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Watch as Hong Kong protester nearly kills 53 year old man with drain cover as he attempts to dismantle barricade

   A Hongkonger nearly lost his life when an angry protester struck him on the head with a metal drain cover as he attempted to remove one of many barricades erected during anti-government unrest in the city. The video, filmed on Saturday night, shows several masked protesters confronting a 53-year-old man who attempts to clear […]

Israel has killed nearly 3 Palestinians per week this year

Maureen Clare Murphy Rights and Accountability 29 November 2019 Mourners carry the body of Raed Rafiq Ahmad al-Sirsawi during his funeral on 29 November. The 30-year-old succumbed to injuries sustained during Israel’s attack on Gaza on 13 November. Ashraf Amra APA images On Friday, 29 November, 16-year-old Fahd al-Astal died after he was shot in the […]

Supreme Court Set to Hear First Second Amendment Case in Nearly a Decade

By Sean Walton The Supreme Court on Monday is set to wade into the highly charged gun control debate for the first time in nearly a decade, hearing oral arguments in a dispute over a New York City gun restriction that could have major implications for gun rights nationwide. The court has steadfastly declined to […]

With the right-wing coup in Bolivia nearly complete, the junta is hunting down the last remaining dissidents

By Wyatt Reed Indigenous protesters carry coffins of their dead through La Paz (photo by Wyatt Reed) La Paz, Bolivia – As the military junta which seized power from the democratically-elected Bolivian President Evo Morales violently represses the working class, indigenous-led uprising against them, the country is rapidly falling under […]

Latest Keystone Pipeline Oil Spill is Nearly 10 Times Worse Than Initially Thought

Elias Marat, The Mind Unleashed Waking Times A crude oil spill from the Keystone Pipeline in North Dakota nearly a month ago was roughly 10 times larger than first reported, officials now say. On October 29, the Calgary, Alberta-based TC Energy—corporation previously known as TransCanada—shut down operations of the pipeline after the major multinational corporation discovered that […]


South Dakota’s Department of Social Services has spent nearly half a million dollars on an anti-meth ad campaign with the tagline “Meth. We’re On It.” No, this is not The Onion. “The campaign’s motto features the phrase, “Meth. We’re on it,” over an outline of South Dakota, and the ad […]

There Are Nearly 5 Million ILLEGAL Migrants in Europe (Most Are Young Men)

Figures from a new study have revealed that half of the nearly five million illegal immigrants living in Europe are in either the United Kingdom or Germany. Most are military-aged young men. In 2017, the estimated number of illegal immigrants living in Europe stood between 3.9 and 4.8 million. Of that number, despite being free […]

Nearly every Democratic candidate rushed to defend Israel’s attack on Gaza, Warren only one to acknowledge Palestinian deaths

A ceasefire has been reached between Israel and groups in Gaza, after two days of violence that left 34 Palestinians dead. Many of the Democratic candidates have tweeted about the events, defending Israel’s actions while condemning rocket fire from Palestine. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders expressed concern for Israelis and Palestinians, while Warren […]

Ambushed by canola oil – that toxic “food stuff” that’s found in nearly everything processed these days

(Natural News) Evil corporations feed Americans like we’re all just rats in a big cage. How stupid we all are, they think. Even the so-called “healthy” stores are taking advantage of consumer ignorance. Big time. Just take a glance at the ingredients in the majority of processed foods at Whole Foods, Wegman’s, […]

Nearly Unanimous: 187 Nations Call For The End To US Blockade Of Cuba

Nearly Unanimous: 187 Nations Call For The End To US Blockade Of Cuba Above Photo: La votación de la resolución contra el bloqueo a Cuba recibió tres votos en contra (EE.UU. Israel y Brasil) y dos abstenciones (Colombia y Ucrania). | Foto: ONU New York – For the 28th time the UN member states call to lift […]

Radiation & Heavy Metals Detox: Last Chance to Get Zeolite at Nearly 95% Off (Campaign is Ending)

Our inbox is FULL. Your response to the special offer of Pure Body Extra Strength was so overwhelming, that we ran out before the end of the campaign. It wasn’t easy, but I was able to reserve more bottles, but only a small supply. If you want to free yourself of debilitating fatigue, keep your […]

Getting the Measles in Modern-Day America—Not Nearly as Dangerous as Portrayed

The Facts: This article was written By Dr. Alan Palmer, Contributing Writer for Children’s Health Defense. Reflect On: Why does mainstream media never address the points made by vaccine safety advocates? Why do they always resort to ridicule and use terms like “anti vax conspiracy” instead of simply refuting evidence with their own evidence? [CHD […]

Storms batter southern France, flooding some towns – nearly 5 inches of rain in under 3 hours recorded

   Storms and heavy rain lashed through southern France on Wednesday, causing flooding strong enough to sweep away cars in some towns in the region. In the city of Argeles-sur-Mer in the Pyrenees-Orientales department, one vehicle ended up wedged on top of a traffic bollard. Across the region, streets and roads have been severely damaged […]

PG&Egate: Why is California shutting down power to nearly 3 million residents?

  PG&E cut power for hundreds of thousands in Northern California   “This Is The Third World”: Up To 3 Million Californians To Lose Power As PG&E Begins “Unprecedented” Blackouts As previewed last night, PG&E Corp., California’s largest (bankrupt) utility, began shutting off power Wednesday to an unprecedented 3 million people in Northern California […]

Curfew lifted in Baghdad after nearly 100 killed in protests

BAGHDAD (AFP) — A curfew was lifted in Baghdad on Saturday following days of protests which have left nearly 100 dead, but tensions remained after firebrand cleric Muqtada al-Sadr demanded the government quit. The largely spontaneous protests over chronic unemployment and poor public services that erupted in the capital on Tuesday have escalated into a […]

Money Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes

According to USA Today, a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association found 72 percent of its 3,000 respondents were stressed about money. Interestingly, most people who feel this way also think they will be able to earn their way out of whatever predicament is triggering their worries. While making […]

Cops Beaten Nearly to Death By Fellow Cops for Exposing a Literal Gang Running The Dept

(Support Free Thought) – Lost Angeles, CA — LA County sheriff’s deputies have divided allegiances according to several police officers who just filed a lawsuit against their fellow cops for beating and choking them nearly to death. As TFTP repeatedly claims, many law enforcement agencies resemble gangs more than a peacekeeping […]

Cameras On Nearly 3,000 Street Lights All Over San Diego

In December 2016, when the San Diego City Council approved a $30.3 million project to upgrade 14,000 street lights with sensors — and a portion of them with cameras — law-enforcement applications had not yet been considered. San Diegans are only just now coming to a wider understanding of how police access and use of […]

North America’s Bird Population Is Collapsing – Nearly 3 Billion Birds Have Been Wiped Out Since 1970

All around us, our world is literally in a state of collapse, but most people don’t seem to care.  I spend much of my time writing about the inevitable collapse of our economic and financial systems, but they are only one part of the story.  These days, millions upon millions of us are […]

Google has become the anti-health search engine; now censoring nearly all holistic health and nutrition websites on the planet

(Natural News) When you’re looking for information about a certain topic, what do you do? If you’re like most people, you head to Google and type in a query, then choose from the first few results it displays. In fact, looking for something like “natural diabetes prevention” might have been what originally […]

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