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Nancy Pelosi guilty of ‘obstruction of Congress’ for withholding articles of impeachment that claim Trump "obstructed Congress;" the hypocrisy is sickening

(Natural News) Last month, Democrats fulfilled their campaign pledge to their perpetually angry, always deranged voting base: They officially impeached President Donald Trump, though he hasn’t committed a single “high crime or misdemeanor,” as required by the Constitution. Though a couple of Democrats voted against the two articles, all Republicans voted against […]

Senate Should Charge Pelosi with ‘Obstruction of Congress’

The Senate should charge House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with “obstruction of Congress” for refusing to hand over articles of impeachment against President Trump. Speaker Pelosi is refusing to hand the articles over to the Senate for a trial after they were passed by the Democrat-led House of Representatives on Wednesday evening. In the words of the […]

House Impeaches Trump For Abuse Of Power & Obstruction Of Congress

As was 100% expected, the House has voted to impeach President Trump (for abuse of power), who joins Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton as the only presidents to be impeached since the adoption of the Constitution in 1788. It all began just after midday with the following… “Today, as speaker […]

EXONERATED: No collusion, no obstruction… Trump cleared in bombshell Mueller report, exposing bald-faced LIES of the anti-Trump media

(Natural News) The media narrative has collapsed. The Trump / Russia collusion hoax has been exposed. The full report from Robert Mueller completely clears President Trump of both collusion and obstruction. This means it is now confirmed the media has been running a massive, coordinated, insidious disinformation campaign to misinform the American […]

With new obstruction of justice investigations launched against Trump, (Israeli controlled) House Democrats send message that ‘Impeachment is on’

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How They Do It– ‘Both the collusion and obstruction cases getting stronger against Trump’

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OBSTRUCTION? First solid evidence that Obama was DIRECTLY involved in Hillary Clinton’s email investigation

(Natural News) Most of us who have been watching the biggest political scandal in our country’s history unfold over the past year — the politicization of our federal law enforcement and intelligence institutions to spy on a rival presidential campaign — never for one second believed that the 44th president was completely […]

Trump’s alleged plans to fire Mueller may invite obstruction case against him and why it’s such a big deal WASHINGTON—If Russia special counsel Robert Mueller is indeed building a case of obstruction against President Trump, the president’s thwarted attempt to fire the special counsel last year may have made Mueller’s job that much easier. Even though White House Counsel Donald McGahn successfully headed off Trump’s reported effort Mueller could use the episode as […]

Georgia Sheriff in School Search Case Faces New Charges of Obstruction

Worth County Sheriff Jeff Hobby faces new charges this week related to the bizarre case where he ordered his deputies to carry out a massive drug search that violated the constitutional rights of hundreds of high school students in south Georgia. The new charges filed Monday come two months after a Worth County grand jury […]

(Israel’s) Democrats think Mueller is building obstruction case against Trump

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Report: Mueller is Investigating Trump for Obstruction of Justice

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Host of Hardline Radio Show According to a new report on developments in the investigation being conducted by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, the top attorney is setting up interviews with intelligence officials as part of his probe into Russian interference in our last election. Mueller is also investigating […]

The Big Picture – Is Trump’s "Obstruction of Justice" Enough For Impeachment?

The Big Picture – Is Trump’s “Obstruction of Justice” Enough For Impeachment? By The Big On tonights Big Picture, Thom Hartman discusses former FBI Director James Comeys testimony today and the legal aspects of Trumps actions with Host of Americas Lawyer Mike Papantonio. Then, Thom talks to Phillip Stucky of the Daily Caller and […]

The Big Picture – Can Trump be impeached on obstruction of justice?

The Big Picture – Can Trump be impeached on obstruction of justice? By The Big On tonights Big Picture, Thom Hartmann talks with Thomas M Shapiro, Pokross Professor of Law and Social policy about income inequality, not just between the 1% and the 99, but income inequality between races. Then he sits down in […]

The Big Picture – Check the "Tapes" – Trump May Have Committed Obstruction of Justice

The Big Picture – Check the “Tapes” – Trump May Have Committed Obstruction of Justice By The Big On tonights Big Picture, Sam talks to Bryan Pruitt of Red State and Valerie Ervin of the Working Families Party about recently removed FBI director James Comey and whether Trump committed obstruction of justice, and Mike […]

Fake News: Claims that Comey’s sacking was an ‘obstruction of justice’ are groundless

     The FBI Russiagate probe is a counter espionage not a criminal probe. Since no crime is alleged or suspected on the part of any US citizen – least of all Donald Trump – will claims that former FBI Director James Comey’s sacking is an obstruction of justice are groundless. In all the storm of […]

Officer Arrested for Felony Stalking on Valentines Day – AGAIN

Former Dothan, Alabama,  police officer Jeffrey lee Schulmerich, 51, was arrested and charged with felony aggravated stalking. Houston County Sheriff’s Deputies booked Schulmerich into county jail this past Sunday.  At the time of this article, former officer Schulmerich was being held without bail at the jail. This isn’t officer Schulmerich’s first run-in with the law. […]

IMF Warns of Slow Growth and Economic “Shocks” in 2016

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde offered a bleak economic forecast for 2016 and beyond in a guest column published Wednesday in the German financial newspaper Handelsblatt . The IMF head wrote that global economic growth next year would be “disappointing” and the outlook for the medium term had also deteriorated. Lagarde pointed to the continuing […]

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