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Top CDC official warns that what we’re seeing in New York where coronavirus is exploding is NOTHING compared to what’s coming

(Natural News) American health officials around the country are becoming increasingly concerned that it’s simply not going to be possible to contain the still-burgeoning Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and are warning that the explosion of cases in New York City is just the beginning. As exclusively reported by The Hill, the outbreak […]

I get that some Covid-19 deniers want to carry on partying as if nothing is happening – but it’s selfish, stupid & dangerous

If a week’s a long time in politics, in the Covid-19 world, it’s a lifetime. In most of Europe – now the epicenter of the virus – just seven days ago, our kids were still in school, restaurants and pubs were packed, operas and concerts were taking place, public transport was full. We knew the […]

"There’s Nothing Left To Sell" – Nomura Sees Today’s Quad Witch Ending The ‘Mechanical Sell Flow’

It’s ‘quad witch’ today, Historically, quad-witch weeks have meant a collapse in vol and surge in stocks – no matter what the news. But, this week (and last) has been different, to say the least… However, as Nomura’s Charlie McElligott explains below, today’s option expiration may stall that chaotic volatility… at least to some extent. […]

Nothing left of Canada’s political culture by Greg Felton

Canadian Arab News January 13, 2010 Making New Year’s Resolutions is a ritual that I’ve never had much use for because the first of January is no more significant than the first day of any other month. Indulging the myth that a new year portends new beginnings invariably leads to disillusionment after the […]

Nothing to do with facts: China dismisses US accusation it targeted American surveillance plane with LASER

The claims made by the US Navy simply “did not accord with reality,” China’s Defense Ministry said on its WeChat account, responding to the accusations made by the American military last week. The Chinese forces were conducting a routine drill in the area, it added. The US Pacific Fleet said that its P-8A Poseidon “was lased” […]

"If This Doesn’t Knock Him Out Of The Race, Nothing Will" – Bloomberg Battered By Left & Right In Debate Disaster

Last night’s Democratic presidential candidates debate at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel lived up to its hype. The New York Post summed it up best… The billionaire’s self-bankrolled presidential bid was torn to shreds in the opening minutes of Wednesday’s Democratic debate as his opponents skewered him for his checkered past on sexual harassment and […]

‘We gave up on historic Palestine in exchange for nothing’

“We need to wake up and change our strategy, to unite our struggle,” says Bassem Tamimi, a veteran Palestinian activist and father of Ahed Tamimi, as he sits in his Nabi Saleh home in the occupied West Bank. Tamimi, who was born in 1967 and has only ever known military occupation, was jailed during the […]

Phew! ‘Nothing is Scandinavian’ ad republished as airline SAS is told its critics are actually Putin’s trolls & ‘useful idiots’

The Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) video, which declares that essentially all Scandinavian culture is “copied” and encourages people to fly to lands both near and far to find more things to borrow, is back in action. The company says it stands by its message, and that the critical comments and downvotes that befell the video after […]

Trump Slams Dems’ "Unmitigated Disaster" In Iowa: "Nothing Works, Just Like They Ran The Country"

President Trump just can’t stop winning. Not only did Dems fail to win enough Republican votes to call John Bolton to testify at the president’s impeachment trial in the Senate (which so far has attracted a tiny fraction of the attention paid to the Senate trial of former President Clinton), but in one of the […]

Abbas claims Trump ‘knows nothing’ about US plan he unveiled to solve conflict

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas claimed on Saturday that US President Donald Trump knows nothing about the plan he unveiled last Tuesday to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and asserted it was concocted by the president’s aides to suit the wishes of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Abbas made the comment during remarks he delivered to […]

Januhairy: Encouraging women to grow body hair does nothing to promote equality, it’s toxic feminism

So how’s everyone’s Januhairy going? Have all the people who ‘identify as female’ chucked out their razors in an act of bravery not seen since 1429 when Joan of Arc rode into Orleans in white armour on the back of a white horse to lead her army to victory over the English? Just like Joan […]

Kudlow calls China trade deal ‘historic’: Nothing like this has been done before

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Impeachment circus begins in earnest, and will change nothing

Thursday saw the culmination of a process that began in August, when an anonymous intelligence agency whistleblower first complained about a possible ‘quid pro quo’ between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, based on a July phone call. Put short, Democrats allege that Trump pressured Zelnesky into reopening a corruption investigation against Joe Biden’s son, […]

Trader: Nothing Like A Lousy Number To Make Markets Happy

Global stock trading screens are a sea of green this morning, despite a slew of key data coming in below expectations and doing anything but confirming the market’s narrative that everything’s about to be awesome again. Overnight saw the big one from China disappoint with economic growth the weakest in 29 years. But, as Bloomberg’s […]

Terrifying or nothing to fear? Apple admits to scanning user photos, presumably only to hunt child abuse

   Apple has confirmed that it scans user images in an effort to detect evidence of child abuse, but the company has revealed little about how the scans work, piquing concerns about data privacy and the reach of intrusive tech firms. While it’s unclear when the image scans started, Apple’s chief privacy officer Jane Horvath […]

Google and the evil tech giants have done far more damage to America than Soleimani, yet Trump does NOTHING to stop the domestic terrorism of Big Tech

(Natural News) Although it’s good to see Trump finally take decisive action against America’s enemies rather than appeasing them (and funding them) like Obama did, the larger truth is that Soleimani never did anything against the independent media and the growing number of voices who attempt to protect children from the toxic effects […]

Scientists Cleared Alzheimer’s Plaque From Mice Using Nothing but Light and Sound

(TMU) — In previous articles, we discussed the importance of brain waves in modern technological developments. It even seemed like something “magical” to me, when I was writing about how through brain waves and AI scientists can “see” what you are seeing in real-time. Now, even more progress is being made thanks to neuroscientists at […]

‘Nothing Less Than a Civil War’: These White Voters on the Far Right See Doom Without Trump

‘Nothing Less Than a Civil War’: These White Voters on the Far Right See Doom Without Trump Source Article from Hits: 48

New citizenship law that sparked protests ‘has nothing to do’ with India’s Muslims, says top imam

“To protest is the democratic right of the people of India. No one can stop us from doing it. However, it is important that it is done in control, keeping our emotions in control is the most important part,” Syed Ahmed Bukhari said on Tuesday, as quoted by news agency ANI. He explained the difference […]

Many People Are Now Celebrating “Buy Nothing Day” Instead Of “Black Friday”

By John Vibes Each year in the United States, millions of people participate in a mass ritual in consumerism that has come to be known as Black Friday. Less than 24 hours after people claim to contemplate on what they are thankful for, many of them engage in battle with their neighbors over discounted plastic […]

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