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The Nightmare Facing The Poor And Working Class

Above photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images. If There’s Not Another Stimulus. With time running out and Republicans balking at more Covid relief, U.S. workers are facing a future of financial misery. As mil­lions of U.S. work­ers face unem­ploy­ment, food inse­cu­ri­ty and evic­tion amid the coro­n­avirus pan­dem­ic, the lim­it­ed aid pro­vid­ed by the fed­er­al government’s flawed CARES Act from […]

‘I waited for the bullet that would end this nightmare’: Palestinians brutalized by Israeli cop gang speak out

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2020 Is An Economic Nightmare – And Things Just Got Even Worse

More than a million Americans were not supposed to be losing their jobs every week by the time we got to the middle of August.  By now, vast hordes of unemployed Americans were supposed to be returning to their old jobs and economic activity was supposed to be returning to normal levels. But it hasn’t […]

Kafka’s Nightmare Emerges: China’s “Social Credit Score”

China is rapidly building out a Total Surveillance State on a scale that far surpasses any government surveillance program in the West. The scope of this surveillance is so broad and pervasive that it borders on science fiction: Life Inside China’s Total Surveillance State (8 min video) China Aims For Near-Total Surveillance, Including in People’s Homes (“Sharp Eyes” […]


WARNING: DEADLY ‘NIGHTMARE BACTERIA’ SPREADING ACROSS AMERICA | The CDC has just identified more than 220 strains of what they call “nightmare bacteria” that can KILL up to 50 percent of the people who catch them. The entire world is controlled by criminal psychopaths who create all kinds of nefarious, GENETICALLY MODIFIED viruses, […]


The Centers for Disease Control is saying that “nightmare bacteria” are attempting to spread themselves across the United States. These new bacteria allegedly have the power to resist antibiotics and the media is hyping up the fear rhetoric. Antibiotic-resistant germs kill about 23,000 Americans every year, however, Federal health officials have said […]

GM nightmare unfolds: Humans have created a MONSTER MOSQUITO that can now RESIST the pesticides meant to kill them

(Natural News) Getting bit by mosquitoes is never fun, and it can be downright deadly if they happen to be carrying diseases like malaria. Mankind’s quest to keep this nuisance under control, however well-meaning it may be, appears to have had the opposite of its intended effect as a new study shows how mosquitoes have […]

Iran Calls For Joint International Effort To Put An End To Yemen’s Nightmare

Iran’s Foreign Minister has called for a collective international effort to end the “nightmare” war in Yemen On his official Twitter account on Wednesday Mohammad Javad Zarif expressed Tehran’s readiness to contribute to any efforts towards an immediate ceasefire, delivery of humanitarian aid and an intra-Yemeni dialogue aimed at ending the conflict in the country. […]

Connecticut’s New Drone and Surveillance Program Is An Orwellian Nightmare

By Nicholas West Hartford – While a battle has been raging for years in Los Angeles, California over a proposal to give drones to the LAPD for use in limited circumstances such as counter-terrorism and hostage rescue, Hartford, Connecticut is apparently embracing the broadest possible scope for their new program of drones […]

Aid Groups Call Saudi’s Total Blockade of Yemen a ‘Nightmare Scenario’

Nearly 20 humanitarian agencies on Wednesday warned of a “nightmare scenario” after the Saudi-led coalition blocked off all entry points to Yemen, a decision that cuts off life-saving aid and compounds the catastrophe in the war-ravaged country. “Yemen is the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis, with 21 million people in desperate need of assistance,” said Shane Stevenson, country […]

Sweden’s Immigration Nightmare

This documentary summarizes Sweden’s absurd migration policies and government, which are causing the destruction of the Swedish people. Source Article from Hits: 0

Nightmare scenario for millions in wake of powerful hurricanes as unprepared survivors run out of food and water

(Natural News) There’s an old expression that goes, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” I was reminded of that saying very often observing the situation before and after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit Texas and Florida, respectively. And I’m quite certain I’m not the only prepper who was. […]

Duke & Striker Destroy the NIghtmare Dream Act & Expose ZioMedia Brainwashing with Orwellian Label of “Hate Speech”

Download Today Dr. Duke had Daily Stormer journalist Eric Striker as his guest. They talked about the war on free speech being conducted by Jewish supremacists. This is becoming an increasingly broad and desperate attack encompassing everything from domain name servers to boycotts of political donors. They also talked about how the Zio-media manipulates language […]

Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery on the Zio-Created “Dream” (((Nightmare))) Amnesty Act & Fox News Controlled Opposition!!

Download Today Dr. Duke had a great show where he talked about the Orwellian aspects of the new debate over DACA and the DREAM act. He pointed out the Orwellian use of language, such as calling illegal aliens “undocumented workers” or even “dreamers.” Also, systemic discrimination against whites is euphemistically referred to as “affirmative action.’ […]

Dr. Duke & Atty Advo Cheer Sessions Expose of the “Dream Act” NIGHTMARE! & Why it is Racist Replacement of White People!

