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Pete Buttigieg is actively building an alert network to thwart U.S. immigration law… this is outright treason against America

(Natural News) As nearly all Democrats and their sycophantic allies in the “mainstream” media accuse President Donald Trump of being a tyrant and the second coming of Adolph Hitler, it is they who are champions of lawlessness and tyranny, especially when it comes to the enforcement of immigration law. Over the past […]

Epstein May Be Just One Part of an Intricate Network of Sex and Power

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts Building our power for a free Palestine This is a transformative moment for Palestine activism in the United States.  For decades those Political upheaval over Tlaib and Omar shows the power of BDS We are in the middle of a political upheaval on Israel/Palestine in […]

Epstein’s Vast Network of VIPs, Politicos and NGOs

    Jeffrey Epstein’s St. Thomas Network, Comms, And An Elite School Coreyis Digs Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has quite a network in St. Thomas, VI, from a tax attorney setting up a microwave radio transmission for private comms to Little St. James Island, to owning 50% of a marina with billionaire Andrew Farkas, […]

DOJ just approved massive merger deal that will see Sprint, T-Mobile and Dish roll out a nationwide 5G network to expose nearly EVERYONE living in any U.S. city to harmful radiation

(Natural News) To help accelerate the implementation of the New World Order’s deep state 5G control grid, the Department of Justice (DOJ) recently gave the green light for Sprint and T-Mobile to finally merge, which will create the largest wireless carrier in the United States. Ending a more than year-long antitrust battle, […]

Who wants to kill the Voltaire Network?

For 8 years, the Voltaire Network has been unable to open a bank account in a Western country. Whatever the location, after having received a primary agreement, we were informed that our account had been refused by the Central Bank of the country concerned, but without any reason being given. Everything transpires as if there […]

US Treasury Disrupts Corruption Network Stealing From Venezuela’s Food Distribution Program, CLAP

Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctioned Colombian national Alex Nain Saab Moran (Saab), a profiteer orchestrating a vast corruption network that has enabled former President Nicolás Maduro (Maduro) and his regime to significantly profit from food imports and distribution in Venezuela. Saab has personally profited from overvalued […]

The United States Takes Action Against Corruption Network of Maduro-Aligned Associates

On July 25, the United States sanctioned five individuals involved in a complex network of bribery and money laundering that has been stealing from the people of Venezuela for years, as well as an additional five individuals and 13 entities connected to these corrupt actors. Among the individuals involved were Maduro’s three stepsons (Walter, Yosser […]

Trump: Iran’s claim it broke up CIA network ‘totally false’

US President Donald Trump on Monday denied Iran’s claim that it dismantled a CIA spy ring and arrested 17 suspects with alleged links to the US intelligence agency. “The report of Iran capturing CIA spies is totally false. Zero truth,” Trump tweeted. “Just more lies and propaganda (like their shot down drone) put out by […]

US sanctions network selling materials for Iran nuclear program

Press TV – The US has imposed sanctions on seven companies along with three individuals it claims helped procure materials for Iran’s nuclear program. “Treasury is taking action to shut down an Iranian nuclear procurement network that leverages Chinese- and Belgium-based front companies to acquire critical nuclear,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement […]

Ann Coulter: Something ‘MUCH BIGGER’ Behind Epstein’s Child Sex Network

Ann Coulter says that child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein probably had a “state sponsor” backing him and that his operation was a way to blackmail powerful men. During an appearance on 790 KABC, Coulter suggested that Epstein is merely the front man for a far more powerful, sinister network: “Epstein according to both the girls […]

Facial recognition set for Sydney transport network

Sydney commuters will soon scan their face for access to services. Photo: YHI The New South Wales government has revealed plans to roll out facial recognition technology across the public transport network as an alternative to Opal cards. The announcement follows similar moves in Queensland, where the same company responsible for ‘tap-and-go’ technology is incorporating […]

‘I was terrified’: Jeffrey Epstein accused of building a network of victims

NEW YORK (AFP) — The indictment of Jeffrey Epstein has cast a light on what prosecutors say is a sprawling network of high school and college students forced to satisfy the US hedge fund billionaire’s insatiable sexual appetite, strengthened by money and young recruiters. “He likes beautiful women… and many of them are on the […]

VIDEO: Syrian Air Force Destroy Terrorist Tunnel Network in Hama, Syria

Source Article from Related Posts Jordan Peterson tweets video trashing deepfakes as ‘threat to Western democracies’   A neural network, called “NotJordanPeterson”, has been trained to produce deep fake audios that mimic Netrebko defies #MeToo hounds with racy VIDEO of her with Domingo, teases joint performance “So happy to return to Metropolitan Opera in September […]

Will Global Pedophile Network Finally be Uncovered in Jeffrey Epstein Case?

by Brian Shilhavy A breaking news story originally reported on by the Daily Beast reveals that Jeffery Epstein was arrested on Child Sex Trafficking charges in New Jersey on Saturday, after his private jet landed back from a trip to Paris. The Daily Beast reports: Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for allegedly sex trafficking […]

CNN continues to serve as Antifa’s propaganda network even though more than 15 journalists have been violently assaulted by the left-wing group

(Natural News) When the history of the current era is (properly) documented and written, it will show that one of the supposed pillars of American society — our ‘mainstream’ media — utterly failed in its obligation and constitutionally protected duty to properly inform citizens of the important events of the day. And […]

Iran Claims to Have Busted Web-Based CIA ‘Spy Network’

“We have intelligence allies and we exchange information with them. Currently we are engaged in the battle of intelligence with the United States. In this battle we should use ours and our allies capabilities.” ‘“The CIA in an expansive espionage system designed a website and a special space for each of the spies,” it added, […]

Iran destroys US biggest spy network

IRNA – Iranian Intelligence Ministry has identified and dismantled a big spy network affiliated to Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Intelligence Ministry said on Tuesday. The director of anti-espionage department of the Intelligence Ministry said that the department adopted advanced professional approach to identify spies inside the country with full command and superiority over any spy […]

Cartoon Network Promotes LGBT ‘Pride Month’ to Children

By Samuel Smith, CP Reporter Cartoon Network, the popular television channel watched by millions of children, promoted LGBT pride month by using one of its widely popular shows to encourage fans to “stand proud.”  LGBT activists have designated June as “pride month” to celebrate alternative sexual lifestyles and gender identities, and Cartoon Network took to […]

Arrests Made as Iran Reportedly Busts ‘Large’ CIA-Run Network 6/17/2019

Arrests Made as Iran Reportedly Busts ‘Large’ CIA-Run Network Iran has dismantled a CIA-run “large US cyber-espionage” network, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) reported, citing the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani. Source Article from Related Posts UK "Extremely Concerned" After Hong Kong Consulate Worker Reportedly Detained In China […]

Behind the Syrian Network for Human Rights: How an Opposition Front Group Became Western Media’s Go-To Monitor

The Grayzone — The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) portrays itself as a neutral “monitor” of Syria’s bloody war. In recent years, the group has become a go-to source for corporate media outlets. Major US newspapers, human rights organizations, and even governments have credulously echoed SNHR’s dubious reports. But not once have these institutions […]

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