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Netanyahu, paradigm shifter of Israeli politics, set to break another record

AP — As Benjamin Netanyahu becomes Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, he is solidifying his place as the country’s greatest political survivor and the most dominant force in Israeli politics in his generation. He has persevered through scandals, crises and conflicts, winning election after election even as the country grows more bitterly polarized. His supporters credit […]

Lieberman to Netanyahu over Hezbollah: You Bark More than Bite

By Staff, Agencies Former “Israeli” War Minister Avigdor Lieberman launched an attack on the apartheid entity’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this time against the background of verbal tension with Hezbollah. Lieberman described Netanyahu as “the dog that barks and does not bite”, in response to the latter’s threat to the Lebanese Hezbollah to “strike a […]

Netanyahu slams minister for gay conversion therapy remark… stays mum on Palestinian comment

Rafi Peretz said he believes “it’s possible” that gay people can be converted to be heterosexual. “I can tell you I have a very deep knowledge of education,” he told Channel 12 News on Saturday, before adding that he himself has carried out conversions, Haaretz reports. Also on Netanyahu opens Trump Heights – a […]

Archaeologists on Twitter tear down Netanyahu’s claims that Palestinians have ‘no connection’ to homeland

@MartinNYC Bilge!! For your much needed edification and that of Bibi Netanyahu, father of Polish origin, real family name, Mileikowsky. The Jebusite/Canaanites were ancestors of today’s Palestinians and they founded Jerusalem circa 3000 BCE. Originally known as Jebus, the first recorded reference to it as “Rushalimum” or “Urussalim,” site of the sacred Foundation Rock, appears […]

Netanyahu’s threat against Iran is beyond Israel’s capability, analyst says

International lawyer and peace activist Barry Grossman says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s threat to use F-35 warplanes against Iran is funny because it is beyond Israel’s capability.   Source Article from Related Posts Military threat against Iran no longer works: Maj. Gen. Jafari “During the first stage of the Revolution, we were facing military threats but […]

Netanyahu warns Iran that F-35s can reach ‘anywhere in the Middle East’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Tehran on Tuesday that Israel’s F-35 fighter jets can reach “anywhere in the Middle East,” following threats against Israel in recent weeks by senior Iranian officials. “Lately, Iran has been threatening Israel with destruction,” Netanyahu said, standing in front of an F-35 Adir jet during a visit to the Nevatim […]

Bolton and Netanyahu killed 2005 Iran talks, ‘lured’ Trump into shredding 2015 deal – Iranian FM

Russia Today – National Security Adviser John Bolton and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu scuppered a 2005 nuclear agreement between Iran and the west, and did the same with President Trump, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said. “Bolton & Netanyahu killed Paris agreement between E3 & Iran in ’05 by insisting on zero enrichment,” Zarif […]

Netanyahu and Putin discuss ‘further coordination’ on Iran, Syria

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday to discuss Syria, Iran and other issues, according to statements from the two leaders’ offices. The Russian statement said Putin invited Netanyahu to Moscow to participate in “celebrations to mark the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War,” or World War […]

Netanyahu Compares Iranian Uranium Enrichment to Nazi Invasion of the Rhineland

The prime minister of Israel would have the people of Europe believe Iran’s recent decision to increase uranium enrichment—currently at a paltry 3.67 percent—is comparable to the German army marching into the Rhineland in March 1936. Netanyahu: Iran’s breach of enrichment cap a ‘dangerous step’: PM compares Tehran’s violation of […]

‘I am against a state of all its citizens’ — Netanyahu’s ‘liberal’ challenger declares

The Israeli Blue-White opposition co-chair Yair Lapid ventured into dangerous territory on Twitter last week, where he argued for “equality” and a “state of all its citizens”. This brought backlash not least from the Foreign Minister for being “anti-Semitic” and for using the “slogan of the enemy.” And Lapid quickly retracted.  Let’s start with the […]

Liberman: ‘No essential difference’ between Netanyahu, Gantz; either can be PM

Yisrael Beytenu party leader Avigdor Liberman insisted Sunday that “there is no essential difference” between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Blue and White rival Benny Gantz, either of whom he said could be premier. Since fresh elections were called last month after Netanyahu failed to form a ruling coalition, Liberman has called for a […]

Netanyahu, Trump celebrate new ‘Trump Heights’ settlement in the occupied Golan

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unveiled the sign marking the location of the newest illegal settlement in the occupied Golan Heights on Sunday. The soon-to-be settlement’s name? “Trump Heights.” Standing in front of the massive plaque, written in Hebrew and English with emblems of the US and Israeli flags on top, Netanyahu spoke to officials at […]

Buttigieg says Netanyahu is ‘turning away from peace,’ but he wouldn’t reverse one Trump gift

In a June 16 interview with Axios on HBO, South Bend Mayor and presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg said he’d keep the US embassy in Jerusalem if he was elected. The comments came just one week after Buttigieg publicly denounced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s pledge to annex sections of the West Bank and said there […]

Israel: Netanyahu’s wife convicted of fraud

 An Israeli court on Sunday convicted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, of fraudulently using public funds to pay for expensive restaurant meals, according to local media, Anadolu Agency reports. Sarah Netanyahu was ordered to pay 55,000 shekels ($15,277), Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported. The conviction came on the basis of a deal […]

Netanyahu’s wife convicted for misusing public funds after racking up $50k in catering bills

The judge in a Jerusalem court ordered Sara Netanyahu to pay NIS 55,000 ($15,210) as a fine and compensation on Sunday, after she had agreed to a plea deal four days earlier. Sara, the third wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was initially indicted for spending $100,000 in state funds on luxurious meals from […]

‘Netanyahu sucks’ — says Mike Gravel, Democratic presidential candidate

@LiberatePalestine, et al Jeremy Salt nails Kushner, Trump, Netanyahu, et al, to the wall: “The Joke of the Century” American Herald Tribune, June 7/19, By Jeremy Salt ** “With fresh elections called by Benyamin Netanyahu for September, it is possible that the ‘deal of the century’ may never see the light of day. Condemned […]

Netanyahu- Who Still Faces Corruption Charges – Appoints Himself As Israel’s New Justice Minister

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is still facing three separate corruption charges, has allocated the justice portfolio to himself The move effectively leaves Netanyahu in charge of the office that is overseeing three criminal investigations into his affairs. Israeli Attorney General Avihai Mandelblit has already told Netanyahu that he could not serve as acting […]

Netanyahu is Gambling on New Elections to Stay in Power

JERUSALEM — For the first time in the history of the state of Israel, the head of the party that won the largest number of seats has failed to form a coalition government. Rather than allowing the head of the party that came in second to attempt to form a government, the Knesset voted to […]

A Second Israeli Election Proves Netanyahu’s Grip on Power Is Slipping

In a sign of how politically vulnerable he has rapidly become, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu plunged Israel into new elections last week – less than two months after his far-right bloc appeared to win at the ballot box. Netanyahu was forced to dissolve the 120-member parliament to block his chief rival, Benny Gantz, from getting […]

Israel to hold new elections after Netanyahu fails to form coalition

Mona Kandil Press TV, Ramallah The Israeli Knesset has voted to dissolve itself, paving the way for a new election. The vote came after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form a coalition before a midnight deadline. Source Article from Related Posts Netanyahu, paradigm shifter of Israeli politics, set to break another record […]

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