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Italy yet to reach coronavirus contagion peak, national health chief warns, as 712 die in one day

“We haven’t reached the peak and we haven’t passed it,” the head of the Superior Health Institute, Silvio Brusaferro, told a press conference on Friday. He noted, however, that there were “signs of a slowdown” in the number of infections, suggesting that the health crisis could turn a corner soon. Figures released on Thursday showed […]

Jewish Ringleader Exhorts the National Guard to Protect Jews from White Nationalists & Coronavirus

It seems that this chosenite believes that US forces like the National Guard have one duty and one duty alone: to protect Jews from their enemies. Jerusalem Post: Jewish philanthropist and World Jewish Congress president Ronald Lauder called on the National Guard to protect Jewish New Yorkers on Tuesday after the FBI reported that neo-Nazis […]

Jews Demand National Guard Protect Them From ‘Neo-Nazis’ Who Want to Infect Them With COVID-19

Ronald Lauder, the rapidly aging president of the supremacist World Jewish Congress and key member of the shadowy Mega Group, which has deep ties to the Israeli Mossad and jewish organized crime figures, is now demanding that the National Guard protect Jews in New York City, citing a spurious FBI report which claimed that ‘neo-Nazis’ […]

Slovak National Socialists Gain Seats

Slovak national socialist leader, Marian Kotleba, whose party L’SNS gained seats in yesterday’s general election THE Slovak national socialist party People’s Party – Our Slovakia (L’SNS) led by Marian Kotleba — gained three extra MPs in yesterday’s general election and is now the joint-third largest party in the Slovak Parliament with 17 seats. Meanwhile the […]

Obama’s National Security Advisor Endorses Calls to Forcibly Remove Trump From Office “Now” Over Coronavirus

Barack Obama’s former National Security Advisor Susan Rice retweeted calls to forcibly remove President Trump from office over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The call to remove Trump via resignation or the 25th Amendment was posted at 3 a.m. CDT on Monday by former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks, an MSNBC contributor who accused Trump […]

Iran releases French national after France frees Iranian engineer

Press TV – Iran has agreed to conditional release of a French national, who was jailed in the country, after Iranian engineer Jalal Rouhollahnejad was freed by France despite frequent requests from Washington for extradition of the Iranian national extradited to the United States over accusations of violating anti-Iran sanctions. According to Mizan news agency, the […]

Trump issues national “guidelines” to help stop spread of coronavirus while lawmakers, health officials demand a LOCKDOWN instead

(Natural News) President Donald Trump on Monday issued a two-page memo containing several “guidelines” for Americans and state leaders to follow over a period of 15 days as a way to limit the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). But for some lawmakers and White House officials, those measures fall far short […]

Gantz full text: I aim to form a national, patriotic, broad government in days

The following is the official English translation of Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz’s speech at the President’s Residence on March 16, after he was charged with forming a government: Mr. President. My fellow Israelis. Get The Times of Israel’s Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign Up These are […]

Donald Trump Declares National Day of Prayer Amid Coronavirus Battle

. . Let us pray for America. For those in other countries, please name your country in the prayer. Let us all pray together today for peace on Earth. . Prayer For America | God Bless The USA | United States Prayer . . . President Trump and America’s coronavirus teams are looking for the […]

Get ready: Trump considering national travel bans in response to the widening coronavirus pandemic; are mass quarantines next?

(Natural News) On Friday, President Donald Trump made the very correct decision to declare a national emergency over the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. But it’s what may come next that has some people concerned. As Wall Street simmered down a bit following the president’s announcement and the global COVID-19 outbreak appeared to be […]

WARNING! Jewish Director of U.S. National Institute of Health Is The Great-Granddaughter Of Jewish Russian Bolshevik Communist Revolutionary Leon Trotsky Who Massacred 66-Million Christian Russians

Bolshevik Deep State Created Coronavirus Severing 94% of U.S. Imports, Threatening Gas, Agriculture, Power & Defense, To Usher In Liberty Crushing Force of Economic Collapse, Starvation, Agenda 21 and World War (read more) Nora Volkow (born 27 March 1956) is a Mexican-born naturalized American psychiatrist.[1] She is currently the director of the National Institute on […]

US Coronavirus Outbreak Reaches Grim New Milestone As National Guard Arrives In Suburban New York: Live Updates

The global coronavirus outbreak has hit a new milestone: It surpassed 120,000 cases overnight. For anybody who’s still bothering to keep track, that’s 15x the number of cases from the SARS outbreak, which continued for nearly a year before it finally petered out. In the US, the coronavirus outbreak has reached a grim new milestone. […]

LOCKDOWN: Cuomo shuts down New Rochelle in New York, sets up one-mile containment zone to be patrolled by the National Guard

(Natural News) Just as predicted, medical martial law has finally arrived in the United States with the first government-imposed mass quarantine area for the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19) reportedly being set up in New Rochelle, New York, located to the north of Manhattan. New York Governor Andrew “infanticide” Cuomo declared New Rochelle to […]

FEMA getting ready for Trump to declare national coronavirus emergency, unleashing the military and billions of federal aid

(Natural News) Despite repeated attempts to assure the public that the coronavirus pandemic is under control in the United States, the federal government continues to take drastic measures, just in case. A source close to NBC News says the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is getting ready for President Donald Trump to […]

Syracuse Students Lead A National Movement To End Oppressive Campus Environments

Syracuse Students Lead A National Movement To End Oppressive Campus Environments For a long time, students and faculty of predominately-white universities across the country have been experiencing oppressive environments where racism and homophobia are tolerated. This academic year, a group of Syracuse University students who call themselves Not Again SU has taken strong actions to […]

National Veterans Memorial and Museum 2020 Exhibits

National Veterans Memorial and Museum (NVMM)’s upcoming exhibit schedule for 2020. As I’m sure you’re already aware, the NVMM is the first and only nationally designated museum in the United States dedicated to honoring veterans. Since its grand opening in Columbus, OH, more than 50,000 people from across the country and around the world have visited to hear the stories of […]

UK: National Health Service Will Refuse to Treat “Racist” Whites

The increasingly non-White bureaucracy of Britain’s “free” National Health Service (NHS), the only available health care provider for millions of Britons, may now refuse to treat any White person they deem “racist” or “sexist.” NHS WILL, beginning in April, refuse to treat patients they believe are “sexist and racist.” Bureaucrats claim “new figures” show rising […]

NYPD Lied About National Security During An Attempt To Obtain A Journalist’s Records From Twitter

This is a lie. There’s no way around it. I’m sure the NYPD will come up with some excuse for this, but it will probably take a lawsuit to obtain the underlying documents, if not the NYPD’s internal justifications. This all started with shooting in New York City. NY Post Police Bureau […]

Colombian National Strike Committee Issues Call To Renew Anti-Government Protests

The Colombian National Strike Committee (CNP) has called for a series of fresh protests over the next couple of months after the far-right government of Ivan Duque failed to reach any sort of agreement with them.  The popular uprising against the Duque government began in November last year, with people expressing their opposition to the […]

Pompeo’s sinophobic pressure campaign runs amok at National Governors’ Association Convention

   Of all the things the CIA is good at, insecurely threatening people who may potentially wish to work with Russia and China is at the top of the list. This insecure passive aggressiveness shone with blinding intensity on February 8th during the annual National Governors’ Association event, which saw 44 American state governors come […]

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