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5G Cell Phone Electromagnetic Radiation: Numerous Health Impacts, Nervous System, DNA, Cancer, Cardiac Effects, Alzheimer…

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts More Smartphone Lawsuits Expected. RF Radiation Exceeds Outdated Federal Safety Levels Up to 500% November 5, 2019 By B.N. Frank An article published in the Chicago Tribune in August Cell Phone Radiation is Associated with DNA Damage November 4th, 2019 By Nikki Harper Staff Writer […]

This Is Why Trump Is Nervous

While President Trump continues to tout the strength of the US economy – and take credit for it, he is no doubt keenly aware that a recession before the 2020 election would put a dent in his chances for reelection. To that end, a new poll by Morning Consult found that 42% of Trump voters would hold […]

Screens are manipulating the nervous system

US patents reveal nervous system manipulation. Photo: CE The manipulation of the human nervous system through the use of television and computer monitors is a reality in the modern world, according to a number of registered patents on the topic. According to techniques studied in the 1970s, methods have been developed that influence the physical […]