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For Foreign Nations The Evil Empire is Back

16 Jan, 2021 22:18Get short URL Victoria Nuland is shown greeting Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in 2015. © Reuters / Mikhail Palinchak Follow RT onPresident-elect Joe Biden is getting the old interventionist-foreign-policy team back together, including Ukraine coup engineer Victoria Nuland, signaling a hardline Russia stance as he fills out top posts in the State Department. “These leaders […]

EC president von der Leyen dares European nations to call her bluff with announcement of (mandatory?) vaccine certificates

Europeans must carry certificates proving they’ve been vaccinated against Covid-19 to travel, EC president Ursula von der Leyen told Portuguese media – likely shocking Europeans who’d never heard of such a rule. Von der Leyen sprung the idea of a “mutually recognized vaccination certificate” as a “medical requirement” for travel on Thursday in the course […]

Report: Executive at United Nations Refugee Agency to Join Biden National Security Council

An executive with the United Nations (UN) Refugee Agency, which lobbies nations to accept mass migration, is expected to join President-elect Joe Biden’s administration. Katie Tobin, external relations officer for the UN Refugee Agency, is reportedly likely to get a spot on Biden’s National Security Council overseeing transborder security. Tobin’s appointment would be one of […]

Sheldon Adelson, pro-Israel extremist who ‘crafted the course of nations,’ is dead

Sheldon Adelson, who died last night, set out to destroy the Iran deal and the peace process and succeeded through his campaign contributions to Republican presidents. A fierce advocate for Israel, he wielded an incredible degree of power over U.S. policy. Miriam Adelson’s announcement of her husband’s passing is extremely moving and also blunt about […]

Brian Urquhart, early leader of United Nations, dies at 101

British diplomat Brian Urquhart, an early leader of the United Nations who played a central role in developing the UN practice of peacekeeping, has died, according to his family. He was 101. Urquhart’s son, Thomas, confirmed he died at his home in Tyringham, Massachusetts, on Saturday but didn’t provide a specific cause, the New York […]

Britain warns new strain out of control as European nations start to ban flights

LONDON — European countries started banning flights coming from the UK on Sunday as government in London warned that a potent new strain of the virus was “out of control.” Following the example of the Netherlands, where a ban on all UK passenger flights came into effect on Sunday, a German government source said Berlin, […]

United Nations Launches Site Called ‘Verified’ Where 110,000 ‘Information Volunteers’ Will Help To Control Narrative About COVID-19 Vaccine

The global elites at the United Nations and the World Economic Forum are very upset that you might accidentally stumble across the truth about the Messenger 33 coronavirus vaccine, the mind-numbing side effects and the coming digital identification, so they have launched a site called ‘Verified’ to tell you what your opinion is. Not only […]

Brexit: EU nations ‘told not to ease pressure on UK’ to force Johnson back to negotiating table in 2021

As hopes for a Brexit trade deal fade, Brussels has reportedly told EU member states not to entertain the prospect of any individual agreements with the UK that could ease its hardship if it crashes out of the bloc in three weeks. The alleged aim is to force a chastened Boris Johnson back to the […]

AirAsia CEO: Asian Nations ‘Won’t Let Anyone In Without A Vaccination’

A State Senator in New Jersey wants the coronavirus vaccine made mandatory for all school age children, despite them being the least at risk group. Middlesex Democrat Senator Joseph Vitale also wants to eliminate exemptions that have been used in the past to prevent their children from receiving shots. “When it is that a vaccine […]

United Nations Promote World Wide Communism & Slavery (Hint: Pedophiles Are at Top of UN)

If the elites continue to get their way, get ready for a lot less freedom and prosperity, and a lot more government. After peddling coronavirus lockdowns that crushed the economy and riots that terrorized the public under the guise of fighting “systemic racism,” Deep State globalists are now stepping in to offer their proposed solution […]

UK’s Prince Charles Leads Tributes to ‘Light Unto Nations’ Lord Jonathan Sacks at Memorial Service

The late UK Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks speaking in the House of Lords. Photo: File / UK Parliament. The UK’s Prince Charles led tributes to late former British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks during a virtual ceremony on Sunday to mark the 30 days, or shloshim, since Sacks’ death from cancer last month. The 72-year-old […]

United Nations Removes Marijuana From List Of Most Dangerous Drugs

By Zack Budryk, The Hill. December 4, 2020 Above photo: A factory worker processes cannabis flowers to make them ready for export on November 10 in Kasese, Uganda. CNN. A United Nations panel has voted to remove medical cannabis from a list of dangerous drugs. In the Wednesday vote, the Commission for Narcotic Drugs voted […]

One Hour Thirty Minutes Ghaddafi Tells of Western Nations Creating Viruses to Make Money on Medicines For Viruses

by Admin · Published December 4, 2020 · Updated December 4, 2020 [embedded content] Comment: Zionist Mob owns big Pharma. Ghadaffi was considered a “problem” by the Zionist Mafia. He exposed their war crimes and Disease labs unsupported by even the ME Arab nations who live in fear of the Zionist Mafia terrorists. Another name […]

United Nations Failure And Sri Lanka’s Defiance

The fate of the UNHRC Resolutions 30/1 of 2015 and 40/1 of 2019 Sri Lanka’s democracy completely changed and is now ruled by a dictatorial Sinhala Buddhist President elected by the majority Sinhala Buddhist voters. The 20th Amendment to the Constitution has placed him with absolute powers over judiciary, police, election and other independent Commissions […]

China Rewarded With Best Post-COVID Economy Than All Other Nations

China is silently enjoying the best post-COVID economy than nearly every other major country, according to the OECD. “A graph proposing GDP projections for various nations and areas showed that China was the only nation on the list to enjoy real GDP growth in 2020, with 1.8%, 8% in 2021 and 4.9% in 2022,” a […]

A List of All UN Nations Participating in the COVID Hoax

              – Select language –                  العربية                 中文                 English                 français                 русский                 español                 português           Home/ 172 […]

When Will Jewish Refugees From Arab Nations Get the Justice They Deserve?

