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Activist Post Applies For NewsGuard’s Coveted “Conspiracy” Blacklist

August 17, 2019 Activist Post Response To NewsGuard’s Request About Editorial Practices By Activist Post Editors Activist Post is being considered for NewsGuard’s exclusive “conspiracy” news blacklist. They recently contacted us about our editorial practices to see if we qualify for this great honor. For those who don’t know, NewsGuard is creating warning labels to […]

NewsGuard is ‘Reviewing’ Every Indy Media Site on the Web – READ Their Email Exchange with Waking Times

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times If you’re half awake today you already know that in the last couple of years we have officially entered the era of digital censorship. Independent media organizations with hard-earned followings have been de-platformed from social media and have been ejected from online business services, bankrupting many of them. This happens […]

Credder is a more honest NewsGuard, but there’s no way to create an incorruptible news rating app

A better question to ask might be, can any news rating app — no matter who its founders, backers and users are — really work in a way that is immune from serious manipulation? A bonus question might be: Do we even really need ratings and reviews displayed alongside the news we consume? Credder, which […]