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TV Show Asks: Should People Be Rewarded For Snitching on Their Neighbors?

A member of the public caught UK police violating their own lockdown rules during an encounter that was captured on camera. The clip shows a man approaching four officers who are sat at a table drinking coffee. Under Tier 4 restrictions, and now under the national lockdown as a whole, it is against the rules […]

Beijing alerts Mekong River neighbors to restricted waterflow amid dam maintenance, as experts cry foul over late warning

China has warned other states along the Mekong River that maintenance works on a hydroelectric dam will cause a considerable reduction in flow for 20 days, sparking ecological concerns over the fish-rich waterway. On Wednesday, the Mekong River Commission (MRC) said that water levels along the waterway are likely to drop by about 1.20 meters, […]

Connecticut residents urged to report their neighbors “infractions”

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Neighbors Explain What Protests Against Systemic Racism Mean To Them

Above photo: Hours after a D.C. police officer fatally shot Deon Kay in early September, protesters converged outside the 7th District police station. Dee Dwyer / DCist. Voices of Wards 7 and 8. Demonstrators took to the D.C. streets in late May, protesting police brutality and the systemic racism Black people face. It was part of a larger movement inspired […]

Israel and its neighbors grow anxious as Trump becomes more unpredictable

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Jewish soldiers and civilians looted Arab neighbors’ property en masse in ’48. The authorities turned a blind eye

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COVID Police Crash 10-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday Party After Neighbors Snitch on Family

CNN has published an article asserting that people need to accept that things are never “getting back to normal” and that mandatory coronavirus restrictions such as wearing face masks will become “permanent”. In a piece titled ‘There is no getting ‘back to normal,’ experts say. The sooner we accept that, the better’ – CNN international […]

Officer in Breonna Taylor shooting indicted for firing into neighbors’ homes

One of the police officers responsible for fatally shooting Breonna Taylor was recently charged with three counts of wanton endangerment for indiscriminately firing into hers and her neighbors’ apartments. Despite the fact that an innocent unarmed woman was killed by police officers, none of the officers face criminal charges for her death. On March 13, […]

With each of its Arab neighbors, Israel has a different ‘economic peace’

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Neighbors Defend Portland “Nazi Lady” From Antifa

Citizens of Portland, Oregon stood up for their neighbor after she went viral for wearing a Nazi armband as a large group of Antifa rioters assaulted her and pointed lasers in her face. On Wednesday night, the woman was accosted outside her house by a group of communists who directed multiple lasers towards her eyes, […]

Mutual Aid Unites NYC Neighbors Facing COVID-19

Above photo: From Ioby. It’s about love and solidarity. Nancy Perez, a 45-year-old resident of the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, contracted COVID-19 in March. She stayed quarantined in her room for a month to isolate from her two sons and grandson. A few days before she got the virus, she’d met a volunteer with Bed-Stuy Strong — […]

Iran cements ties with neighbors ahead of Trump D-day

Press TV – Iran and Turkmenistan appear to have put a snowballing gas debt dispute behind them following President Hassan Rouhani’s visit which culminated in the signing of 13 documents for broadening of relations. The row is over Turkmenistan’s claims that Iran owes it around $1.5 billion for gas the Central Asian nation delivered in […]

Russian man walks leopard in kids’ playground, neighbors not thrilled (VIDEO)

The exotic pet’s owner, identified only as ‘Aleksandr’, was caught on CCTV coming down the stairs. The big cat’s stifled roars can be heard distinctly. Residents say Aleksandr does not bother to keep his pet away from the playground, which is just in front of the entrance on the nearby lawn. He regularly walks the […]

Sovereignty of neighbors important to Iran: VP

Tasnim – Spokesperson for the Iranian administration highlighted the significance that Tehran attaches to the sovereignty of its neighbors, saying it is critical for Iraq to protect its territorial integrity amid the Kurdistan region’s controversial move to hold an independence referendum. Speaking at a weekly press conference in Tehran on Tuesday, Mohammad Baqer Nobakht said […]

Iran’s Larijani: Iraq’s neighbors opposed to Kurdish independence referendum

Tasnim – Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said Iraq’s central government and its neighboring countries, including Iran, are strongly opposed to a unilateral plan by the semi-autonomous Kurdish region to hold an independence referendum. “I believe that holding the referendum in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region would be to the detriment of the people,” Larijani said in […]

US Muslims see friendly neighbors, but foe in White House

AP — U.S. Muslims say they have experienced widespread suspicion about their faith in the first months of Donald Trump’s presidency, but also have received more support from individual Americans, and remain hopeful they can eventually be fully accepted in American society, a new survey finds. Nearly three-quarters of U.S. Muslims view Trump as unfriendly […]