Iraqi Jews leaving Lod airport in Israel on their way to the Ma’abara transit camp, 1951. Photo: Israel Government Press Office. – When the mainstream media and United Nations refer to refugees in the context of the Israeli -Palestinian conflict, they’re usually referring only to the so-called Palestinian refugees. While much can be said […]

United Nations panel calls for end of Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory

The United Nations has overwhelmingly approved a resolution calling for Palestinian self-determination and end to Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory since 1967. The resolution was approved on Thursday by the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee — the committee that deals with human rights and humanitarian affairs. It was passed 163 to 5, with 10 abstentions. […]

United Nations Countries Pushing COVID Vaccines World Health Organization provides global leadership in public health within the UnitedNations system. Founded in 1948, WHO works with 194 Member States, across six regions and from more than 150 offices, to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable. 00 Hits: 12


November 22, 2020 WHITNEY WEBB News organizations and journalists who raise legitimate concerns about Operation Warp Speed will be de-platformed to make way for the “required” saturation of pro-vaccine messaging across the English-speaking media landscape. In just the past week, the national-security states of the U.S. and UK have discreetly let it be known that […]

Why are only first-world nations with first-class health care systems affected by COVID-19?!?

Why are we not seeing wildly explosive rates in places likeIndia, Bangladesh, Africa, South America, SE Asia? Why is that? These nations have their populations crammed into small areas with very poorhygiene, yet they’ve barely registered as a blip on the Covid stats. NOTHING about this Covid crap adds up…not one thing. Greatest hoax in […]

The United Nations and the Origins of “The Great Reset”

The United Nations and the Origins of “The Great Reset” Activist Post / Activist Post By Antony P. Mueller About twenty-four hundred years ago, the Greek philosopher Plato came up with the idea constructing the state and society according to an elaborate plan. Plato wanted “wise men” (philosophers) at the helm of the government, but […]

G20 nations warned their COVID-19 recovery packages risk reversing climate gains

The most developed 20 economies in the world managed to reduce CO2 emissions in 2019 but risk reversing the positive trend through COVID-19 recovery packages that overwhelmingly support fossil fuel industries, a new report has found. The Climate Transparency annual review of G20 countries’ climate action found that they had collectively managed to reduce energy-related […]

“Soviet” Agents Designed IMF, World Bank & United Nations

“Soviet” Agents Designed IMF, World Bank & United Nations Henry Makow from Jan 11, 2009 by Henry Makow Ph.D. We usually thinkof the New WorldOrderas something coming in the future. In fact, a veiled Masonic Jewish banker dictatorship has existed for some time. This is the first world conquest by infiltration and subversion. They took […]

England win 2020 Six Nations championship after Ireland fail in Paris

England won the 2020 Six Nations rugby title after thrashing Italy on Saturday, but they had to wait for the result of a tense match between France and Ireland in Paris before they could celebrate. Eddie Jones’ side triumphed on the final day of what became the longest Six Nations tournament in history due to […]

Iran’s Khamenei: Muslim nations reject ‘humiliation’ of compromise with Israel 

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei lashed out at the idea of Muslim nations compromising with Israel, calling it a “humiliation,” and issued an ominous warning to nations seeking to normalize ties with the Jewish state. “Muslim nations will never accept the humiliation of compromising with the Zionist regime,” Khamenei tweeted Tuesday. In recent months, […]

The “Non-Aligned” Nations Realign

The “Non-Aligned” Nations Realign Above photo: Frantz Fanon. The formerly colonized peoples of the planet say No to US bullying, sanctions and regime change. “The ‘Third World’ sees the US as a monster.” “Two centuries ago, a former European colony decided to catch up with Europe.  It succeeded so well that the United States of America became a […]

United Nations, WHO & World Bank Issue Similar Eerie Warning For The World…Than BANG This Happens…

Yes, they know what they are doing … read between those glaring lines folk Share this: Like this: Like Loading… 00 Hits: 11

America’s Political Class Loves to Blame Other Nations for Election Interference to Cover Up Electoral Rigging and Theft by the Major Parties

Caitlin Johnstone Twitter claims that it has suspended 130 Iranian accounts for “attempting to disrupt the public conversation” during the US presidential debate. “Based on intel provided by the FBI, last night we removed approximately 130 accounts that appeared to originate in Iran,” a thread by the Twitter Safety account reads. “They were attempting to disrupt the […]

Bill Gates Says US and Western Nations Must Pay For Coronavirus Vaccines For The Whole World

Microsoft founder and “world health dictator” Bill Gates has ordered the US and Western nations to dedicate more government funds to pay for coronavirus vaccines and distribution networks for the rest of the world. According to Gates, paying for billions of doses of vaccines for poorer countries, which don’t have the financial clout to strike […]

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