Download Today Dr. Duke talked about Obama’s unconstitutional executive order known as DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), which set as official government policy the contents of the DREAM act, which Congress never passed. The aim of the policy is to provide children brought illegally to the U.S. by illegal alien parents with American Citizenship, […]

Sappers’ nightmare: RT films devastation in heavily booby-trapped Tal Afar

US-backed Iraqi troops entered the strategic town of Tal Afar earlier this week, but there is still long way to go until life returns to normal. RT correspondent Murad Gazdiev has seen the neighborhoods of the town literally paved with explosive devices. Iraqi Army fights for Tal Afar center as displaced locals survive in ‘dire […]

California Subway: Subhuman Nightmare

What will happen when there are no longer any White homelands? What will life be like for us Whites trying to eke out an existence as a hated minority amongst a sea of savage, sewage-colored bipeds? In the California failed state, formerly a prosperous White homeland which encompassed an area larger than all of Germany, […]

Trump’s Embrace of the Saudi Crown Prince, and a Qatar Nightmare Scenario

The failure of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, in four-day talks with the Qatari emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and a Kuwaiti official, to mediate an end to the inter-Arab dispute over Qatar, suggests that U.S. influence in the Middle East is waning. Even in the wake of the most recent massive Saudi […]

Orwell’s Nightmare: Temperature Adjustments and Climate Change

Who Controls the Funding Controls the “Science “ Who controls the temperature datasets controls the past, and who controls the past controls the future. Welcome to the Orwellian world of temperature adjustments and climate alarmism. Sit up straight and buckle up tight, because this is consensus science as brought to you by Big Brother. (Source) […]


WHAT GUARANTEE IS THERE THAT THE THREE AREN’T STILL WORKING FOR ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE ? How did the US Intelligence allow these US incorporated companies to tie up with former Israeli  cyber  Intelligence heads ? Would Israel allow former NSA heads or cyber intelligence chiefs of any other nation to create companies and then tie up […]

Woman Goes To Cook Chicken She Just Bought When She Spots A Nightmare

You’ve seen stories of gross findings in food before, but this may just very well be the worst thing ever discovered. A woman purchased an organic chicken from a Coles supermarket in Melbourne, Australia only to make a truly disturbing discovery. Bernadette Balanco bought the Lilydale chicken and brought it home, finding maggots and worms […]

Mainstream media won’t cover the failing socialist nightmare in Venezuela because it exposes the faults of socialism

(Natural News) The so-called “mainstream media” fails Americans so many ways each and every day, it’s difficult to keep track, and one of those failures involves the lack of coverage of the latest failure of Socialism: Venezuela. Unless you’re reading, watching and listening to alternative media — which has been all over this story for […]

Rich, Powerful, and Unhappy: Escaping the American Nightmare Through Plant Medicine

A few months ago, the entire Collective Evolution team was invited to spend a week in Costa Rica at a place called Rythmia. I had never heard of it before but was definitely intrigued, as I had always felt a pull to visit the country. I didn’t ask any questions. I just said, “I’m in,” […]

‘Dystopian Nightmare’: Revelers left stranded & fighting for food at ‘luxury’ Fyre festival

     The internet has reacted with a mixture of shock and scorn as a supposed “luxury” festival descended into chaos Friday, with attendees left stranded without food and forced to stay in disaster relief tents. Fyre Festival in the Bahamas was billed as a decadent two-weekend event with VIP packages costing up to $250,000. The […]

Globalists are pitting blacks against whites in America to incite a bloody race war… here’s how we can all win together by refusing to be manipulated into hatred and rage

(NaturalNews) This isn’t a long article. It’s a short piece put together after three days of contemplation on the insanity and violence that has now exploded across America. The situation is so severe that I haven’t been able to think about much else. I’m convinced that the events in Dallas were designed to […]

‘First Philistine cemetery’ may upend knowledge of ancient people after 30 years’ dig

“After decades of studying what Philistines left behind, we have finally come face to face with the people themselves,” Daniel M. Master, professor of archaeology at Wheaton College and one of the leaders of the excavation, told AP. “With this discovery we are close to unlocking the secrets of their origins,” he added. The Philistines […]

Up to 272 dead in South Sudan, mortars & RPGs fired near UN compound

Representatives from the UN say residents in Juba fled after “heavy ground assault weaponry” was fired. A Hind Mi24 helicopter gunship has also been spotted flying over the capital. It is reportedly being used by President Salva Kiir’s troops to attack forces loyal to the country’s Vice President Riek Machar. Machar’s residence was also attacked […]

Man Arrested for Attacking Google Because They Were ‘Watching’ Him

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group   At the Google headquarters in California, Raul Murillo Diaz was arrested for arson, but that is just the beginning of the story. Diaz told the Mountain View Police Department (MVPD) that “Google was watching” and that upset him. In journals, Diaz […]

Bernie Sanders: Stop Big Agra From Overturning GMO Label Laws

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group   Food industry giants such as the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), the Snack Food Association (SFA), the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) are at it again. They are upset because the Genetically Engineered Food Labeling […]

US Marines denounce ‘crazy political correctness’ after order to remove the word ‘man’ from job titles

US Marines have been told the word “man” will be removed from their job titles in an effort to make the service more gender-neutral. The move sparked a row with some Marines taking to social media to denounce “crazy and idiotic political correctness”. A total of 19 of the 33 titles used in the […]

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