Accusing neighbors not a solution to Bahrain’s internal problems: Iranian spokesman

In a statement released on Friday, Qassemi described the Manama regime’s continued attempts to link problems of the Persian Gulf country with Iran as “a failed and worn-out method” to cover up their internal problems. His remarks came after the Bahraini regime said on Thursday that it has arrested members of a terror cell allegedly […]

Hero pitbull uses doggy door to save neighbors from violent home intruders

     Brisco, a 6-year-old Pitbull and therapy dog is being hailed as a hero after he saved a neighborhood family from 3 violent home intruders late Tuesday evening. Brisco’s owner, 39-year-old Greg Bannerman, lives in Miami, Florida, and adopted the young Pitbull 4-years-ago after he retired from the United States Marine Corps and his doctor […]

Fake news hack in Qatar triggers media blackout, rebuke from Arab neighbors

The allegedly fake report on the website of Qatar News Agency (QNA) cited Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, Qatar’s emir, as criticizing the latest increase in tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran, in a speech he gave to graduating military cadets. The emir also reportedly called Iran an “Islamic power” and said Qatar’s relations with […]

Saudi Arabia names Pakistani man as suicide bomber in Jeddah

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Saudi Arabia on Tuesday identified the suicide bomber who struck outside the U.S. Consulate in Jiddah as a Pakistani resident of the kingdom who arrived 12 years ago to work as a driver. The suicide bombing near the diplomatic post was the first of three targeting the kingdom on […]

Iranian official censures West’s double standards on human rights

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s top human rights official slammed certain Western countries for adopting double-standard approaches towards the issue of human rights, saying they are using the issue as a “tactic” to reach their political objectives. Speaking to the Tasnim News Agency, Mohammad Javad Larijani, the secretary general of Iranian High Council for Human Rights, […]

The Movement Toward Nuclear War (I)

The Movement Toward Nuclear War (I) Antagonizing Western Publics Against Russia During a recent interview that former Soviet – then subsequently Russian – President Mikhail Gorbachev gave in Moscow at his namesake Foundation (to be published in Rupert Murdoch’s London Times), Gorbachev publicly approved of Crimea’s return to Russia. He said there, «I’m always with the free will of […]

Zarif, Kerry discuss Tehran’s access to banking system, Syrian war

The top diplomats of the United States and Iran exchanged opinions on the implementation of the nuclear deal and addressed the Syrian conflict. WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — US Secretary of State John Kerry met with his Iranian counterpart Javad Zarif in Oslo, Norway, to discuss sanctions relief and Tehran’s access to the banking system, US Department of State spokesperson Mark Toner said in a […]

Crooked Hillary Violated US National Security Laws

By Patrick Howley @BREITBART Hillary Clinton posted and shared the names of concealed U.S. intelligence officials on her unprotected email system. Federal records reveal that Clinton swapped these highly classified names on an email account that was vulnerable to attack and was breached repeatedly by Russia-linked hacker attempts. These new revelations — reminiscent of the […]

Can You Hear the Whispers of Love?

2nd June 2016 By Christina Lavers Contributing writer for Wake Up World “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~ Carl Jung Have you noticed something mysterious, electrifying, but slightly daunting stirring within? Something that just doesn’t quite fit with the way […]

Police are Being Sued for Unlawfully Using Stingray on Phones

Evidently police in Baltimore have been using a Stingray to spy on phones, but if reports are correct, the police tried to conceal the fact that they were using it. The stingray is a device that can enable police and other malicious agents to scoop up private data from […]

Why, Where & How to Do Wind Electricity

Why, Where & How to Do Wind Electricity April 16th, 2016 Disclosure: I sell solar power systems in New Zealand. — As New Zealand’s electricity cartel ramps up the war on solar power, I’m starting to take a more serious look at the end […]

Most Americans Think Economy Is Getting Worse

Most Americans Think Economy Is Getting Worse April 14th, 2016 Recovery! Via: CNBC: Consumers have been the missing link in the U.S. economic recovery and are likely to remain so absent a major change in sentiment. Despite the seemingly endless stream of Wall Street […]

UC Davis Spent At Least $175,000 on PR Related to Pepper-Spraying of Students

UC Davis Spent At Least $175,000 on PR Related to Pepper-Spraying of Students April 14th, 2016 Via: Sacramento Bee: UC Davis contracted with consultants for at least $175,000 to scrub the Internet of negative online postings following the November 2011 pepper-spraying of students and […]

JCB credit cards to debut in Iran

Following two weeks of meetings with the Japanese company, the Iranian customers can start to use JCB credit cards within the first half of the next Iranian year, Davoud Mohammadbeigi said on Monday. He explained that Iranians can use the cards to easily purchase goods and services in Southeast Asia and Europe. 30 million shops […]

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