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Stone fruit production in Río Negro, Argentina affected by severe frost

   The last frosts in the Alto Valley of Rio Negro, which had extremely cold temperatures of almost -10º C for 14 hours, could have damaged much of the region’s fruit production, especially stone fruits, such as peaches and plums. The damages are currently being evaluated by the technicians of the Secretariat of Fruit Cultivation […]

“Married” Negro Faggots Arrested for Homicide of White Faggot

Charles Martel Daily Stormer December 24, 2018 Jessie Daquan Price-Brown, left, and his “husband” Terrelle Lamar Price-Brown. This is more like a homocide, amirite? :DDD … Seriously though, I hate being reminded that these people exist. My Christmas is ruined. I just want everyone and everything involved with this story – including the […]

Negro Felon League Week 12 & 13: Free Tickets Can’t Even Fill a Stadium

Lee Rogers Daily Stormer December 6, 2018 NFL teams are continuing to have an extremely difficult time filling their stadiums with fans. It’s fair to say that the cultural significance of the league is in decline. This is largely due to the rampant Africanization of the league. Stadium attendance for the National […]

The Breaking of the Rainbow Coalition and the Rise of the “Negro Imperialist”

On Thursday, December 4, 1969, at about 4:30 AM, three unmarked Chicago police cars and a panel truck left the 26th Street office of the Cook County state’s attorney and headed west. The lakefront air was bitterly cold, and the vehicles moved deliberately past the empty lots, gutted warehouses, and walk-ups that dotted the city’s […]

Negro Stabs Date 119 Times After Discovering That “She” was “Born a Man”

Michael Byron Daily Stormer July 28, 2017 Like most people who want to bring back slavery, I have a low opinion of Blacks. I find them dim-witted, slovenly and unambitious. I dislike their lack of self-awareness and their inability to build nations, and I believe they have a genetic inclination toward rape […]

Italians Rage as The Sun Brands Negro-Ridden Naples as One of World’s Ten Most Dangerous Cities

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 20, 2017 Italy, if you didn’t want to have one of your cities labeled as one of the world’s ten most dangerous, than you shouldn’t have flooded yourself with diverse vibrancy from sub-Saharan Africa. You made the decision to become the most diverse of the diverse, because you […]

Obama-Endorsed Negro Poet Embraces Anti-Semitism

IG FarbenDaily Stormer July 7, 2017 “I like to think Mr. Carter and I understand each other.”– Barack Hussein Obama, June 15, 2017 When an antique piece of farm equipment is re-purposed to verbally recite a criminal rap sheet in a song, one should expect instant classics such as “Jigga My Nigga” […]

Gentlemanly Negro Saves Mudshark Girlfriend From Ghetto Walrus Assault

SpartacusDaily Stormer May 26, 2017 Finally, someone is getting over slavery. Source Article from Related Posts You’ve been lied to: Walrus suicide NOT caused by climate change as Attenborough story quietly revised. What else is a lie? Renowned nature documentarian David Attenborough probably converted a few climate skeptics with his […]

Old Negro Torches House, Killing Coal-Burner and 5 Children

Daily Stormer May 24, 2017 Burn the coal, pay the toll. She somehow avoided getting killed by her baby-daddy, and yet still managed to get killed by a Black neighbor. Negro karma works in mysterious ways. Fox 8: The Akron house fire that killed seven people was an “act of arson.” Officials […]

Drunk Drivin’ Negro Kills 9-Year-Old White Girl

Daily Stormer May 16, 2017 Man, why dez keez get inda way like dat? Blacks can’t drive when sober. So can you imagine what they’re like when drunk out of their mind? Let me tell you – it makes GTA V look like a zen garden. The Summerville Journal Scene: An arrest […]

Little White Girl Shot in Head by Negro Thugs Over Snapchat

weevDaily StormerMay 12, 2017 Take a look at this face, and imagine the kind of monster that would put a bullet in it. Smithfield, Utah is a quiet little town with a population under ten thousand originally settled in the middle of the nineteenth century at the behest of LDS prophet Brigham […]

UK: Negro Rapes 5-Year-Old Girl

Eric StrikerDaily Stormer May 1, 2017 When you think of a pedophile, Jews have meme’d the image of a white male into your mind via pop culture. Back in reality, whites are actually underrepresented in sexual assaults against children, while blacks are two times more likely to rape a 5-year-old. In South […]

Negro “Accidentally” Molests 13-Year-Old Girl

Daily Stormer April 26, 2017 Looks like a good boy to me. Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally molest little girls? They really should invent some kind of system to avoid that. Dallas News: A convicted rapist from Dallas is headed back to prison for good after being sentenced to […]

Subversive US Media Jew Denied Entry Into Russia

ZeigerDaily Stormer July 14, 2016 Throw the Jew down the well, so my media can be free! It has to be said that any media Jew is a de facto spy for world Jewry. Thus keeping them out of your country is always justified, as they are sure to be a national security threat. That […]

Don’t Let Dindu Fatigue Take You

Seventh Son The Right Stuff July 9, 2016 Well goyim, #RealDadcoreHours caused me to be passed out asleep last night while the horror unfolded in Dallas. As I’m sure you’re aware, politically motivated antique farm equipment staged both a protest march AND a sniper attack, followed by a mini looting spree (we shall overcome, muhfugguh!). […]

Clinton’s Lies Will Die

Clinton’s Lies Will Die Jewish Agenda Articles, America In Decline Articles Clinton’s Lies Will DieBy Brother Nathanael Kapner July 7, 2016 ©___________________________________ WHEN AMERICA WAS NOT under the rule of Jews, a Hillary Clinton would have gotten no further than employed as an hourly wage clerk at the local five-and-dime. But times have changed into […]

Adult toys, oral & anal sex part of German school education program targeting homophobia

Fourteen-year-olds in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), the most-populous state in Germany, may come across school classes making them aware of anal sex, sadomasochism and the use of sex toys, including dildos, as early as in the next school year, according to Die Welt newspaper. It all comes as part of an offbeat project called ‘School of Diversity’, […]

Sweden Aims to be World Leader in Anti-Anti-Semitism

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 19, 2016 The issue that I have with all of this talk about people hating Jews is that no one ever explains why so many people hate the Jews. It seems to me that if you have a problem you are trying to solve, you need to consider what is causing […]

Israeli forces takes measurements of accused Palestinian attacker’s father’s house in order to destroy it

Violence / Detentions — West Bank / Israel Israeli forces raid Yatta, take measurements of suspected attacker’s house HEBRON (Ma‘an) 17 June — Israeli forces early Friday raided the town of Yatta in the southern occupied West Bank district of Hebron, which has been sealed by the Israeli army since last week’s attack in Tel […]

Dr. Duke & Andrew Anglin on Polar Bear Supremacism and Trolling the Jewish Establishment!

Dr. Duke & Andrew Anglin on Polar Bear Supremacism and Trolling the Jewish Establishment! Dr. Duke had Andrew Anglin, the publisher of the Daily Stormer, as his guest for the hour. The talked about the Washington Post article that polar bears are facing a crisis as a species from male grizzly bears coming into […]

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