? What does learning this allow […]

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