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Judge Orders Netflix To Pull ‘Blasphemous’ Film Depicting Jesus As a Homosexual

A judge has ordered Netflix to immediately cease and desist showing a “blasphemous” Christmas special that portrays Jesus Christ as a gay man and his mother, Mary, as a promiscuous drug addict. Rio de Janeiro judge Benedicto Abicair issued the ruling in a response to a petition that gained millions of signatures and argued “The First Temptation […]

Netflix streams docuseries on murder of Jewish Argentine prosecutor

Streaming giant Netflix has dropped a new series about the mysterious death of a Jewish prosecutor in Argentina who was assassinated in 2015, just before he was slated to speak to a congressional panel about allegations that then-president Cristina Kirchner had been engaged in efforts to cover up Iranian involvement in a terror attack against […]

Film Studio for the ‘Gay Jesus’ Netflix Show Was Bombed in Christmas Eve Attack

(TMU) — The comedy studio responsible for the new Netflix film The First Temptation of Christ, which features a storyline with a gay Jesus, was attacked in a firebombing on Christmas Eve. A group of men reportedly threw Molotov cocktails at the Porta dos Fundos headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, according to local police. No one […]

Netflix’s ‘gay Jesus’ comedy special shows the clear double standard artists have for Christians

Two million people have called for the removal of Netflix’s ‘The First Temptation of Christ’, a 46-minute special from the YouTube comedy group Porta Dos Fundos.  The special depicts a presumably gay Jesus Christ bringing what appears to be his boyfriend, Orando, home to meet his family.  Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, […]

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Netflix Slides After Needham Downgrades, Warns Of Subscriber Exodus In 2020  

Netflix shares have slipped more than 3% in the pre-market trading hours after a new report via equity research firm Needham & Co. downgrades the streaming company from hold to underperform, reported The Street. Laura Martin, a managing director at Needham, warned Netflix could lose upwards of 4 million US subscribers in 2020 thanks to […]

Tiffany Haddish says ‘She ready’ for onscreen Netflix bat mitzvah

NEW YORK — One of the biggest entertainment stories out of 2017 was the “where did she come from?” appearance of Tiffany Haddish in the raunchy comedy “Girls Trip.” Starring opposite Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall and Queen Latifah, Haddish stole the show from her better known co-stars as the outrageous, loose canon friend. Haddish […]

Brazil and China eye creation of BRICS alternative to Netflix to reach BILLIONS of viewers worldwide

Talks on the matter are being held between Brazil’s citizenship minister, Osmar Terra, and China’s Culture Ministry, Brazilian media reported on Wednesday. Beijing’s biggest producer of audiovisual content, the China Media Group (CMG), is also said to be involved. The idea is to create a Netflix-style streaming platform, as well as a TV channel catering […]

New Netflix movie fantasizes about time-traveling liberals carrying out the "pre-crime" murder of patriots to prevent an American uprising against globalism

(Natural News) As the delusional, insane cult of liberalism continues to infect every institution across America, Hollywood has been transformed into the place where left-wing fantasies are played out on the big screen to satisfy the delusions of the brainwashed masses. The latest example of these left-wing fantasies is found in a […]

Netflix series “The Spy” is propaganda, not fact

Sacha Baron Cohen in The Spy, a Netflix series about Israeli Mossad spy Eli Cohen BY AXEL DECIS/NETFLIX The new Netflix series, “The Spy,” appears to be more fiction than fact as it tells the story of Israeli spy Eli Cohen. The show may be Mossad’s attempt to rescue its reputation after years of botched […]

Smart TVs Caught Sending Sensitive User Data To Facebook And Netflix

Just when social media companies were starting to modify their data collection practices to better respect user privacy, the next threat is coming from the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart TVs are becoming increasingly popular in the US. In some cases, users’ data were being sent to Netflix even though they didn’t have […]

I watched Chelsea Handler’s Netflix special so you don’t have to

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More proof that Netflix is a pedophile operation: Show creator admits to stalking, lusting over 14-year-old boy

(Natural News) The creator of a popular Netflix cartoon series for children has been outed for a post she once shared on her Tumblr account detailing how she stalked and lusted over a 14-year-old boy she spotted at a local fair. Julia Vickerman, the mind behind Twelve Forever, tagged the now-deleted Tumblr […]

I said no to a Netflix audition because I support Palestinian rights

A version of this article was first published by Truthout on August 7, 2019. I’m an actor in the U.S. film and television industry. I’ve been around for more than 40 years. Recently, I was invited to audition for a new Netflix television series with the working title “Sycamore.” The appointment sheet informed me that […]

Netflix buys rights to screen 2019 Eurovision from Tel Aviv

JTA — The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in Tel Aviv in May, can now be seen on Netflix. Netflix picked up the US VOD rights to the three 2019 telecasts from Israel – two semifinals and the finals, Deadline Hollywood reported. The rights to the 2020 semifinals and finals, scheduled to be […]

Time machine? Netflix’s ‘The Last Czars’ shows Red Square in 1905 with Lenin’s mausoleum

The new six-episode production, which mixes commentary from historians and dramatized scenes, was released by the streaming network on Wednesday. It follows the life of the Russian royal family from the coronation of Nicholas II in 1894 all the way through the turbulent turn of the century with the rise and fall of Rasputin, Russia’s […]

Netflix doesn’t want to film in Georgia anymore, but is happy to film in EGYPT where women are systematically criminalized and abused

(Natural News) Outraged that there are still decent people living in the United States who believe that ripping apart unborn babies limb-from-limb in the name of “women’s reproductive rights” constitutes unjustifiable murder, streaming entertainment giant Netflix, an admittedly Leftist corporation, has threatened to pull all film and television productions from the state […]

Netflix threatens to boycott Georgia if the state disallows the gruesome murder of unborn babies

(Natural News) The Leftist death cult is having a demonic meltdown over the four states-and-counting that have enacted so-called “heartbeat” laws to protect the lives of unborn human children from being aborted once their heartbeats are able to be detected. And joining this fray of Moloch-worshiping Satanism is none other than the […]

Facebook Allowed Netflix and Spotify to Read Your ‘Private’ Messages

The Silicon Valley tech giant, which views its users only as collectors of data to be sold to third parties, was caught doing just that, according to a Tuesday New York Times report. “Facebook allowed Microsoft’s Bing search engine to see the names of virtually all Facebook users’ friends without consent, the records show, and […]

Jordanians protest Netflix over show portraying Amman as Tel Aviv

Tamara Nassar Activism and BDS Beat 29 November 2018 Online entertainment giant Netflix has been filming a new TV series in Amman, portraying the Jordanian capital as Tel Aviv. This has prompted widespread criticism and protest from activists in Jordan, who see it as normalizing relations with Israel. Two Jordanian actors, Shady Salah and Reem […]

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