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Negroid Mastermind Michelle Obama Attacks Jew Feminism – “Dat Shit Don’t Work”

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer December 4, 2018 I have no clear image of how intelligent Michelle Obama is or how “on the pulse” she is when it comes to the Jewish narrative. What I will say is that her attack on Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s Jewish “Lean In Method” of feminism is in-line […]

Utah: Lovely White College Student Killed by 37-Year-Old Negroid Ex-Boyfriend

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer October 24, 2018 I’m not going to say she deserved it, but – no, wait, actually “she deserved it” is exactly what I was going to say. lol. She is a very pretty girl though. I wonder why she was fucking this nigger? I wonder… It’s almost like […]

Pro-Violence Negroid Eric Holder Says “When They Go Low, We Kick Em”

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer October 11, 2018 On the heels of Hillary Clinton’s apparent endorsement of political violence, wherein she said “now is not the time for civility,” former Attorney General Eric Holder echoed the sentiment, saying “when they go low, we kick them.” This is a play on a phrase Michelle […]

Cuckold Trey Gowdy Celebrates Parasitic Negroid Child

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer September 29, 2018 Here you have Trey Gowdy celebrating some kind of monkey child. Happy 1st birthday to Charis Clarke, one of my favorite people in the world. South Carolina is going to love having you, your parents, and your brothers come this fall. — Trey Gowdy […]

Negroid War on Man’s Best Friend: Disgusting Black Tortures Innocent Puppers

Joe JonesDaily Stormer August 11, 2017 Estrella the Husky, eye removed by feral nog. David Herbert, Dog torturer. Dogs are considered Man’s best friend for a reason. That reason is they are loyal and loving to their pack (family) and will fight to the death along side their master if they have […]

Negroid Rapes 13-Year-Old Girl He Groomed on Social Media

Daily Stormer August 1, 2017 Charles Ebenezer Berry Jr. Until we come to a time when we don’t have to worry about nonwhites luring our children for sex on social media, we should not allow our children social media – especially our daughters, who aren’t less likely to be targeted by nonwhite […]

US: Negroid Drug Dealer Calls Police to Report His Drugs Being Stolen – Evil Racists Arrest Him!

SpartacusDaily Stormer August 1, 2017 If not for racism, these good boys would be flying peanut butter-powered pyramids to Mars Evil hateful racists such as myself have always made the evil, hateful assertion that most colored gentleman are unintelligent. But cases like these prove that isn’t the case – that they’re being […]

White Homeless Woman Murdered by Shirtless Negroid Predator

Daily Stormer July 3, 2017 It was the perfect crime. And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for those meddling cops. They say crime doesn’t pay, but just imagine how wealthy this good boy would have been if he would have successfully mugged this hobo without getting […]

Chicago: Trump Sending in the Feds to Deal with Out-of-Control Negroid Menace!

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 30, 2017 At last and finally, the Negroid menace in Jew-run Chicago will be dealt with with the X-TREME measures it deserves. Hopefully, by “Federal help” he means “wartime measures.” Crime and killings in Chicago have reached such epidemic proportions that I am sending in Federal help. 1714 […]

Hapless Jap Pays $110.5 Million for Negroid “Art” at Jew York Auction

Michael ByronDaily Stormer May 20, 2017 Such inspiration. So channeled by God. Wow. Few creative industries in the West have taken a bigger dive in the last century than the art industry. What was once the leading producer of high culture in Western societies has, decade after excruciating decade, been desecrated and […]

Iran deal is still imperilled by deep state– hardliners, Israel lobby, Hillary Clinton

Nearly a year after the Iran deal passed, it is still in treacherous waters. Hardliners in the American power structure want to capsize the deal. They include neoconservatives inside the Beltway who have the ear of administration officials, the Israel lobby, and Hillary Clinton’s braintrust too. And it’s all happening in plain sight. Because the […]

Australia: Haji Hater Hanson Elected as Senator

ZeigerDaily Stormer July 6, 2016 Pauline “Blast Away Every Mosque” Hanson. What’s with all these right-wing parties with women as leaders? I thought this was 2016… As the tides are changing and nationalist sentiment grows stronger everywhere in the west, we’re starting to see it being reflected in election results. Parties that were previously confined […]

US Jews adopted ‘deferential’ relationship to Israel, and tabooed dissent so as to preserve US gov’t support

On May 4, I went to Temple Israel in New Rochelle to hear Jewish historian Dov Waxman speak about his important new book Trouble in the Tribe: The American Jewish Conflict Over Israel. Waxman underscored trends in Jewish political life that we have chronicled here: American Jews are undergoing a historic transformation in their relationship […]


Extracts from writings of the intellectual leader of the coming pan-European indigenous white revolution on the nature of the war, it’s goals and the preparation for it: Just last night I was listening to a long Google hangout discussion on the fast-growing trans-Atlantic alt right in which one contributor relayed that he had seen evidence of military […]

Alex Jones Says Both Communists and Nazis Should Have Their Jaws Broken

Daily Stormer February 9, 2016 Maybe he is saying that communists and Nazis are the same thing? Either way, this is hate speech against Nazis and communists both. Source Article from Hits: 7

Black Bastards Murders White Man During Retarded Restaurant Robbery

Daily Stormer January 12, 2016 Dining experience gone wrong, goyim. Click2Houston: Four people have been arrested in the fatal shooting of a man during a restaurant robbery. Herman Ray Browning, Jr. was inside the Huong Giang Hue Restaurant with his wife and 8-year-old son on New Year’s Day when police said two armed men wearing […]

Filthy Haji Terrorists Pepper-Sprayed as They Invade Canada

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 10, 2016 A group of filthy terrorists invaded Canada and were quickly sprayed like bugs with pepper-spray. Why does this haji female speak perfect English, I wonder, if she’s a poverty stricken refugee escaping the brutal civil war in Turkish refugee camps? I don’t support attacking these “refugees,” of course, but […]

Blockbuster Dave Hodges Interview with John B. Wells Who’s Calling For a Revolution

  j John B. Wells, the host of Caravan to Midnight Dave Hodges’ guest for the first two hours of the show was John B. Wells, the host of Caravan to Midnight.  This is a can’t miss interview in which the two discussed the threats to American security.  John told […]

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