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Nebraska Troopers Seize Enough Fentanyl To Kill 26 Million Americans

According to the Nebraska State Patrol, 118 pounds of narcotics were seized by troopers in April, which overnight were confirmed by the NSP Crime Lab as fentanyl. This is the not just the largest seizure of Fentanyl in Nebraska history, but, also the largest ever in the United States — enough to kill more than […]

Nebraska Law Now Limits ALPR Data, Helps Block National License Plate Tracking Program

By Michael Maharrey Yesterday, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts signed a bill into law that puts limitations on the storage and sharing of information collected by Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs) by law enforcement in the state, and places significant roadblocks in the way of a federal program using states to help track the […]

University Of Nebraska Faces Growing Calls To Expel Violent Neo-Nazi Dan Kleve

University Of Nebraska Faces Growing Calls To Expel Violent Neo-Nazi Dan Kleve Above Photo: From YouTube Lincoln, NE – Administrators at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) are facing mounting criticism over their choice to ignore safety issues posed by 23-year-old biochemistry major Dan Kleve. Anti-racists have been calling for Kleve’s expulsion from UNL since last summer, […]

Nebraska Regulators Approve Keystone Pipeline Route Days After South Dakota Leak, Shutdown

TransCanada received its final required pipeline route approval, winning Nebraska’s permission to build its long-delayed Keystone XL crude oil pipeline across the state… just days after a 5,000 barrel spill in South Dakota shut the pipeline. The decision will almost certainly be challenged in court.     Just […]

“We’re Ready To Stop It Again”: KXL Opponents Flood Nebraska’s Capitol

Above Photo: Landowners and environmentalists gathered in Lincoln, Nebraska, on Sunday to protest TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline. (Photo: @BoldNebraska/Twitter) “Commissioners in Nebraska have a choice to make—either they protect the fossil fuel industry’s greed, or they stand up for the health and safety of our climate and our communities.” Hundreds demonstrated in Lincoln, Nebraska, on […]

Nebraska Patrol Accused Of Requiring Vaginal Exams For Women

The Nebraska State Patrol has for years forced female recruits to submit to invasive, medically unnecessary pelvic exams performed by a male doctor before they can be hired, according to a new federal lawsuit. State Trooper Brienne Splittgerber filed the lawsuit Tuesday against the patrol, the state of Nebraska, two former patrol heads and various […]

Nebraska State Patrol Head Fired; Probe Findings Sent to FBI

Gov. Pete Ricketts fired the head of the Nebraska State Patrol on Friday amid an internal review that was launched after officers were accused of changing their story about a crash that killed a South Dakota driver who was fleeing from a trooper. The review found evidence that high-ranking […]

Dashcam Shows Nebraska Trooper Strike Drunk Driver With Butt Of His Rifle

After leading Nebraska state troopers on an hourlong chase that reached speeds of nearly 100 mph, the Colorado man was so intoxicated or impaired he could barely stand when ordered out of his van, falling back against it. Following the troopers’ orders, he put his hands up, and he […]

Large hailstones storm pound Omaha, Nebraska

     People across the Omaha area called insurance agents, roofers and glass repair shops Friday after a hailstorm tore through the region Thursday night. Rick Gobble spent his Friday morning doing what he called an “odd kind of spring cleaning”: vacuuming glass shards from his car and sweeping the remnants of the back windshield from […]

Nebraska Man Dies In Police Custody

The death of a local man while in police custody in Nebraska is under investigation, and the police chief is recommending two officers be fired. 29-year-old Zachary Bearheels of Mountain View died Monday after being tased and punched by several officers. It started when police were called to help […]

Lightning strikes kill 6 people and 6 goats in Marathwada, India

     As many as six people were killed after being struck by lightning in four districts in Marathwada. Reports reaching here today said, two people killed identified as Arun Rupnar (30) at Telwadi area and another Rangnath Sonawane were killed near Brisk kiln near Paithan town. Two women sustained injuries in this accident. Two peope […]

Hypersonic travel possible by 2018

     A jet engine for hypersonic passenger travel between London and New York in 11 minutes has been tested successfully. The revolutionary transport could be introduced by 2018, according to technology prognosticators. An international group of American and Australian scientists has successfully tested a scramjet — for supersonic combustion ramjet — as a part of […]

‘Highway robbery’: OK police seize $53k of funds for Thai orphanage

     After being accused of “highway robbery” for seizing over $53,000 from a Christian rock band fundraising for a Christian school in Burma and an orphanage in Thailand, police in Oklahoma have been forced to backtrack on felony charges they had initiated against the man safeguarding the money. Eh Wah, a native of Burma but […]

Devastating Radioactive Leak In Washington Sparks Outrage

A massive radioactive leak was discovered this past Sunday at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington. Officials have stated that the original container holding the radioactive material has slowly been trickling out roughly 70 gallons since 2011, though they have not determined what accelerated the problem. They are set to begin pumping an […]

Multiple meteors struck the Earth 790,000 years ago

     A new analysis of tektites, gravel-sized objects made of natural glass and formed from terrestrial debris ejected when meteorites collide with the Earth’s surface, has revealed that multiple cosmic impacts took place in various parts of the world approximately 790,000 years ago. Dr. Mario Trieloff, a geoscientist at Heidelberg Universityin Germany, and his colleagues […]

Man upset about retail giant not selling items with a Confederate flag detonates bomb at Mississippi Walmart

     A man is charged after allegedly setting off an explosive at a Mississippi Walmart Sunday morning. Marshall W. Leonard, 61, of Tupelo, will be charged with placing an explosive device. Under Mississippi Code 97-37-25 he could get life in prison if convicted, the Tupelo Daily Journal reported. Tupelo Police Chief Bart Aguirre said a […]

Obama DoJ Penalizes Nebraska Slaughterhouse for Not Hiring Illegal Immigrants

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer September 8, 2015 Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta: Keeping Whitey in line This is from the Department of Justice’s own website. A press release, dated August 24, 2015. The Justice Department announced today that it reached a settlement with Nebraska Beef Ltd., a meat packing company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. The settlement […]

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